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Ash Ketchum; Gone But Never Forgotten!

After 26 long years of battles and adventures, Ash Ketchum’s journey draws to a close. Fans and followers shed tears, bidding farewell to our childhood hero. None more so than Rica Matsumoto, Ash’s Japanese voice actress. As she said her final lines for the series one last time, she held back tears of gratitude and joy, feeling love from all over the world. In addition, she also got to perform ‘Aim To Be A Pokemon Master!‘, once more. Since her time on the show, Rica enjoyed voicing Ash since the very beginning, always being the very best like no one ever was!

Even after Ash and Rica leave, we musn’t forget all that the two accomplished during their journey through the Pokemon world. Therefore, we at Geek News Now are more than happy to share some of the most incredible accompilshments Ash Ketchum performed during his time as a Pokemon trainer.

Ash Ketchum’s Orange Island Victory!

Ash accompanied by his Kanto team. Image from

While we may have witnessed Ash losing League after League up until Alola, who could forget the time he won his first Kanto victory at the Orange Island League in Season 2? Accompanied by Pikachu and others, the young trainer secured his victory against Gym Leader Drake, marking this as his first Kanto League victory.

However, others have argued that due to the unconventional ways to participate in the Orange League, this didn’t count. In order to participate, challengers must defeat its 4 Island Crew Members, obtain its badges, and defeat the champion.

Whether or not the Orange League was a real League, what mattered is that this gave Ash the confidence he needed to resume his journey of becoming Pokemon Master.

Legendary Friendship!

Ash and his Alola Championship team. Image from

Throughout his journey through each region, Ash- being the main protagonist he is-  managed to win the trust and companionship of so many Legendary Pokemon. Whether it was Lugia (Pokemon 2000) or even Latias (Pokemon Heroes). Eventually, during Pokemon Sun and Moon: The Series, Ash actually managed to capture a Meltan, later evolving into Melmetal during his Alola League challenge.

In addition, he also temporarily owned the Ultra Beast, Naganadel. Naganadel is listed here because according to most, Ultra Beasts (creatures from another dimension) are considered Legendary Pokemon. Due to this, and with the help from a Z-Powered Pikachu, Ash secured the title of Aloa’s first-ever Champion. This marked the first League victory since the Orange League.

Ash Ketchum’s Immortality?

Ash petrified in Pokemon the First Movie. Image from

Death is about to have a field day. Somehow, someway, Ash managed to simply brush death at every turn it reared its face. The first being Season 1, Episode 23 titled Tower of Terror. Here, Ash and Pikachu encounter a trio of mischieful ghost Pokemon- Gasty, Haunter, and Gengar. When a Chandelier falls on our hero, the ghosts pull Ash’s soul from his body. Although he goes back to normal, it gave me quite a scare as a kid.

Another instance, and quite honestly the most infamous, was during the clone battle between Mew and Mewtwo in Pokemon: The First Movie. Ash becoming petrified and Pikachu trying to revive him made me cry hard. This selfish sacrifice of trying to get them to stop fighting not only caused all the Pokemon to cry for Ash and revive him, but also make Mewtwo understand that originals and clones are not so different from each other after all.

If you include getting eaten alive by an Anti-body (Mystery of Mew), or being obliterated to literal ashes (I Choose You), maybe in the episode Pokemon: I Choose You, Ho-Oh really did bless Ash with a gift of some form of immortality.

First Official Romance?!

Ash and Serena’s greatest moment. Image from

Shipping. It’s everywhere in anime. Even more so in Pokemon. All throughout the series and movies, many girls have had a liking to Ash after an encounter or two. Whether it was Melody (Pokemon 2000) teasing Misty about the boy, or Lana (Pokemon Sun and Moon: The Series) constantly asked if Ash is her boyfriend, romance seemed to follow Ash everywhere he went.

Then came Pokemon X and Y: The Series. Here, viewers were introduced to a young girl named Serena. After watching Ash on TV save a rampaging Garchomp, she recalls meeting Ash at Professor Oaks Summer Camp back when she lived in Kanto. After reuniting, she joins him on his journey as she aims for the coordinator title, Kalos Queen.

Then, the internet went crazy after the final episode The First Day of The Rest of Your Life aired. As Serena leaves to continue her journey seperate from the group, she decides last minute to give a Ash a thank you kiss. Although it happened off-screen, many fans were ecstatic that it happened regardless. Furthermore, in Journeys episode Reuniting For The First Time!, Serena and Ash had a long-awaited reunion. Although it was cut brief, Serena waited until his ship was no longer visible.

Either way, it’ pretty clear that Serena still had feelings for Ash. Where this will lead even after all is said and done, only time will tell.

With Ash Ketchum leaving his mark in the Pokemon world, it’ll now be up to the next generation of heroes to step up to the plate. What was your favorite moment from the anime? Do you know any of Ash’s other greatest accomplishments? Leave a comment down below and let us know. Also, be sure to check out our Facebook page, as we keep our viewers up-to-date on the latest happenings.

Happy Travels, Ash Ketchum! And continue being the very best like no one ever was! And, as always, Stay Geeky!

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