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Hoyoverse Falsely Accused Of Unpaid Wages!

Hoyoverse, or prior known as Mihoyo, is no stranger to controversy. Heck, any entertainment company under the eyes of the public are no stranger to issues (Blizzard and Rooster Teeth included). A good- or rather terrible- example would be the Elliot Gindi incident earlier this year. However, as of recent weeks, it would seem that the entertainment company has once again landed in hot water, albeit briefly. Reason being, actors of the popular game Genshin Impact have come forward, and exposed the business for unpaid hourly wages.

But, is the company really at fault? To answer this, let’s take a look into what started all this, and how Hoyo managed another major problem.

Hoyoverse Grilled For Wages;

Hoyoverse logo. Image from

On July 12, Corina Boettger– Paimon’s English VA- took to Twitter, immediately stressing about unpaid wages dating as far back as December of last year. In addition to Boettger, another VA named Brandon Winckler also came forward supporting the unpaid Genshin cast. Corina and Winckler further stated the company should be unionized, in order to avoid situations like this. As a result, this put Hoyoverse in hot water.

However, following this thread, Hoyoverse apologized and quickly resolved the matter, thereafter. This alleviated the tension between employer and employee. Although, had it been taken care of sooner, it wouldn’t have gone public. But, who is to really blame for this financial issue?

The Real Culprit Revealed;

Formosa Studio. Image from

As it would come to turn out, Hoyoverse wasn’t the company responsible for issuing their actors the due payments in the first place. The video game affiliated recording studio, Formosa, were the real people behind this financial crisis. Hoyo quickly turned on the studio, reprimending them for even allowing this ongoing financial crisis to occur in the first place. they had paid the studio the neccessary funds in order to pay the actors, but given recent events this had yet to happen.

This isn’t the first time this has happened, either. Apparently Winckler specified on his Twitter thread that he had stayed in constant contact with Formosa, incquiring the payments. This was met with little to no response from the studio. Although Hoyoverse had resolved this matter by now, Winckler already threatened to leave the business, unless they plan to unionize.

Do you think Hoyoverse should’ve resolved this matter earlier? Tell us what your thought in the comments below. also, be sure to check out our Facebook page, as we keep our viewers up-to-date on the latest happenings. As always, Stay Geeky!

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