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5 Underrated Sith Lords

The Jedi had their day on May 4th, but now it is time for the Sith to have their day in the (binary) sunlight! Revenge of the 6th has arrived! While we all know about the big-name Sith Lords like Darth Vader and Darth Maul, there are a few underrated ones who don’t get their flowers or the attention by the greater Star Wars community. These dark side users have their own unique stories and abilities that make them just as fascinating as their more well-known counterparts.

So, let’s take a look at some of the lesser-known Sith Lords who are worth exploring. From Darth Bane, who created the “Rule of Two,” to Darth Traya, a former Jedi who sought to bring balance to the Force way before Anakin even existed, there’s no shortage of intriguing characters to discover in the Star Wars universe. Let us take a look at some of the best Sith Lords to never make a film appearance!

Darth Traya

Also known as Kreia, Darth Traya was a key character in the Star Wars video game Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords. She was a former Jedi Master who was exiled from the Jedi Order for her controversial teachings, which emphasized the importance of understanding the Force by exploring both the light and dark sides.

Darth Traya as she appears in the mobile game Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes. Image from CultureSlate.

After being exiled, Traya became a Sith Lord and took on the name Darth Traya. She sought to destroy both the Jedi Order and the Sith, believing that they were both too rigid in their understanding of the Force. She saw herself as a teacher, guiding her followers to find balance in the Force by embracing both light and dark aspects.

Throughout the game, Darth Traya served as a mentor to the main character, the Jedi Exile. Traya was a complex and enigmatic character, often manipulating the Exile and others to achieve her goals. Ultimately, her plans were foiled by the Exile and her allies, but her legacy lived on as a cautionary tale of the dangers of extremism in understanding the Force.

Darth Bane

Darth Bane was a Sith Lord who lived over a thousand years before the events of the Star Wars movies. He is known for creating the “Rule of Two,” which established the idea that there can only be two Sith Lords at any given time: a master and an apprentice. This was a radical departure from the previous Sith philosophy of having multiple powerful Sith Lords competing for power, which often led to infighting and the eventual downfall of the Sith. If the Sith were to rule the galaxy they would have to be discrete and rule from the shadows.

Darth Bane as he appears on the cover of the novel Darth Bane: Path of Destruction.

Darth Bane was one of the best lightsaber duelists of his time and adept at the use of the dark side of the Force. He was able to use his power to control others and manipulate events to his advantage by spreading disinformation and infiltrating government organizations across the galaxy. He was also known for his cunning intellect and strategic mind, which helped him set the stage for the eventual rise of Darth Sidious and the Galactic Empire a thousand years later.

Despite his ruthless nature, Darth Bane was also a complex character with a tragic backstory. Bane was a miner on the planet Apatros before discovering his Force sensitivity and becoming a Sith. He also struggled with visions of his own death and the eventual downfall of the Sith. Eventually Bane was killed by his apprentice, Darth Zannah, in a duel.

Darth Malgus

Darth Malgus was a Sith Lord and a prominent figure during the Old Republic era. He was known for his exceptional combat skills and his ruthless tactics in battle. Darth Malgus was born as Veradun, a slave on the planet Dromund Kaas. He eventually rose to power in the Sith Empire, becoming a Sith Lord and a leader of the Empire’s military forces. He led many successful campaigns against the Republic, including the Sacking of Coruscant, a devastating attack that left the Republic in disarray.

Despite his reputation as a brutal conqueror, Malgus has some depth to his character. He was known to have a love interest, a Twilek slave named Eleena Daru, and even expressed frustration with the Sith Empire’s policies and leadership at times. Ultimately, Malgus met his downfall during the Battle of Ilum, where he was defeated by a group of Republic soldiers and Jedi Knights. However, his legacy lived on as a symbol of the Sith Empire’s power and brutality during a tumultuous period in the galaxy’s history.

Malgus famously made his debut in the trailer for Star Wars: The Old Republic titled “Deceived”.

Darth Plagueis

Darth Plagueis (the Wise) was a Sith Lord who was obsessed with using the Force to manipulate life and death. Plagueis was known for his ability to create and sustain life, and even rumored to have the power to bring people back from the dead. Plagueis was a master of the dark side of the Force and served as the mentor to Darth Sidious, who would later become the Emperor of the Galactic Empire. Together, they plotted to overthrow the Jedi and the Republic and establish their own Sith-dominated regime.

Darth Plagueis behind his apprentice, Darth Sidious. Image from Wookiepedia.

Despite his incredible power, Plagueis was eventually betrayed by his own apprentice, who killed him in his sleep. This act was a key moment in the rise of Darth Sidious, who was able to take control of the Sith and establish himself as the new leader of the galaxy.

While he was only mentioned briefly in the Star Wars movies, Darth Plagueis was a major character in the Star Wars Legends continuity, where his story was expanded upon in novels and comics. His obsession with the manipulation of life and death made him one of the most fascinating and complex villains in the Star Wars universe.

Darth Revan

Darth Revan is perhaps the most popular Sith Lord to never be featured in a Star Wars film! Revan was a Sith Lord who played a pivotal role in the Old Republic era of the Star Wars universe. He was a former Jedi Knight who fell to the dark side and became one of the most formidable Sith Lords of his time. Revan was known for his exceptional combat skills and his ability to use both the light and dark sides of the Force. He was a well-rounded master of lightsaber combat and had a unique ability to absorb and redirect Force energy.

Despite his status as a Sith Lord, Revan was a complicated character. He was known for his strategic mind and his willingness to do whatever it took to achieve his goals. However, he also expressed regret over his fall to the dark side and ultimately worked to redeem himself.

Revan’s story was expanded upon in the Star Wars Legends continuity, where he was the main character of the popular video game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. In the game, players assume the role of Revan as he navigates the conflicts between the Jedi and Sith and ultimately faces off against his former apprentice, Darth Malak. Later is his life he went on a secret mission to the Unknown Regions to seek out the Sith Emperor who corrupted him years before to put an end to the real Sith threat that endangered the galaxy, it didn’t exactly turn out well.

Closing Thoughts

Hopefully we do get that KOTOR remake featuring Darth Revan, I guess only time will tell. For more articles, lists, opinion pieces, and reviews of Star Wars media be sure to follow Geek News Now on all our social feeds. As always stay geeky out there!

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