The Vast Realm of Wizards of the Coast Under a New Ruler

Wizards of the Coast (WotC), a renowned game publisher that was recently purchased by Hasbro for $325 million, has established an impressive dominion in the realm of tabletop gaming. With a rich legacy spanning several decades, WotC has amassed a diverse portfolio of intellectual properties that have captivated millions of fans worldwide. We are going to explore the expansive universe of Wizards of the Coast, to see if we can make sense of why the acquisition of WotC by Hasbro has been so controversial.


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Dungeons and Dragons

At the heart of Wizards of the Coast’s empire lies the iconic fantasy role-playing game, Dungeons & Dragons (D&D). Since its inception in 1974, D&D has become a cultural phenomenon, captivating legions of players with its immersive worlds, imaginative storytelling, and captivating gameplay mechanics. WotC acquired the rights to D&D in 1997 and has since continued to evolve and expand the game, releasing new editions, campaign settings, and a multitude of supplements that have kept the game at the forefront of the tabletop RPG genre. The game itself has been popular enough to have a Saturday morning cartoon series as well as 2 full length movies.

Hasbro faced challenges earlier in the year when they were looking to find ways to increase their earnings potential through changes to their end-user license agreement (EULA) which threatened the livelihood of D&D content creators worldwide. The fan backlash, after a leak of the proposed changes to the EULA, was heard loud and clear by Hasbro they scrapped the planned changes.

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Magic The Gathering

Another crown jewel in the WotC portfolio is Magic: The Gathering (MTG), the world’s first collectible card game. Launched in 1993, MTG has garnered a massive following and revolutionized the gaming landscape with its strategic gameplay and captivating lore. WotC’s ownership of MTG has allowed them to continually release new card sets, expand the game’s storyline through novels and digital content, and organize large-scale tournaments that attract players from all corners of the globe where the winners can take home up to $1 million.

Since Hasbro has acquired MTG they have faced harsh criticism from fans and collectors alike. The rate in which they have released new card sets has made it challenging for players to maintain their competition decks. Collectors have complained that Hasbro’s decision to reprint and release formerly discontinued cards has reduced not only the value but the significance of many of the cards from the original sets. An example of this is the famed Black Lotus, at it’s peak this one card sold for $81,000.00.

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Prior to joining forced with Hasbro, Wizards of the Coast has also made strategic acquisitions and collaborations to broaden its reach and diversify its offerings. In 1999, they acquired Avalon Hill, a company renowned for their war and strategy board games. This move allowed WotC to expand into different genres and tap into Avalon Hill’s vast library of games. Additionally, WotC acquired the rights to the Pokémon Trading Card Game, further bolstering their collectible card game repertoire.

How Many Titles Did They Get?

Furthermore, WotC has collaborated with numerous intellectual properties to create exciting crossovers. They partnered with popular franchises such as Transformers, My Little Pony, and Godzilla, producing special edition card sets that combined their beloved characters with the gameplay mechanics of Magic: The Gathering. These collaborations have not only brought fresh experiences to fans but also introduced new audiences to the world of WotC’s games.

Wizards of the Coast’s dominion over the tabletop gaming landscape is undeniable, with their ownership of Dungeons & Dragons and Magic: The Gathering serving as pillars of their success. Through strategic acquisitions and collaborations, WotC has expanded their portfolio to encompass a wide array of genres and intellectual properties, solidifying their position as a powerhouse in the gaming industry. Hasbro has by default acquired an amazing group of properties to help them with innovative gaming options to captivate audiences, the future of Wizards of the Coast under Hasbro remains bright and full of endless possibilities if they play their cards right.


We want to hear your thoughts. Do you have a favorite Wizards of the Coast Property? Are you excited or apprehensive about what Hasbro has done so far with those properties? Sound of below to get the conversation started.

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