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Laid-Back Camp On The Go!

Laid-Back Camp, the anime series produced by C-Station, is getting its first ever interactive mobile game: All-In-One!. Unlike past games, All-in-One! will feature first person interaction with characters from the show, decorative camp utilities, and delicious dishes for them to enjoy. The game will also feature popular songs from the show, and original voice acting from the cast themselves.

With All-in-One! releasing June 15th, let’s take a look at what the developers over at Enish have in store for us!

Campers; Assemble!

Setup your own campground! Image from

In Laid-Back Camp: All-in-One!, you’ll be able to personalize your very own camping ground within various locations across Japan. Invite characters from the series, and own unique dog breeds to really amp up the ambience.

The game will also feature over 1,000 pieces of camping furniture you can collect, as well as food recipes from the show. I hope it comes with a recipe book, I’d really love to enjoy some of the good food from the series.  I previously wrote an article regarding their food, and i’ve been in love with the dishes thus far!

Laid-Back Camp; Campgrounds:

All-in-One! fetures anime campgrounds. Image from

What’s camping without the proper campsite? As of the game’s release, two areas from the anime will be available to relax in: Motosuko and Fumoto. Both campsites will allow players to create a calming atmosphere for their characters to hang out in. Although the game will start with two campsites, i’d say its a great start for comfy camping.

Everyone is Here!

(L-R) Ena, Chiaki, Aoi, and Nadashika enjoying hot chocolate. Image from

Interact with characters from the Laid-Back Camp anime series. With the inclusion of the main cast, more characters such as Minami Toba (Homeroom Teacher), Sakura Kagamihara (Nadeshika’s older sister), and Hajime Shinshiro (Rin’s Grandfather) are said to arrive, following the game’s one-million pre-registration count.

In addition, each character will also have up to three outfit designs available to change into to add aesthics. These outfits will include Winter, Casual Camping, and School Uniforms.

When Can I Start Playing?

Laid-Back Camp: All-in-One will be available for mobile players on June 15th. For now, Pre-Registration is currently available with the promise of amazing in-game rewards to follow. Be sure to check out the official site for more information.

Are you a fan of Laid-Back Camp? Do you enjoy camping? Let us know in the comments below. Also, be sure to check out our Facebook page, as we keep our viewers up-to-date on the latest happenings. Happy Camping everyone, and remember to Stay Geeky!

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