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Disney Announces Asajj Ventress Series “The Bad Bitch”

In a stunning (and eyebrow raising) announcement today, Disney unveiled their latest addition to their ever-growing list of Star Wars content on their streaming platform Disney Plus with the tagline “The Bitch is back!” The new animated series is called The Bad Bitch, and will focus on the notorious Star Wars character, Asajj Ventress. The mini-series will follow the early events of her life on Dathomir leading up to her appearance in The Clone Wars.

Statements From Disney

For those not familiar with Ventress, she is a former Sith assassin turned bounty hunter who appeared in both the Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated series and the Star Wars: Dark Disciple novel. Ventress is known for her ruthless personality and signature bald head, making her a fan favorite among Star Wars enthusiasts. The announcement of “The Bad Bitch” has caused quite a stir on social media, with many fans excited to see Ventress get her own series.

However, the name of the show has raised a few eyebrows. “The Bad Bitch” seems like an odd choice for a Disney production, especially when targeting a family-friendly audience. Sources say Disney had an internal working title for the show, Ventress The Temptress, but it tested poorly with much of the staff.

Asajj as she appears in The Clone Wars.

When asked about the title choice, a Disney spokesperson stated, “We wanted a name that would stand out and grab people’s attention. Asajj Ventress is a fierce and powerful character, and we felt The Bad Bitch was a fitting title for her series. In addition we noticed that when many people would search up our other animated series The Bad Batch, auto-correct would change Batch to Bitch. With it being tied strongly to Star Wars through SEO we decided the prudent course of action would be to lock down and copyright the phrase. So we kind of had to use it somewhere to maintain the rights.”

What Fans Are Saying

Many fans have taken to Twitter to express their opinions on the title choice. Some have praised it for accurately reflecting Ventress’s personality, while others have criticized it for being inappropriate for a Disney production. One user named Lovejoy tweeted, “I can’t believe Disney is promoting such mildly vulgar language. Won’t somebody think of the children? In a franchise about slavery, government corruption, religious occultism, and bodily dismemberment this really takes the cake!”


Fan reaction justifying the title.

Despite the mixed reactions to the title, The Bad Bitch has already generated a lot of buzz, and many fans are eagerly anticipating the release of the series. Disney has not yet announced a release date for the show, but sources say it is currently in production. It’s interesting to note that The Bad Bitch is not the first time Disney has pushed the boundaries with their Star Wars content on Disney Plus. The streaming platform has already featured several series with mature themes, such as The Mandalorian and The Book of Boba Fett.

However, the title of The Bad Bitch takes it to a whole new level. Word is that this is the first of a new wave of series that are going to be deep dives into the most obscure corners of Star Wars lore, especially after Lucasfilm scrapped the long-rumored “Book of Max Rebo” and “Gonk Droid: A Star Wars Story”.

Closing Thoughts

The announcement of The Bad Bitch has certainly caused a stir in the Star Wars community. While some fans are excited to see Asajj Ventress get her own series, others are questioning Disney’s choice of title. Regardless of how people feel about the name, there’s no denying that “The Bad Bitch” will be one of the most highly anticipated Star Wars shows on Disney Plus.

With today being the first of April that means we are only a week away from Star Wars Celebration and more news about this mini-series. Be sure to follow GeekNewsNow on all our social media for more updates surrounding this new miniseries. Until next time, stay geeky!

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