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Top Five Badass Women In Gaming

From the nimble Ellie (The Last Of Us) to the powerful Cammy(Street Fighter), female video game characters have been breaking stereotypes and shattering glass ceilings for decades. With their remarkable skills and captivating personalities, these virtual heroines have become icons in the gaming world and beyond! This being Women’s History month it is only fitting to do a rundown of the most badass women to ever grace our home screens, in no particular order. Let’s kick it off!

Bastila Shan(Star Wars: KOTOR)

Bastila Shan from Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic  is one of the best characters to come out of the Old Republic era of Star Wars. As a Jedi Knight, Bastila is a skilled fighter with a strong sense of duty and a fierce determination to protect the galaxy from the Sith. Her combat skills are second to none, and she possesses the rare force ability of Battle Meditation. This allows her to inspire allies, strike fear in enemies, and turn the tide of any battle given enough time.

 Her strategic thinking and quick reflexes enable her to take on even the toughest opponents, making her a valuable asset to any mission. But it’s not just her physical abilities that make Bastila a badass character. Her unwavering loyalty to the Jedi Order and her commitment to doing what is right, even in the face of danger and adversity, are truly inspiring. 

Despite facing personal demons and struggling with the pull of the dark side, Bastila remains a beacon of hope and strength throughout the game. Her character arc and growth make her a standout among female video game characters and a beloved figure in the Star Wars universe.

Ellie(The Last Of Us)

Ellie is a badass female video game character for numerous reasons. First and foremost, she is a survivor. Growing up in a post-apocalyptic world, Ellie has faced countless challenges, including fighting infected creatures and cannibal human enemies. She is resourceful, quick-witted, and determined, often relying on her survival instincts to navigate dangerous situations.

Ellie is also a skilled fighter, proficient in hand-to-hand combat, firearms, and stealth. She is not afraid to take on enemies much larger and stronger than herself, and she can hold her own in battles against multiple opponents. Additionally, this woman is a master at crafting weapons and using the environment to her advantage, making her a formidable opponent in any situation.

Beyond her physical abilities, Ellie is also a complex character with a rich emotional depth. She has faced loss, trauma, and heartbreak, but she remains resilient and fiercely loyal to those she loves. Her bravery, intelligence, and compassion make her a role model for players and a standout character in the gaming world.

Cammy(Street Fighter)

Cammy from Street Fighter is a one-woman force of nature. She is a highly skilled fighter, with a unique fighting style that incorporates acrobatics, kicks, and quick strikes. Her agility and speed make her a formidable opponent, and she is renowned for her lightning-fast attacks and combos.

Cammy. Left: Classic look. Right: New look in SF 6.

Cammy is also a survivor, having been raised as an assassin and brainwashed by the Shadaloo organization. Nevertheless, she breaks free of their control and becomes a force for good, fighting against Shadaloo and their leader, M. Bison. Her determination and resilience are inspiring, and her story arc is one of redemption and self-discovery.

Beyond her physical abilities, Cammy is also a confident and independent character. She is unapologetically herself, often wearing revealing clothing and exuding a sense of empowerment. She is a fan favorite(especially mine) and a role model for players, showcasing that women can be strong, fierce, and complex.

Jill Valentine(Resident Evil)

Jill Valentine from the Resident Evil series has definitely earned a top spot on this list. This “Master of unlocking” is a highly trained operative, having served in the Special Tactics And Rescue Service (S.T.A.R.S.) and the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance (BSAA). She is a back-to-back zombie apocalypse champ, having survived the outbreak of the Spencer Mansion (RE1) and the outbreak of Raccoon City (RE3). Her proficiency in combat, firearms, lock picking, and survival skills make her an essential asset in fighting against biohazard creatures.

She has been infected with viruses, fought against powerful enemies, and experienced loss and trauma, yet she continues to persevere and fight on. Her unwavering determination and resilience make her a compelling character. Beyond her physical abilities, Jill is also intelligent and resourceful, often using her knowledge of science and medicine to find solutions to problems. 

She is a leader and a team player, often working with other characters in the series to achieve their goals. She is equally comfortable serving in a leadership capacity as she is serving as support. You would be hard pressed to find any RE protagonist who has better qualifications than Jill.

Tifa Lockhart(Final Fantasy 7)

Tifa Lockhart is the fist-fighting badass from Final Fantasy VII. She is a skilled fighter with incredible physical strength and speed, able to take on even the toughest opponents. Her martial arts skills, combined with her Limit Break abilities, make her a formidable opponent in battle. In a world of buster swords, arm cannons, and magic Tifa’s choice of weapon is her fists.

Tifa is also a caring and loyal friend, often putting the needs of others before her own. She is deeply committed to the fight against Shinra, working tirelessly to protect her friends and the planet they live on. Beyond her physical and emotional abilities, Tifa is also a complex and multidimensional character. She has a tragic past and struggles with guilt and trauma, but she never lets it defeat her. She grows stronger and more determined with every obstacle she faces.

Tifa’s character also breaks away from typical female video game character tropes, as she is not defined by her relationships with male characters. Her strength, intelligence, and heart make her a role model for players and a standout character in the overall series.

Closing Thoughts

I know what you’re thinking. Where is Samus? How about Kassandra? Where the heck is my player-created character from [Insert game]?! Well if I included the top 20 women I wanted this article would be several pages long. Better to give sufficient explanation and space for a handful of the best.

Who do you think belongs in this group? Who doesn’t? Comment down below your thoughts. I’d love to read them. If you want to see more of my gaming related lists and opinions be sure to check out my author page here. Also check out our socials. Our Twitter account is here! As always, stay geeky out there!

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