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Hunter/Prey Superman Returns? Exploring The Top Five Worst Superman Outfits!

Hunter/Prey Superman is one of the worst costume variants of the Man of Steel’s long career! But as of the Feb. 21st, 2023 Superman issue #1, reported on by Screen Radar, it makes a brief return and becomes canon to the Superman mythos once again. It’s the same primary colors, but it’s armor… on Superman! Geek News Now explores this and more in the Top Five Worst Superman Outfits!

Hunter/Prey suit ready for combat! Picture credit to (via user “PATODUVA”)

5. Hunter/Prey Superman

It was the 90s! We were trying to get our heroes rocking the long hair and armor amidst their tightly drawn muscles and/or added weaponry they didn’t have before.

In this case, the Man of Steel got his new look from a Mother Box on Apokalips where old foe Doomsday has set up shop to rule for awhile. Sensing Superman’s fear at fighting a stronger version of the monster who killed him once already, the Mother Box gave the Kryptonian a new, armored suit which enhanced his natural powers. It may have worked for the 90s, but it’s a bit ridiculous seeing Superman look geared for war.

Superman Blue and Superman Red! Picture credit to

4. Superman Red & Blue

In 1998, DC Comics must have been bored and unsure what to do with Superman… Because suddenly, the Man of Steel became this being of energy-based abilities (think electricity and radiation) contained in a blue/white suit. Then he split in two and became Superman Red/Superman Blue! Both Kryptonian beings were like halves of Superman’s personality: Blue was more cerebral and diplomatic while Red was a bit brash but action-oriented.

Again, it was the 90s! We were doing things like this where we made comic book heroes rather unrecognizable; a la Batman! The change was not popular and Superman soon returned to his old self again.

New 52 armored suit! Picture credit to

3. New 52 Armor

Again, it’s bulletproof Superman sporting armor; albeit an heirloom from his home planet of Krypton. It makes zero sense for him to be in armor! What’s more, armor is traditionally associated with war; Superman is not one for war or images which inspire it. His usual simple cloth fabrics visually suggest someone who bears no arms and comes in peace; that said, he could throw down with the best of them if necessary.

But it’s as though people are so afraid of Superman being his best self visually suggesting something peaceful or diplomatic; DC Comics, for a time, peddled this version of Superman who was a bit of a hothead in his approach this time around.

Twice they tried too hard to make the Man of Steel just like “everyone else”! Picture credit to (left) and (right)

2. T-Shirt And Jeans

Like, I get it: “make him relatable!” People — that is, anti-Superman fans — regularly complain about a big blue boy scout in his “underpants”. Well, they got their wish twice in the New 52 continuity.

Here, the Man of Steel goes through two periods when he sports no superhero uniform but regular-looking street clothes. These consisted of jeans, work boots, and a t-shirt sporting the S-shield and in one case a smaller cape. These basic looks made him somehow less relatable. It appeared as though the team behind Superman were trying way too hard to appeal to the “underpants” nay-sayers.

A space suit for Superman? Get real! Picture credit to

1. Space Suit

Superman, who can fly to God and back and spin the Earth in reverse, apparently needed a space suit because reasons… Yeah, chalk it up to the need to create more unique toys for the late 90s animated series; that’s most likely what brought this look about.

It’s painful to think that someone somewhere figured “Oh! Let’s put the dude who can hold his breath to infinity in a space suit and sell another toy!” But that’s the biz.

Superman issue #1 shows a variety of suits including Hunter/Prey (circled in red)! Picture credit to Screen Rant

Final Thought

None of these five outfits were a great idea, but they all had their run at one point. But of these picks, two will make it into Supeman canon: the space suit and Hunter/Prey suit. So far it looks like they’re just on display at the new SuperCorp (formerly LexCorp). But should these outfits be used again in an active Man of Steel story, the game of “which goofy outfit will they parade next” is afoot! Or it’s just a little nod to past material; most likely the latter.

Like or dislike these suits? Comment below! For more Superman, check out this Geek News Now article about the disastrous 90s attempt at making a Death & Return of Superman movie! Also, subscribe to Geek News Now and give its Facebook page a like!

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