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What Pokémon Are You?

I don’t care what your zodiac sign is, tell me what kind of Pokémon are you?!

Back in the early days of the Pokémon anime each episode would end with a different musical track as a segment known as “Pikachu’s Jukebox” that thematically reflected the series. One of the catchiest tracks had a catchy chorus that asked “What kind of Pokemon are you?

I sometimes have intrusive thoughts and as a result that song found it’s way into my head. So, in my capacity as a writer for Geek News Now, I have finally sought out to answer that age old question! Here is my thorough analysis bases on personality and behavior. Find out what Pokémon you are!

The Bold and Brave – Fire:

The fan favorites, fire Pokemon. Image from Pokemon Go Hub.

Fire-type Pokémon are known for their passionate and fiery nature, much like individuals with bold and brave personalities. These people exhibit strong leadership qualities, often stepping forward in challenging situations.

Their passion can carry them away and get them in trouble though, much like a brush-fire that goes unchecked. They possess a burning determination and enthusiasm that inspires those around them, just like the flames of a Fire-type Pokémon.

The Thoughtful, Introverted, and Analytical – Psychic:

A handful of mediums and psychics. Image from Pinterest.

Psychic-type Pokémon possess extraordinary mental abilities, allowing them to perceive and understand things beyond the ordinary. Similarly, individuals with thoughtful and analytical personalities possess deep intellect and insight.

They excel in problem-solving, using their analytical skills to unravel complex situations and make well-informed decisions. They also tend to want to observe others from a distance and let cooler heads prevail in a confrontation.

The Compassionate and Nurturing – Fairy:

Three of the most prominent Fairy-type ‘mons. Image from Attack of the Fanboy.

Fairy-type Pokémon are often associated with kindness, empathy, and a pure spirit. Likewise, individuals with compassionate and nurturing personalities radiate warmth and care towards others. They possess an inner ability to understand and support people emotionally, creating an atmosphere of comfort and positivity. No one is more mindful and self-aware than a Fairy-type.

The Adventurous and Energetic – Electric:

These critters belong on the electric avenue. Image from Twitter.

Electric-type Pokémon are made known by their high energy levels and a desire for adventure. These individuals with adventurous and energetic personalities seek excitement and new experiences. They possess a spark of enthusiasm that electrifies their surroundings, making them magnets for thrilling endeavors! They definitely lean towards content creation.

The Logical, Unyielding, and Methodical – Steel:

These Pokemon have nerves of steel. Image from Tom Salazar.

Steel-type Pokémon are known for their logical and methodical approach to tasks. Individuals with similar personalities possess exceptional organizational skills, attention to detail, and a rational mindset. You might call them stoics for their rational way of thinking. They excel in planning, strategizing, and executing complex projects, just like the resilient and sturdy nature of Steel-type Pokémon.

The Ambitious and Competitive – Fighting:

These guys know how to throw hands. Image from Let’s Talk About Pokemon.

Fighting-type Pokémon embody the spirit of competition, constantly striving to improve their skills and become stronger. Likewise, individuals with ambitious and competitive personalities possess an innate drive to succeed.

They thrive on challenges and are determined to overcome obstacles in their path, making them formidable opponents in any arena. These are the people who identify with Goku from Dragonball, they get bored without challenges that push them.

The Calm, Flexible, and Harmonious – Water:

Splish splash, these critters are taking a bath. Image from Tom Salazar.

Water-type Pokémon represent tranquility and harmony, much like individuals with calm and harmonious personalities. These individuals possess a serene demeanor and have a natural ability to soothe tense situations. They navigate life’s challenges with grace and adaptability, just like the ebb and flow of water. Despite all this, much like water, they can erode others and wear people down with their deescalating nature.

Green Thumb, Grounded, and Patient – Grass:

Mother nature’s heaviest hitters. Image from Gaming Gorilla.

The Grass-type Pokemon represent love for the outdoors and environment. These people are more likely than most to shop at whole-foods and are mindful of their intake of processed foods. The grass type has herbs and spices growing in pots on their window sill and love to do some yoga first thing in the morning.

The grass type knows that good things come to those who wait and anticipation only enhances the end result, much like a flower blooming after beginning life as a seedling. Humility is often a trait associated with the grass-type.

Cunning, Calculating, and Driven – Dark:

Hello darkness (Pokemon) my old friend(s). Image from Vocal Media.

Dark type Pokemon understand that there are no rules in love and war, and especially Pokemon battles. Biting, taunting, feinting, even delivering a sucker punch is not above a Dark type Pokemon. These people are not necessarily evil, but they know how to get under the skin of others to get a reaction out of them.

They may be jaded, but that is due to life dealing them a bad hand. They are not above stepping over others to accomplish their goals, they are ultimately survivors of this cruel world.


This is by no means a thorough and complete list. Some types are missing like Normal, Bug, and Ghost. I mainly aimed for the more elemental types. if you find someone annoying then there is a good chance they fall under the bug-type hahaha. What do you think about these personality-type matches?

Feel they are accurate or inaccurate? Maybe you belong to a different type than what you expected? Be sure to comment down below! For more geeky content be sure to subscribe to Geek News Now! As always be sure to stay geeky!


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