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Isekai Shouken; How To Bore An Audience

“Isekai”, the process of being sent to another world, has been the staple for many anime watchers. Whether the character reincarnated as a slime, sword or themselves, this genre of anime is loved by many. However, there are series’ that not everyone is a fan of. Enter Summoned To Another World For a Second Time.

Isekai New Game+:

Setsu protecting Yūhi. Image from

This Isekai series follows Setsu and his classmates, as they are summoned to the kingdom of Distinia. Thing is, Setsu’s already been there five years ago, Distinia time. After reuniting with old colleagues, and learning he still has his old powers, Setsu discovers the world is at war once again with the Demon Continent. Suspecting this to be the work of an old friend-turned-enemy, Tōma, Setsu sets out to stop an impeding war before its too late.

While this sounds pretty standard for usual Isekai anime, the series isn’t sitting well with Crunchyroll viewers. Even those who’ve watched Isekai anime had a say against the series, calling out its cliché tropes. Furthermore, the storyline feels pretty straight-forward, as the main character simply played catch-up throughout each of the first several episodes.

As the Isekai series progressed, more and more comments kept blasting the show, disliking the series for its rushed plot, and how the main character always steps in to help the side characters in their struggle. Case in point, Setsu’s childhood friend, Yūhi. 

Zero Side Progression:

Yūhi. Image from

Not much could be said for the many side characters introduced throughout the series. However, one person in particular made the audience feel sorry for them for lack of character development. Yūhi, Setsu’s childhood friend, had also been sent to this new world alongside him. When she learned about his secret of going to Distinia a second time, she vowed to wait for his return and to get stronger before the war.

However, despite her training and strong potential to show how able-bodied she could be, her moment of glory gets interrupted around the 10th episode. This episode alone put comments in stitches, as people were complaining about how unfair Yūhi’s character development reached a screeching halt.

Poor character development, OP protagonist and short-lived side characters were just the tip of the complaints toward this anime. Websites such as IMDB even rated the series a 5.9/10, with each episode just barely making above a 5-star rating out of 10. Ouch.

Given the rating and reviews, I don’t think this series would get a second season despite the viewers. Yes, views = support but with lack of interest and given the show’s plot, this Isekai series would probably fall under the 1 Season only curse many simple anime received.

Where Can I Watch This?

Summoned To Another World For A Second Time is currently available on Crunchyroll, with 10 episodes out by now. If you’ve watched this series so far, tell us what you think about it in the comments below. If not, watch the episode and form your own opinion. Also, be sure to chaeck out out Facebook page as we keep our viewers up-to-date on the latest happenings.

As always, Stay Geeky!

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