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From Padawan to Protagonist: The Rise of Ahsoka Tano

Ahsoka Tano in "Clone Wars" from:

The Star Wars universe is renowned for its diverse and compelling characters of late such as Ezra Bridger, Grand Admiral Thrawn, and Bo Katan. Among them, Ahsoka Tano has emerged as a fan favorite.  But what sets her apart from others that THEY would be in HER show?  Her journey from Anakin Skywalker’s Padawan to a critical figure in the Rebellion has captured the audience’s attention. The recent announcement of the premiere date of her show has the internet buzzing. But what about the essential question I do not see an answer to:

Why Ashoka?

Ahsoka’s Importance to Dave Filoni

Over the years, Ahsoka Tano has become a beloved figure in the Star Wars community. Her strong character development, layered personality, and pivotal role in critical events contributed to her enduring popularity. Recognizing her potential, Dave Filoni, who single-handedly wrote “Ahsoka,” has always been a champion of her character:

“To have a character that’s just come up over the years with a lot of fans as they’ve grown up, and now she’s at the point where we can do this, it’s wonderful to be this same person guiding it across the different mediums, I think it lends a consistency to the character that’s very uncommon.”

“Ahsoka” on Disney+ from

Lucasfilm has to be aware of the lucrative opportunity a character like Ahsoka presents. By dedicating a show to her, they cater to an existing fanbase and attract new viewers, enhancing their subscriber base on Disney+. The decision to greenlight “Ahsoka,” combined with Filoni’s promotion to executive producer and executive creative director in 2021, is a recipe for success. Filoni brings a deep well of experience, success, and understanding of the Star Wars story after working through “The Clone Wars” and “Rebels.”  With all the possible pathways, I am glad Disney has moved forward with “Ahsoka.”

Ahsoka’s Importance to the Skywalker Story

Ahsoka Tano was first introduced in the animated movie “Star Wars: The Clone Wars.”  A member of the Togruta species, Ahsoka’s journey from an eager Padawan to a wise, independent warrior reflects the essence of the Star Wars saga: hope, resilience, and redemption.  Her relationship with Anakin Skywalker was an essential part of both their character developments.

As his Padawan, Ahsoka was shaped by Anakin’s unconventional approach to the Jedi Code. Likewise, her upbeat personality and inherent goodness softened Anakin’s rough edges. Their bond deepened through shared experiences and trials, creating a unique dynamic that humanized Anakin, enriching his narrative before his tragic transformation into Darth Vader.

Anakin and Ahsoka in “Clone Wars” from

Ahsoka’s Importance to the Rebellion

Ahsoka’s importance, however, extends beyond her connection to Anakin. Leaving the Jedi Order marked a significant turning point in her life. She became integral to the Rebellion, assuming the codename ‘Fulcrum’ and offering critical intel to Rebel cells. Her invaluable contributions, particularly in the Siege of Mandalore and battles against the Empire, established her as a leader and symbol of resistance.

Given her profound journey, it is only fitting that Ahsoka Tano receives her show. Her character exhibits resilience, wisdom, and courage – traits that resonate with viewers and make her an engaging protagonist. Moreover, her narrative allows for exploring a unique perspective: a former Jedi operating outside the traditional Order during galactic unrest.

Ahsoka as ‘Fulcrum’ on “Rebels” from

Ahsoka is Flat Out Amazing

I must break character as a writer and be a fan.  I unapologetically put her in my top 5 ATCGs (All Time Canon Greats).  She stood up to her Masters, stood her ground against the Jedi Order, and held her own against Darth Vader… losing everything… except herself.  The truth she found in herself gave her purpose and direction.  Moreover, Ahsoka’s evolving understanding of the Force, and her nuanced view of the Jedi and Sith dichotomy, opens avenues for exploring the spiritual and philosophical aspects of the Star Wars universe.

Ahsoka vs Vader in “Rebels” from

Ahsoka Tano’s standalone show celebrates a character that indelibly impacts the Star Wars saga. Her unique journey, deep connections, and significant role in pivotal events make her a deserving candidate for a dedicated narrative. With her vibrant lightsabers ready to cut through the dark, fans eagerly anticipate the adventures that await Ahsoka Tano in her show.

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