Pokémon TCG; Treasure Amongst The Hoard

Regarded as the top dog when it comes to the TCG universe, the Pokémon TCG (Trading Card Game) is just one of the many talked about in our time. With new sets constantly produced throughout the years, eager collectors are always at the helm, waiting to see their favorite Pokémon appear on a card they can own one day. However, with every purchase of boxes, packs and tins, there’s always one problem that comes with these purchases. Too. Many. Pokémon cards!

What will you do? Throw them away? Sell Them?

Before you make any sudden movements, something catches your eye! That’s right! In that pile of common Pikachus, there lies atop the pile a Full-Art Holo Alolan Raichu & Raichu GX! Quickly, you run to the computer and start looking at sites like TCG Player, and find yourself in possession of a whopping $80 card! You then look at your collection and realize one thing: How much is this stuff really worth?!

Therefore, as a voice of Geek News Now, I’ll be more than happy to share with you some of the most valuable Pokémon TCG cards even you, fellow reader, may be in possession as of now!

Jolteon EX:

Jolteon EX. Image from tcgplayer.com

First up on the list is Jolteon EX from the Delta Species set. Released in October 2005, this set featured Pokémon in their opposite typing, with the exception of a few. While there are a number of Delta Species out there, the Eevee evolution line were amongst some of the high-priced cards. Most importantly, Jolteon EX priced at $19 on TCG Player. If you managed to hold onto this- or any of the other Eeevee evolution cards, you’re in possession of a nice find.

Ash’s Pikachu:

Ash’s Pikachu Promo. Image from tcgplayer.com

Straight to the most iconic Pokémon, Pikachu is the most sold card in the entire Pokémon TCG franchise. Although there are many variants of Pikachu, the most important ones hail from the Sun and Moon promo set, Ash’s Pikachu. Although priced at a mere $10, just having all of them or some of them together could grant you a max $50. Of course, this all depends solely on the condition of the card(s).

In addition to Ash’s Pikachu released alongside Pokémon: I Choose You, this card would be considered very special in the eyes and hearts of collectors.

Detective Pikachu:

Detective Pikachu promo card. Image from tcgplayer.com

Put on the big screen back in May of 2019, Detective Pikachu took the cinema by storm. In addition to the films release, Wizards of the Coast published a series of Detective Pikachu TCG cards, featuring a number of Pokémon from the movie. Most importantly, the officially stamped Detective Pikachu cards.

Alongside a select few, there were a total of several stamped Detective Pikachu TCG cards released. Priced at a value of ~$10+. With the inclusion of Psyduck, Bulbasaur and Snubbull, these stamped cards the films promo cards are still being sold to this day.

Error Cards:

Misprint Vulpix with HP50 instead of 50HP. Image from bulbapedia.net

If you’ve ever shuffled through your collection, you may have noticed a special type of TCG card. Commonly referred to as Error Cards, these unique cards featured either misprints of a Pokémons name, missing symbols or small, misplaced marks.

Although some would deem these cards utterly worthless, there have been a large number that were set in high regard. A perfect example would be Shadowless Charizard (1st edition), graded as a perfect 10. Shadowless refers to Pokémon cards lacking shade on the right side of their frame. Due to the release of this card, Shadowless Charizard was labeled as a misprint, but still held high value at a whopping $420k.

Whether these misprints hold high or low value, cards like these are considered rare finds within the Pokémon TCG community.

Do you have any valuable Pokémon TCG cards? Perhaps even you have ones you’d like to share, so be sure to leave a comment down below. Also, be sure to check out our Facebook page, as we keep our viewers up-to-date on the latest happenings.

Stay Geeky, card collectors!

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