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Star Wars

Echoes of Star Wars: How a Broken Promise Sparked a Lifelong Passion

"Return of the Jedi" from

The Power of Star Wars Day

Every year, on May 4th, fans around the globe celebrate Star Wars Day.  In an era where there is a virtual onslaught of Star Wars content online, I implore you to take just a few minutes of your time to delve deeper into the impact that the Star Wars universe can have on an individual.  As a member of Generation X, I had a father who was often absent due to his work commitments.  This lack of presence, while formative, was punctuated by a pivotal event in 1983.

Star Wars Day

May the 4th 2021 from

Unfulfilled Promises and a Child’s Heart

In 1983, when I was merely eight years old, I saw the “Return of the Jedi” trailer.  It was a siren call to my young heart.  I pleaded with my father to take me to the movie, and he promised to do so.  Unfortunately, he broke many promises when I was a lad, and this time was no different.  Since then,  I missed every subsequent theatrical release of the film, even the latest on April 28th. This shattered commitment was not just an isolated disappointment; it profoundly impacted my life, leading me to the limitless expanse of the Star Wars universe.


ROTJ 1983 from

Growing up, I realized parents, like all humans, are fallible.  They make choices that aren’t always in the best interest of their children.  My father’s broken promise was a slight wound in the grand scheme of things, but it left an indelible mark on my heart.  Star Wars became more than just a franchise I loved; it formed the foundation of my philosophies and ideologies.

I may have missed every theatrical release of the movie, but I circumvented this by immersing myself in the universe through my Oculus, experiencing it virtually.  Over the years, my father and I have conversed only a few times, and the broken promise from 1983, while not the catalyst for this, undoubtedly influenced our relationship.


Movie poster for April 28, 2023 40th Anniversary theater release of “Return of the Jedi” from

The Father-Son Bond: A Lesson from Star Wars

The impact of Star Wars on an individual can be profound.  It’s a testament to the power of storytelling and its ability to influence and shape our lives.  Star Wars became the bedrock of my life’s philosophies and ideologies, strengthening the bond between my children and me.  My father’s broken promise left a scar on my heart, but it also led me to the transformative power of the Star Wars universe.


Take your son to work, they said; it will be fun, they said… from

One of the arcs in “Return of the Jedi” touchingly centers on a parent-child relationship.  This narrative resonates with many, touching a universal chord.  Ironically, my father failed to take me to see this powerful story.  Yet, this story became the cornerstone of my bond with my children.  Star Wars has woven itself into the fabric of our lives, with our bond, cemented by our shared love for these stories, promising to endure for as long as the saga unfolds.

A Galactic Legacy: The Unending Echoes of Star Wars

The broken promise of 1983 was not a personal tragedy, maybe a small boy’s heartache, but it steered me towards a galaxy far away. Exploring the depth of human relationships depicted in the Star Wars universe pushed me. It helped me understand the nuanced dynamics of fatherhood and the concept of redemption.  As a father, I strive to ensure that the promises I make to my children are ones I can keep.  I aim to imbue in them the same sense of wonder and excitement that Star Wars brought into my life.  I hope they, too, can learn from the complicated dynamics of relationships, loyalties, and personal growth that the Star Wars saga offers.

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