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Horror games that will make you say “Nope”

Survival horror Game

If you‚Äôre a gamer you‚Äôll know the true meaning of fear in horror games.¬†From Silent hill 2 to the down right awful, yet iconic, 1992 interactive game Night Trap. Here are six of the best horror games that will make you say “nope”.¬†

6. Until Dawn

Starting off the list is Supermassive Games Until Dawn. Released in 2015 with a 7.5 on IGN, and winning the 2016 BAFTA Games Awards for best original property. This interactive horror game pays homage to every classic troupe from splitting up to search for clues to the characters. Like the dumb jock, named Mike to the popular girl/queen bee, named Emily. Though the game starts off as something straight out of a slasher film with teens staying at a lodge it does a complete 180 turning into an episode straight out of Supernatural. Until Dawn introduce players to the most terrifying monster in the game, the Wendigo. Along with a mechanic that would be a staple in Supermassive Games later games quick time events or QTE’s.

Horror Games

Until Dawn brings wendigos into this choice driven game image from

5. Aliens Isolation

The scariest thing about space is that there’s nothing else out there. That is, until you see a xenomorph drop from the vent like a character out of Among Us. With a 81 on Metacritic and a 5.9 on IGN Alien Isolation¬†shares cinematic authenticity with its movie counterparts. Giving the xenomorph a sense of intelligence and unpredictability keeping the player on their toes. If you hide in a locker or vent too long the alien will find you, if you don’t check the motion detector while moving you’ll die, even if you make too much noise the alien will find you. The game forces the player to keep their wits about them as they try their best to avoid the xenomorph.

Survival Horror

An intense game of cat and mouse image from

4. Dead Space

Another horror game set in the vacuums of space is 2008 Dead Space.¬†With its remastered version released earlier this year for PC, Xbox, and PS5. Given a rating of 8.7 on IGN then a 9 for its 2023 rerelease. This survival horror game lures the player into a false sense of security as you’re equipped with enough fire power thinking you can take on whatever enemy is lurking around the corner as you wonder the Ishimura. Suddenly for that rug to be pulled out from under you when you first encounter a necromoph.¬†

Horror Game

Always go for the limbs in Dead Space image from


3. Outlast

Pulling no punches is Red Barrels¬†Outlast,¬†with a 7.8 on IGN. This game right off the bat tells you that you can’t fight back and your only choices are to run, hide, or die. Making the player feel hopeless when they encounter enemies like the twins, Chris Walker, or the Groom for example. Set in an asylum you play as voiceless protagonist Miles equipped with a camera making that mechanic your main source of vision. In addition to that there are certain jump scares that only happen within the game once you turn on night vision.¬†¬†

Richard Trager, one of the enemies you’ll be avoiding while playing the game image from

2. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

Now with Resident Evil 4 being released earlier this month. There is another game that went back to its horror roots 2017 Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. Rated a 7.7 on IGN the fear of seeing the once happy Baker family turn hostile and mutated will surely make you want to drop your controller. Especially after meeting Marguerite Baker for the second time and later having to face her in a boss fight. Unlike previous Resident Evil installments this one gives you the up close and personal first person experience that allows you to hide from the at first impossible to kill Bakers.

One of the few encounters you’ll have leading up to Marguerite’s boss fight image from

1. Silent Hill 2

Since the remake for Silent Hill 2 was first revealed in October 2022 during Konami’s Silent Hills Transmission. This 2001 psychological survival horror game is a classic amongst gamers. Though it’s fairly similar to Resident Evil¬†it doesn’t throw zombies at you rather it allows the fog to shield whatever monster is hiding within it. Giving the place a more eerie tone as you wonder the almost vacant town making the player question what they saw. That can also be said for the 2006 movie of the same name.¬†

Pyramid head is one of the few enemies in the game image from

What are some other horror games that made you say “nope” let us know in the comments below. For more gaming news be sure to check out GNN. Stay geeky!

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