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5 Games To Introduce Your Partner To Gaming With

Gamers that are passionate about games usually want to spread their love of the medium to their partners. Unfortunately it can be a bit daunting navigating the gaming landscape to find the right game to gently welcome them to the community. You probably wouldn’t throw someone who only has a passing interest in games into a match of Apex or Diablo 4.

You want to ease them in gently and you want them to have fun! If your significant other is new to gaming and you’re looking for modern games that are beginner-friendly and engaging, here are five excellent choices that offer accessible gameplay and enjoyable experiences:

Tetris Effect (Switch, PS4,Xbox)

Tetris Effect is a new spin on a classic game that welcomes newcomers with its simplicity and engaging design. Its core gameplay involves manipulating blocks (Tetrominos) to complete lines, offering an easy-to-grasp concept. The game’s gradual speed increase ensures a gentle learning curve, accommodating players who don’t typically engage in video games. What sets this version of Tetris apart is its mesmerizing audiovisual experience. The synchronized music and visuals create a soothing ambiance, making it accessible even to non-gamers. 

Tetris Effect is a visual and musical treat. Image from The Verge.

The game’s mechanics evoke a sense of accomplishment without intense competition, fostering a low-pressure environment. You can even set it to Endless mode and adjust difficulty accordingly. Building up your combo meter even allows you to freeze time briefly to get those lines set up perfectly. Tetris Effect’s serene gameplay and immersive effects provide an ideal introduction to the world of video games, demonstrating how interactive entertainment can be both enjoyable and therapeutic for players. 

Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Switch)

Animal Crossing: New Horizons offers an inviting entry point for non-gamers due to its gentle gameplay and calming atmosphere. The game centers around creating your own island paradise, focusing on activities like fishing, bug catching, and decorating your surroundings. Its intuitive controls and user-friendly interface make navigation effortless, catering to individuals unfamiliar with gaming. 

Animal Crossing New Horizon’s seasonal updates give you a reason to play all year. Image from Wired.

The absence of time pressure and combat elements allows players to explore at their own pace. The charming characters and soothing music create a comforting environment, appealing to those seeking relaxation. With a strong emphasis on creativity and personalization, Animal Crossing: New Horizons provides a great introduction to gaming, showing that virtual worlds can offer a delightful escape for everyone, regardless of their gaming background.

This game is perfect for learning button prompts, spacial navigation, and resource management in my opinion. A lot of my gaming friends have partners who play this title religiously!

Marvel SNAP (Mobile, PC)

Marvel SNAP offers an accessible and engaging experience through its simple mechanics and familiar superheroes. The game’s premise involves controlling at least two of three “zones” by the end of 6 turns. Its casual nature accommodates individuals unfamiliar with gaming, while the recognizable superheroes add a sense of nostalgia and appeal. This mobile game uses simple cards with mostly recognizable Marvel characters and rules that are easy to understand. Additionally, its bite-sized levels make it suitable for short play sessions. 

Marvel SNAP. Image from Polygon.

This is my favorite thing about the game, most matches are less than 6 minutes long. This rapid gamestyle keeps you engaged while not causing you to linger on losses too much due to the low personal investment in a short game. “Snap” not only introduces non-gamers to interactive entertainment but also lets them enjoy a taste of the Marvel universe, bridging the gap between pop culture and gaming for a broader audience.

Pokemon (Any mainline game)(Switch)

For many of us Pokemon was our first foray into the world of turn based role-playing games. In fact, in many gaming circles it is affectionately referred to as “baby’s first rpg” due to its simplicity. The games all do a wonderful job of explaining the mechanics and explaining the rock-paper-scissor nature of weaknesses and resistances through types. 

Quaxly takes on a Lechonk in Pokemon Scarlet/Violet. Image from Destructoid.

The older games are pretty simple, but even Sun/Moon and Sword/Shield are simple enough and enjoyable! It also doesn’t hurt that many people love familiarity and Pokemon is the highest-selling IP of all time, so they might already know some of the titular critters.

Gone Home(PS4, Switch, Xbox)

One of the most important mechanics of playing video games today is being able to navigate a 3D space with two analog sticks. A lot of us gamers take it for granted that we know how to move and how to turn around effortlessly with analog sticks. But for many non-gamers it is like trying to rub your stomach and pat your head at the same time.

Some of us cut our teeth on games like Goldeneye and Doom early on, setting us up for success in first-person games. In order to get today’s non-gamer well prepared for modern games I recommend a game like Gone Home.

Where is everyone? Image from The Verge.

Gone Home is a type of “walking simulator” in that there are no time constraints and there are no hostiles. The game’s story unfolds as you wander your empty home finding clues to what happened to your family while you were away. The first playthrough takes roughly two hours, so it is a short-and-sweet experience. Get your partner situated and used to moving and looking around at the same time in a stress-free environment and maybe then they’ll be ready for something more interactive.

Closing Thoughts

Thoughts on our list? What game would you remove?  Again I tried to account for different genres and experiences, hopefully one might be to your partner’s liking. Comment down below, I always enjoy reading the comments. In addition don’t forget to follow GeekNewsNow for opinion pieces, lists (like this one), reviews, news, and more! Also be sure to follow our socials on Facebook here and our Twitter account over here. As always folks, stay geeky out there!

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