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The Best Games On Netflix!

No, dear reader, you did not misread that title. Netflix actually does have games you can play! One of gaming’s biggest secrets is that movies/TV are not the only thing you can enjoy on Netflix. If you have an active account and the Netflix app on a smart device then you can access their small catalog of games!

What’s more is that they actually have some really good titles available to play. Sure, there’s some bland stuff like Solitaire, Bowling, and Dominoes on there. But they have some quality console ports as well! Here are four games that are definitely worth checking out on the Netflix app in no particular order.



You can play last year’s Game Of The Year nominee, Immortality! This game tasks you with watching three separate films to piece together what happened to actress Marissa Marcel and why these three films were never released. Players can fast forward and rewind as they scrub through long forgotten film reels to look for clues and related themes.

The game can be completed in a single afternoon but it may hook you for much longer, especially if you are a completionist. Manon Gage is phenomenal as Marissa, and essentially plays multiple roles in this artsy game. This might not be for everyone, but if you love compelling stories and suspense I recommend it.


TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge


TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge is a throwback to classic ninja turtle couch co-op and the arcade hits of the early 90s. The game is challenging but never feels unfair. I played it on Xbox/Gamepass, so I am not 100% sure how the controls are handled on a mobile device.

From screenshots it is clear that there is a superimposed directional-pad and “buttons” on the screen, but you can pair your mobile device of choice with a Bluetooth controller as many reviews of the mobile version state. You can complete the game in around three hours and there are plenty of side challenges to complete. I enjoyed my time with the PC version and it sounds like it runs mostly fine on newer mobile devices.


Valiant Hearts: Coming Home


Valiant Hearts: Coming Home is a sequel to 2014’s Valiant Hearts: The Great War; a game developed by Ubisoft to commemorate the 100 year anniversary of World War I. Coming Home is a point-and-click puzzle game that follows four different characters on various sides of WWI and focuses on their personal issues such as racial discrimination, nationalism, brotherhood, and love. 

Valiant Hearts (both games) focus on sharing stories about those who took part in World War I and does it’s best to share historical facts and accuracy from people who were there. The gameplay is secondary but consists of finding objects in the environment, dodging aircraft, and other touch-sensitive puzzles. I enjoyed my time with this title and I recommend it to the history buffs.

Into The Breach


This title is for the strategy die-hards who love tactical planning and mech combat. Into The Breach is an indie game made by a small team over at Subset Games. It revolves around humans using mechs to defend civilians from large monster/Kaiju-creatures. Monsters make it known which targets they intend to attack and the player must use their limited resources to fend off their advances.

Should the player fail, they can time travel back in time and keep their individual enhancements. This title is probably one of the highest praised games on the service with an impressive 90/100 on Metacritic. It won Best Strategy Game in 2018 at The Game Awards. Check it out on Netflix if you get the chance.


Closing Thoughts

Streaming games seems to be the new hot thing in between Nintendo Switch Online, PlayStation Plus, and GamePass. Netflix is trying to get in the game here with its own library of titles. While it doesn’t measure up to the big boys, it is a nice bonus if you already have a Netflix account. 

What’s more is that the service is always adding new titles; so eventually it may become an impressive lineup. For now you’ll have to try the aforementioned games. What do you think about these games or Netflix’s offering as a whole? Comment down below. I always enjoy reading the comments section. As always stay geeky!

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