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Disney Plus

Shows that should be added to Disney+

Since the late 2000s streaming service has taken the world by storm from Netflix to Max. Even Disney hopped on the bandwagon with their own streaming platform.

Released in 2019 to massive success by adding both nostalgic and current shows like The Mandalorian and Mighty Ducks however there are still some shows that are missing from the success streaming service. Here are a few shows that should’ve been added to Disney+ from the very beginning.


A toon Disney animated crime show that follows a detective named Fillmore and his friend/partner named Ingrid. They must unmask various criminals amongst their peers while balancing school. Fillmore! aired on September 14, 2002 with two seasons in total. The show appealed to both young and older audience members based on its 70s detective style satire and its subject matter.

Receiving positive reviews Fillmore! would be nominated for three Daytime Emmy Awards including the Annie award. It is also known as one of the few shows to star a black main lead character. Since the show is focused around Fillmore, it shows how level headed he is as a character who is constantly learning lessons and teaching his classmates those same lessons.   

Rated an 7.6/10 on IMDb how could Disney pass up such a timeless show. Besides who could forget about this iconic scene.

Disney Show

One of the few shows that wasn’t added to Disney+ image from

Buzz Lightyear of Star Command

Growing up in the early 2000’s there were numerous animated Disney shows that continued the story of beloved Disney characters. Created right after Toy Story 2, Buzz Lightyear of Star Command focused on Buzz Lightyear and his friends defending the galaxy against evil emperor Zurg.

Airing from October 2000 to January 2001 the show served as backstory to Buzz and his time as a space ranger. Taking place in the future the galaxy alliance keeps order across the universe through star command. Buzz in the show is a famous and very experienced space ranger who is tasked to lead a team of rookie rangers on numerous adventures after losing his partner Warp Dark Matter. 

Winning one daytime Emmy for outstanding sound and nominated for three Emmys, including the Motion Picture Sound Editors award for best sound editing in a television animated show. With this amount of success it would be a no brainer to add Buzz Lightyear of Star Command to Disney+.

Disney show

The Weekenders

From the creator of Dave the Barbarian. The Weekenders was a show that ran from 2000 to 2004 and was about the adventures of four friends Tino, Lor, Carver, and Tish. Every episode takes course over the start of the weekend and typically ends on Sunday or sometimes Monday.

The few seasons focused on Tino as he goes into this Dora the Explora fourth wall breaking narration about what’s going to happen to him or his friends. Each episode does teach a lesson by the end of the weekend. From Tino’s mom talking about raising a kid as a single parent to  talking about crushes or interpersonal stuff.

Rated 8/10 on IMDb. One of the few things the creator did to make the show stand out was change the characters clothes over the three to four days the episode may take place. Rather than keep them in the same clothes over the weekend. Another thing they did was point out traits from the characters and spend an entire episode developing that character. 


A show about four kids taking place during the weekend image from 

Are there any other nostalgic shows that should be added to Disney+? Let us know in the comments below. For more Disney news be sure to check out GeekNewsNow and follow us on all social media platforms. Until next time, stay geeky!

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