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Bad Luck! Top Five Unluckiest Fictional Characters!

You think you have bad luck? I can think of five people, albeit fictional characters, who have absolutely rotten luck! You look at these poor souls, you’ll see your fortunes improve by comparison.

Poor, poor unknowing Luke (left)! Picture credit to

5. Luke Skywalker (Star Wars Episode IV-VIII)

You know why… But let’s explore his pain anyway! Luke loses friends and loved ones over the course of his adventures.

He loses mentors Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yoda, best pal Biggs Darklighter, and then his own father whom he barely knew and found the strength to forgive his evil ways as Darth Vader. Cut to years and years later, Luke sees some serious bad luck: He witnesses a second Jedi purge under his watch, almost murders his own nephew, runs away and decides to abandon everything and everyone in a life of seclusion.

If that weren’t enough, he did kiss his sister that one time. Eww…

It’s been a bit of a day for Ed Rooney! Picture credit to

4. Ed Rooney (Ferris Bueller’s Day Off)

The principal who goes too far playing truant officer! On the one hand, adults can appreciate Rooney’s plight: fail to catch Bueller skipping school and every student will perhaps take inspiration and try to one-up the administrator. That said, Rooney applies methods which earn him a lot of trouble.

He breaks into the Bueller home, cracks the family dog on the head, and more. In the process he loses a shoe, gets nearly eaten by the dog, rendered unconscious by Ferris’ sister in self-defense. As if that weren’t enough, his car gets towed while his keys are still attached. The final humiliation: taking the school bus home with students likely having a chuckle at Rooney’s misfortune — Just like we do!

Dante (left) enjoys a little time with his beloved Becky (right)! Picture credit to

3. Dante Hicks (Clerks; Clerks II; Clerks III)


Dante starts out a young man who wasn’t even supposed to be working today in Clerks (1994). This evolves into a series of bad luck situations increasingly getting worse right up to losing a loyal significant other after realizing (too late) how good he had it with her. Twelve years later in Clerks II (2006), Dante nearly ends up in a life he’d hate but winds up ahead after all with the right person.

That all goes to the blazes in Clerks III (2022)! We find not long after events of Clerks II — when life was finally on track — Dante’s pregnant fiancé Becky was hit and killed by a drunk driver. I… feel… terrible for Dante and call this terrible luck!

Peter Parker/Spider-Man ponders being a constant “fall guy”! Picture credit to

2. Peter Parker/Spider-Man (Various Media)

If somebody told you that his was a happy little tale, or that Peter Parker was an ordinary, average guy with good luck… somebody lied!

Whether it’s in the movies or the comic books, Peter Parker tends to have crap luck in his life. Sure he’s had renewed moments of sunshine, like when he and Mary-Jane Watson were together and she supported his double-life. But that, much like many things in Parker’s life, came crashing down because of his dual role.

He’s always behind on his studies, bills, relationships, and more. Every time he thinks he’s got a hold on it all, life and luck turn sour once again and slap Peter in the face! He’s loved and lost, and he’s had to sometimes come out scrambling just to stay in the running of his responsibilities as man and Spider-Man. But he never gives up.

David (front right) contemplates a final outcome for the few survivors! Picture credit to

1. David Drayton (The Mist)

If you’ve seen The Mist (2007), then you know how cruel fate is to David Drayton by the very end of the story.

Having narrowly survived an attack from monsters hidden in a huge fog throughout the movie, David escapes with his young son and a few other survivors. Their car dies, and David decides to spare everyone (and I mean EVERYONE) a gruesome, horrible death at the claws and fangs of the monsters; so he shoots everyone dead. Then, unable to cope, he exits the car and awaits the inevitable… And that’s when help arrives via the armed forces which roll out and decimate the monsters.

Kudos to the article from for making this pick first for much the same reason: this is maybe the worst luck I have ever heard of!

Spidey, you just can’t catch a break! Picture credit to

Final Thought

Feel better about your luck? These examples are fictional, but like the saying goes: “life imitates art!” As we approach St. Patrick’s Day, often considered a day of good luck, consider these stories of bad fortune and feel some of the former coming into your lives!

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