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Young Leia Actress Delights Fan Expo Crowd; Talks About Hypothetical Spin-Off Series

Panels, cosplayers, celebrity guests…oh my.

Fan Expo Dallas did not disappoint the over 30,000 people who attended just on Saturday. While there was plenty to see and do (Laser tag and an escape room? Oh yeah!) I decided to pop in at the Vivien Lyra Blair panel to see what the Young Leia actress from “Kenobi” had to say. The host kicked things off by letting everyone know there won’t be any “gotcha” questions. She wouldn’t give out any spoilers, so let’s not make Disney upset by trying to trip her up into revealing something like Tom Holland was known to do from time to time.

First, let me say this lady is extremely well-spoken for her age (turned 11 last week), has a brilliant mind when it comes to the movie industry, and has an honesty that would make Carrie Fisher give her a standing ovation. This Q&A session was an absolute delight. If you ever get a chance to attend one of her panels, don’t miss it. That being said, I had the honor of the first question and just had to know….

Me: “In a recent interview (not with Geek News Now, but we’ll overlook that), you stated that you would love to have a Young Leia series on Alderaan. If you HYPOTHETICALLY sat down with Kathleen Kennedy and Dave Filoni, what would you pitch to them? What would this THEORETICAL series be about?”

Blair: “Kathleen Kennedy would come to the set of Kenobi a few times. If I sat down with her and Dave Filoni? I would want, you know Bail Organa talks about how Leia would go to the Junior Senate? Then the full Senate? I’d want to explore that part a lot. Also, I LOVE droids, I mean they’re awesome so I’d want LOLA in there for sure. Hypothetically of course!”

(Left to Right): Princess Leia Organa (Vivien Lyra Blair) and Senator Bail Organa (Jimmy Smits) talk on Alderaan in the Kenobi series. Image from the show.

Guest Question: “You were barely mentioned at all in the “Kenobi” trailers, in fact I don’t think you were in them at all. Was it tough keeping that a secret?”

Blair: “We had to keep the whole audition process secret, for like nine months. Disney made it seem like they would climb in through your balcony and cut off a finger if you talked about just the auditions.”

Host Question: “So I was watching your movie, “Boogeyman”, in my room at night and…”

Blair loudly interrupts: “WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT??” <audience laughs> Really, why would you watch that in a dark room by yourself??”

Vivien Blair in the Boogeyman movie, now in theaters. Image from 20th Century Studios.

Guest Question: “Have you done any voice work?”

Blair: “I tried but I don’t think those people like me all that much. I did one and they end up replacing my voice with someone else.” <The audience said “awwww”> “Oh don’t worry! They still sent me checks for that so that’s fine with me.”

Guest Dressed in a Gold Star Trek Uniform: “Hi…”

Blair interrupts: “You’re dressed as the enemy.” <audience laughs>

The “Boogeyman” movie is in theaters (as of writing this) and the “Kenobi” series is on Disney Plus. We have more coverage of the Fan Expo in Dallas available on our website as well as our Facebook page. Don’t miss out!



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