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Inking Survival: The Story of a Comic Book Store Amidst Modern Market Shifts

BCS Books and Comics
Tucked just off Texas Ave. in Bryan, TX. From Kyle Kroeger

In the heart of the Brazos Valley, about two miles from Texas A&M University, BCS Books and Comics stands defiant against the digital revolution. You may miss it if you blink as it blends into the town’s history, but this comic book store is like the TARDIS.  As digital comics and online marketplaces rise in popularity, she finds her store holds fast as a bastion of nostalgia.

German-born Dagmar Jones embodies resilience, adaptation, and survival.  Dagmar transitioned from teaching to co-owning a comic book store with her late husband. Her business continues to resonate with the timeless allure of printed comics.  This is the story of an extraordinary store, embodying the indomitable spirit of the superheroes it hosts, navigating the past, present, and future in an ever-evolving market.

The Inception: From a Dream to Reality

The inception of BCS Books and Comics reflects the passion of her late husband, an ardent comic book enthusiast. Dagmar transitioned from teaching to co-owning a comic book store with her late husband.  Dagmar’s husband was a Texas A&M University graduate who joined the US Army after college. They met while he was stationed near her hometown in Germany.  He maintained contact with her even after returning to the States.

A few years later, following Dagmar’s study year in Boulder, they both returned to Germany, got married, and started a family. After eight years, they relocated to the Bryan/College Station area, where Dagmar’s husband returned to Texas A&M for further studies. When the comic store came up for sale, their lives would change forever once again. Dagmar recalls, “I was initially hesitant. Owning a store seemed like a daunting task, especially with children.”


BCSBC – RPGs, Mats, dice, miniatures, etc. From DMartin

Bridging the Gap: Attracting the Modern Audience & Building a Community

The early days featured a limited assortment of comics and videos, but the introduction of games was a game-changer, expanding appeal and fortifying the store’s resilience. “One of our early employees, who knew a lot about games, suggested that we should try introducing them. We found that each part of the business complemented the other, and we wouldn’t have succeeded focusing on just one aspect,” Dagmar stated.  The store became a warm and welcoming hub for comic and game enthusiasts.   At the passing of her husband in 2002, Dagmar honored him by taking up the mantle to continue building this business and community.


BCSBC – The addition of board games was essential to its early success. From D Martin

Despite the relentless tide of digitization, Dagmar’s resilience ensures her store’s survival and maintains the quaint, old-school ambiance cherished by long-term customers.  Her understanding of evolving consumer preferences and community engagement plays a vital role in the store’s survival.  The store’s charm and carefully selected offering keep customers loyal, demonstrating her adaptability and enthusiasm for comics. Traditional advertising channels have brought only modest success to Dagmar’s comic store. Instead, its reputation is fueled by visibility on online platforms like Google and Yelp and endorsements from loyal customers.

Navigating Change: Tackling the Digital Challenge & Perseverance in Business

Operating a small business in the digital age brings numerous challenges, including considerable overheads like taxes and utilities. BCS Books and Comics focuses on providing more than products; they offer experiences and foster community, demonstrating that such stores retain a unique place in the hearts of comic enthusiasts.


BCSBC – boasts an extensive and unique D&D resource collection. From D Martin

Dagmar makes tough decisions to stay competitive.  Limiting inventory to sure-sell items and discontinuing services like anime rentals signify a survival-focused strategy.  Of note is the extensive Anime DVD collection.  Dagmar shared, “I primarily stock items that I’m confident will sell. For instance, we used to rent out movies, but now I only sell them if someone shows interest.”  Through these challenges, and let us not forget the pandemic, her store stands firm, a testament to resilience and passion in an evolving industry.

Community, Games, and the Future: The Nostalgic Charm of Comic Book Stores

Beyond selling comics, the store offers a nostalgia that digital platforms can’t match. The tactile joy of browsing books and flipping pages keep regulars returning, a charm that appeals despite not resonating with all younger customers. Amidst the rise of digital comics and online retailers, Dagmar’s comic store remains a vital community hub, even without participating in Free Comic Book Day.  Events like Friday Magic: The Gathering foster camaraderie and shared passion rather than just competitive gaming.  Dagmar plans to uphold the store’s legacy, honor her husband’s dream, and continue being a sanctuary for enthusiasts.


BCSBC –  Main room where Friday Magic: The Gathering happens. From Andrew King


Dagmar Jones’s story, a comic book store owner, illustrates small businesses’ trials, triumphs, and joys amidst evolving consumer habits and market pressures. Her journey embodies survival, resilience, community-building, and keeping dreams alive. In the digital age, her store symbolizes the communal and cultural importance of physical spaces.  Dagmar’s journey emphasizes the resilience of small business owners and the vital role independent comic stores play in preserving the comic culture and community.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Matt

    June 6, 2023 at 3:28 pm

    I love this place. Haven’t been in years because I don’t have comic book money these days, but I really miss going in and buying all Spawn comics browsing the other titles couldn’t afford to support (still read them, but that’s a tale for the high seas). I’m so glad the store continues and really should go back in soon. Thanks for the reminder and the nostalgia!

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