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Scarlet and Violet DLC; The Island Of Kitakami

Nintendo of America launched their official Scarlet and Violet DLC trailer today, alongside this months Nintendo Direct. The DLC will have two parts: The Teal Mask (Fall) and The Indigo Disk (Winter). Today, we will be discussing The Teal Mask, and take a closer look into what we can expect from the upcoming first half of the DLC this year. In addition. we’ll also talk about the latest Raid battle featuring Ghimmighoul, the Coin Pokemon, and some issues following this event.

Kitakami and the The Loyal Three:

Sign found on Kitakami describing the legend of the Loyal Three. Image from

In the Scarlet and Violet DLC; The Teal Mask, you’ll be travelling to the island of Kitakami as a part of a class field trip. A festival will also be held in honor of The Loyal Three: Guardians of Kitakami that protected its inhabitants in the past from a mysterious being.

However, Ogerpon- the mysterious Pokemon from the folklore- has returned. Upon further investigation, you discover that there may be more to this legend than meets the eye. What secrets lie behind the island of Kitakami? And what is the connection between Ogerpon and The Loyal Three? I really want to know what Ogerpon is hiding behind that mask, though!

Scarlet and Violet’s New Arrivals:

Munkidori, Okidogi, and Fezandipiti. Image from

Ogerpon awaits. Image from

The island of Kitakami is home to a vast majority of Pokemon not normally found in Paldea. More importantly, it’s home to the three island guardians: Okidogi, Munkidori, and Fezandpiti. In addition, Ogerpon also calls this place its home. Legend has it that Ogerpon started causing trouble for the island inhabitants many years ago. It wasn’t until The Loyal Three appeared and scared Ogerpon away, bringing peace to the village.

However, this was just a folklore told long ago. It seems Ogerpon hides its face behind a spooky mask in order to ward off intruders, though the fact that its rarely seen could be a result of being shy. Secondly, the fact it was driven away by the three island guardians could mean that there may be more to this story than meets the eye. But, that’s for us to figure out when the Scarlet and Violet DLC arrives this Fall.

New Adventure, New Rival!

Encounter with Carmine and Kieran. Image from

Whilst exploring the Island of Kitakami, you’ll meet Pokemon Trainer Carmine, and her little brother Kieran. Both siblings are students attending Blueberry Academy, Carmine constanly fighting against any newcomer she comes across. Although she is seen as selfish and strong-willed, she cares a lot about her brother.

Funnily enough, her opening Pokemon is a Poochyena. Although, this could just be like when you fought Klara and Avery in Sword and Shield. Starting off weak, but getting wicked strong in the end. I’m very much looking forward to our battles in this new area.

Scarlet and Violet; First-Ever Shiny Raid!(?)

Raid event featuring Gimmighoul. Image from

For the first time since its release in December, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will hold its first official Shiny Raid Battle event! The raid battles will feature the Coin Pokemon, Gimmighoul (Chest Forme) with various Tera-Types. If trainers work hard enough staying on top of 5-Star raids, they may even encounter a Shiny Gimmighoul.

However, much like the Iron Treads, Great Tusk and Chesnaught raids, it would seem that another glitch had made its way into this event. But, don’t worry, it’s not a game-crasher. Although, YouTubers such as AustinJohnPlays covered this event, stating that players will receive only a couple of shards and x0 of numerous extra shards. Additionally, the odds of finding a Shiny Gimmighoul are just the same as finding one in the wild.

But, don’t let that discourage you Pokemon Trainers! Are you excited for the upcoming DLC? How many Pokemon do you think will be returning to Paldea? Will they ever fix the game before the release? We’ll find out when The Teal Mask DLC launches this Fall.

Be sure to check out our Facebook page, as we keep our viewers up-to-date on the latest happenings. We’ll also be covering the Indigo Disk DLC next week, a link provided here when it’s ready. As always, Stay Geeky, Trainers!

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