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The Complex Case Of Jonathan Majors

Kang The Conqueror is a formidable foe for the Marvel Universe.  Unfortunately for him, The New York Supreme Court fights differently.  On May 8th,  MCU star Jonathan Majors will stand in front of a Judge and all of the facts will be presented.  For now, here is what we do know.

  • In Late March, Majors was arrested on a Saturday night.¬† Initial charges include harassment and assault after allegedly strangling his victim.¬†
  • His attorney, Prya Chaudhry was initially certain that the charges would be dropped.¬† She claims that there is video evidence from the vehicle where the assault allegedly took place. She also claims that testimony from the driver of the vehicle will further serve to exonerate him.¬† So far, neither the video or the driver’s account of the events have surfaced.
  • The victim sustained injuries to her head and neck.The¬† NYPD sent her to an area hospital where the injuries were described as “minor”.
  • The alleged victim has since been granted a full restraining order against Majors.
  • More alleged victims have come forward to speak out against Majors, and are cooperating with prosecutors. Their roles in the case are unclear as the identities of the alleged victims, and their circumstances have not been publicly disclosed.

This is making the decision in regards of what to do with him so hard.  In his brief six year career, Majors has been a rising star.  He has gone from independent movies to starring in blockbuster franchises such as Rocky and the MCU.  He could be the next Denzel Washington.  If these allegations are true, his star will fade.

Jonathan Majors will face a Manhattan Court on May 8 for domestic abuse allegations. Photo Courtesy of the L.A. Times

It is important to note that in New York State, an automatic arrest of the accused party is mandatory to protect the alleged victim.  This is a safety protocol that has proven to be effective in preventing retaliation agains the accuser.  Proceedings will begin on his messy domestic violence case.  The case is not cut and dry and the court of public opinion seems to be divided on the matter. 

This is what makes the decision in regards of what to do with him so hard.  In his brief six year career, Majors has been a rising star.  He has gone from independent movies to starring in blockbuster franchises such as Rocky and the MCU. 

Majors Has Already Been Dropped From Multiple Projects

¬†Jonathan Majors has already been dropped from many high profile projects.¬† The U.S. Army has suspended his ad campaign and has said that it will resume the campaign if Majors is exonerated in court.¬† Other projects haven’t been as forgiving.¬† Two high profile films:¬†The Man In My Basement co-starring Willem Dafoe and a biopic on music legend Otis Redding titled¬†Otis and Zelma no longer have Majors attached as a star.

The  Texas Rangers Baseball Team has also scrapped an ad campaign featuring the actor.  One night, and one questionable incident that will have its full story told in a court room have grounded a rising star who seemed to be destined for greatness. 

The Texas Rangers recently debuted new uniforms that would have played into an ad campaign featuring Majors. The Ad campaign was shelved after the allegations surfaced. Phot Courtesy of

Disney has yet to make a statement in regards to his role as Kang The Conqueror in the MCU. This is a delicate situation with no positive outcome and right now, I am willing to bet that Disney’s boardroom is scrambling to put lipstick on this pig.¬†

Questionable Texts, More Allegations And A P.R. Nightmare

Perhaps the most damning thing for Major’s case are the texts that his attorney claims are going to exonerate him.¬† The texts have the alleged victim seeming to blame herself for the whole thing, and can be interpreted as being written by someone who is suffering from battered woman syndrome.¬†

What’s more, is the addition of more alleged victims that make this look very bad for Majors. Multiple women whose names are currently being withheld from the press have come forward and are cooperating with the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office in an unspecified capacity.¬† Now one allegation has the potential to turn into a series of allegations.¬† This could eventually be interpreted as a pattern and this could be a pool of quicksand with no vine for Majors to pull himself out of.¬†

The Manhattan District Court is where Majors will face his allegations with his career hanging in the balance. Photo Courtesy of The New York Times

Compounding this nightmare scenario for the Creed III star, is the fact that his talent agency has dropped him.¬† Now, a talent agency dropping a star in trouble isn’t necessarily a big deal.¬† Talent agencies are in it for the money and if Majors is getting dropped from projects, the money is drying up and they will understandably move on.¬†

What is more telling is that his P.R. firm ALSO walked away.¬† If any situation called for the necessity of a public relations firm, this is it.¬† P.R. agents are a different breed of people. They love to put a spin on things.¬† They live for situations like this.¬† So the fact that his P.R. team walked away is a bad look for people who aren’t familiar with the legal system.

Disney’s Conundrum

Kevin Feige is having a rough go at it this past year.¬† Phase Four was widely seen as bloated and disappointing.¬† Phase Five started off with it’s shoelaces tied together with the latest¬†Ant-Man¬†entry coming up short.¬†

The situation with Jonathan Majors further exacerbates Feige’s problems.¬† There is no right decision for him, or Bob Iger for that matter to make.¬† If you keep Majors on as the main villain for Phase Five and he is found guilty, you’re under fire for protecting an abuser.¬† If you let him go, and he is found to be innocent, then you end up with another Johnny Depp situation on your hands.¬† Neither scenario is ideal.

Majors with Kevin Feige and the cast of “Ant-Man and Wasp: Quantimania” Photo Courtesy of IDMB

What people need to realize is that above all else, Disney is a business.¬† Kevin Feige is beholden to Bob Iger and Bob Iger is beholden to the Board of Directors.¬† The Board of Directors does not have any interest in judicial proceedings.¬† Their only interest is in the bottom line.¬† If the Board feels that Jonathan Majors is going to deliver a massive blow to their wallet, marching orders will be given and Iger will compel Feige to deliver the bad news, whether Feige agrees with the decision or not and a central piece to Marvel’s success in the coming years will be hitting the streets.¬†

Final Takeaway

While things do not look good for Jonathan Majors, it is important to remember that this evidence is still just that.¬† It is evidence that the prosecution has to effectively and successfully prove to be true. I am of the opinion that Disney will eventually let Majors go as well, but that should not be an indication of guilt.¬† In an era where public opinion often overrules the Court of Law, we often lose sight of the facts and rely on hyperbole and emotion to determine one’s fate, whether they is guilty or not.

So let’s all watch this unfold with an open mind, let the lawyers do their jobs, and not jump to conclusions that may destroy a woman’s life, or a man’s career.

What do you think, loyal readers?  Sound off in the comments section!

Thank you for reading!  When I am not writing, I enjoy spending time with my wife Barbara, my three year old daughter Frankie, and my loyal Hound Marbles.

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