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Top 10 Worst Pokémon Designs

Let’s face it, they can’t all be winners. The Pokémon franchise has recently crossed the 1,000+ mark for it’s total number of titular critters. With the recent release of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet we are now at 1,010 different Pokémon (more if you count regional variants and Mega forms) and gamers/fans are spoiled for choices for their favorites. But in that sea of Pocket Monsters they can’t all be beauty pageant contestants. Here are our top 10 worst Pokemon designs as of now.

10. Seismitoad

Gaze upon this unholy monstrosity.

Seismitoad, first added in Generation 5 and a Water/Ground type, is pretty repulsive to look at. It has these dreadful red eyes, and is covered in odd bulbs/bumps that vibrate and increase it’s offensive power. Seismitoad has this weird gait and stance for a humanoid looking Pokémon that makes it look like someone wearing a weird mascot costume. For that typing you could do better with Swampert and Quagsire. For cooler toad-themed Pokémon avert your attention to Politoed and Poliwrath. Skip this dunce!

9. Magmar

If I have to see this thing, then so do you.

What can we say about this horrendous looking Fire-type from the original 150 ‘Mon? Magmar looks awful with it’s bulbous forehead and strange duck lips. Most Pokémon are based on animals, aspects of nature, or mythological creatures. But Magmar is not clearly based on anything, it just looks plain goofy and a weird amalgamation of a spiky dinosaur with a duck, flames, and Quark of the Ferengi from Star Trek. As such it deserves a place on this list. At least it’s pre-evolved form, Magby, looks kind of cute.

8. Garbodor

You thought I was kidding. *sigh* I’m not.

Garbodor is trash. No, literally, Garbodor is trash! A big pile of trash in a bag. With generation 5 being a sort of reboot for the series where they revisit and remake new Pokémon based off of the original 150, you can tell they were trying to pay homage to Weezing or Muk with this one. Unfortunately it feels and just looks uninspired. No one wants to play with a creature that invokes the essence of a trash bag. Take it from us Game Freak, this design should have stayed on the concept floor.

7. Mr. Rime

Mr. Mime alone is already nightmare fuel, the idea of a mime Pokémon is terrifying enough. But to push that idea further and give it an evolution with Mr. Rime is just pure evil. The main additions to Mr. Rime’s design are hair extensions to the side, a goofy bowler hat, a moustache that hides his mouth, and an icicle cane. The closer to a human a Pokémon looks, the more uncanny and awful it appears. People already have unnatural thoughts about the Pokémon Gardevoir, we don’t need to make these creatures more human looking. Fortunately Mr. Rime is a Gallarian region Pokémon, let’s hope it stays there.

6. Feebass

A face only a mother could love.

To be fair, Feebass’ whole gimmick IS that it is an ugly Pokémon. It looks emaciated and unpleasant to look at. However that’s to play up it’s evolution into one of the most well-designed mons of all, Milotic. That said, just because it was intentionally designed to be ugly doesn’t give it a free pass for being ugly. Fortunately, unlike most Pokémon evolution lines, Feebass actually gets cuter when it evolves instead of becoming more fearsome looking. I’ll take a Magikarp over this stinky looking fish any day.

5. Bruxish

Just what *IS* that design?

Unfortunately Feebass isn’t the worst of the ugly sea dwellers. We still have Bruxish. Bruxish has way too much going on visually. It has a mouth that resembles the Rolling Stones logo, jagged teeth, and too many colors like a clown. It’s one of the only Pokémon on this list that looks like it was drawn by a 5-year old. Now I am a fan of pastel colors, but not when they are painted on haphazardly. Bruxish, you got to go. If this is supposed to be some sort of strange homage to Yellow Submarine, it STILL missed the mark.

4. Grimmsnarl

Grimmsnarl is just too much

This Pokemon looks like if the Marvel villain, The Green Goblin, was never allowed to shave. He just looks like Sasquatch if it had the worst dental plan around and then fused with the Grinch. I get they were going for an edgy cool look, but it just looks plain awful. It has a Dark/Fairy typing which is pretty cool, but man does it look ugly. The body proportions look off as well, very wide top and wide bottom, but with like a girdle around it’s waist. Again, the humanoid looking Pokémon can look cool, but many a time they look just bad.

3. Ludicolo

It’s not the ugliest Pokemon, but man does it look confusing.

I take particular umbrage with Ludicolo. This Pokemon looks like a Mexican caricature / stereotype combined with a pineapple and a duck. It has a sombrero-style lily pad on it’s head, a pineapple-looking poncho, a duck mouth, and pickle hands. Now as a Mexican-American my issue with Ludicolo isn’t that it is offensive, but that it looks ugly. It has way too many ideas going on, none of which stick or make sense. Why does it have pickles for hands?! Why is it a sombrero-wearing duck? It looks visually busy and that’s why I’m out on this one.

2. Dracovish

This is what it looks like when you let a toddler mash animals together.

Dracovish’s whole gimmick is that it is two fossils, a fish and a dragon, fused together and revived. This is why humans shouldn’t play “God”. The head goes where the tail is, it’s upper body is just cleanly cutoff, and it looks like an abomination! It has spikes going down the back of the tail, which is actually the chest here, so it looks like it will impale itself. The colors are clearly mismatched, and you can see the inside of it’s body from the front where the rings are. It just looks God-awful. One of the most “We-Had-A-Tight-Deadline-To-Make” designed Pokemon in the franchise.

1. Arctozolt

Please, kill me.

This is the only Pokemon I had to get a GIF for in order to drive home a point. This thing should not exist! Someone needs to put it out of it’s misery. Just look at it shiver! Much like Dracovish, Arctozolt is a combination of two Pokemon fossils, in this case an electric-type and an ice-type. The result wasn’t exactly a success, depending on who you ask. Look how it is freezing cold, it has a snot bubble that it cannot wipe because of the tiny T-Rex hands. It’s Pokedex entry in Pokemon Sword says: “The shaking of its freezing upper half is what generates its electricity. It has a hard time walking around.” What a horrible existence. Just looking at it gives me chills. Burn it, burn it with fire!

Closing Thoughts

What do you guys think? Are there worse looking Pokemon designs? Think that my choices were wrong? Go ahead and comment down below. I love reading comments and dissenting opinions. For more geeky news, opinion pieces, reviews, and general lists be sure to subscribe to!



  1. Johnny

    March 23, 2023 at 1:06 pm

    Well, like it is said, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”… But yeah, Feebass made me think “Yellow Submarine” too!!

    • Andrew Orozco

      March 28, 2023 at 6:55 pm

      Ugliness is definitely in my eye here lol

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