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ChupacabraCon Tabletop Gaming to a New Level

Chango, The ChupacabraCon Mascot. Image from ChupacabraCon IX event page

This year marked the triumphant return of the south Texas gaming convention ChupacabraCon. The event faced a hiatus, like many events due to the global pandemic and restrictions regarding in person events. This is the events ninth year, and the fans were excited to once again get together for the event. These are the kind of events that bring tabletop gaming to a new level.

Long time followers of Geek News Now have read at least a few of my articles and know that I spend a lot of time going to local events in and around my area. The energy of this event was like nothing I have ever experienced in a convention setting.

Everyone Showed Up For the Love of Games

There was an excitement in the air that was electric and contagious. It wasn’t about celebrities or merchandise, but it was an energy created by people being able to spend a weekend with people who share the same interests and hobbies. The talk you heard throughout the play areas wasn’t about what kind of jobs they had or what they had recently accomplished. Everybody there was living in the moment, the talk was about game strategy, favorite tabletop characters they had created or what games they were looking forward to joining.

Let the Games Begin

Ultimate Dinosaur Fighting Image by Katarina Holler

There was something for everybody out at the convention. There were several games of Dungeons and Dragons as well as Pathfinder and Savage Worlds.

If tabletop RPG games aren’t your passion there were a multitude of card and board games to play. When we say board games we’re not talking about Monopoly. We’re talking about exciting action packed indie games like Ultimate Dinosaur Fighting where you get to set up a futuristic dino fighting area.

Dead Reckoning lets you get in touch with your inner pirate and have a swashbuckling good time. If you prefer card type games that involve a little bit of deck building and if  you are looking for something in the fantasy genre why not check out Gruff from Studio Woe. Have your ever wanted to be a mad scientist? Check out FrankenFur from Tropical Heat Studios.

Gaming for a Cause

Not only do the fans attend to enjoy a weekend of playing tabletop games, connecting with old friend and meeting new ones. ChupacabraCon is gaming with a cause, the event has partnered with Extra life to run charity games to help raise fuds for the local Miracle Childrens Network of hospitals. T

he best description I have heard is that it’s a charity event with a side of tabletop gaming and board games. The primary focus for the event is to raise awareness and funds for  Extra Life building up to Extra Life Day on November 4th, 2023.


Small But Mighty

ChupacabraCon is a smaller event. With that being said it still had the feel of a much larger event, and more professionalism and thought put into it than many large events I have attended. Some of that may have to do with their mascot Chango.

Having a mascot meant that in addition to convention merchandise you were able to get Convention exclusives. One such exclusive was a player card for Ultimate Dinosaur Fighting, if you bought the game at the event you go an exclusive character card and you could then purchase a Chango Miniature to play with in the game. They have great merchandising for the event so that you can have a memento that is more than just a t-shirt.

An even bigger part of the success of this event is the people in charge of the event. Their dedication to the long time and new fans of the event is something that you can see in every aspect of the event.

From the time the put in to securing great venues and room blocks at a convention rate to the warm and welcoming environment that they have created for this event. The only problem I can find is that I have to wait for an entire year for ChupacabraCon X.


Is this an event you have attended in the past? Would you like more information about their upcoming events? Or is this the first time you have heard about this event? Let me know in the comments and be sure to follow and subscribe to stay up to date on all of your geek news.

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