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“I Love You!” I Know… Now Tell Me With These Top Geeky Valentine’s Cards!

Time once again to say “I love you” with Valentine’s cards; but what to get the geeky/nerdy love of your life!? No worries, help is here with a list of the top five geeky Valentine’s cards you should consider gifting your special someone.

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“Tale as old as time” indeed! Picture credit to

5. “Hallmark Disney Valentines Day Card, Anniversary Card, Love Card (Our Fairy Tale)”

Amazon Price: $8.99

This is a sweet card for lovers of fairy tale romance and Disney. Each line perfectly encapsulates a message of love from their respective story origins. It reads: “Our love story is a tale as old as time. Guy meets girl, and the rest is history. With every new adventure we’ve shared… we’ve discovered a whole new world of things to love about each other. I’m pretty lucky to be part of your world… and I’m so grateful for the fairy tale that we’re living together.”

That is solid; way to grab my heart with Hallmark and Disney! This is certainly one way to say “I love you!”

Drop some sweet 8-bit music with your own words of love in this recordable card! Picture credit to

4. “Gamer Valentines Card With Recordable Music Player”

Amazon Price: $6.39 (10sec recordable); $11.69 (120sec recordable)

“For my 2P” it reads; then it opens and reads “I hope all my lives are spent with you” while a personalized audio recording plays. This one is for the video gamers out there!

The only trouble is what to say in the audio! As Princess Fiona of Shrek (2001) said: “A ballad? A sonnet? A limerick??” That’s really your call. But here’s the thing, it’s a matter of the heart delivered to your special Second Player. You’re saying “I love you” as honestly as possible. Let the creativity flow, maybe drop a few Super Mario cues in your message, and you’re playing with power!

“It’s from me! Your own Mario!” Picture credit to

3. “Hallmark Nintendo Super Mario Valentine’s Day Card for Husband, Wife, Boyfriend, Girlfriend”

Amazon Price: $5.59

Another delightful love card for the video gamer in your life! The message reads: “No matter how much searching it takes… the heart always finds its way. Happy Valentine’s Day to the one I’m so lucky to love.” All said while we see Mario doing what he does best; venturing off to rescue his beloved princess.

This card goes to the person whom you feel has saved you time and again. Doesn’t matter who’s who; what matters is the message. “I love you enough to cross through many dangers to rescue you.”

A lovely scene indeed! Picture credit to

2. “Lord of the Rings Valentines Day Pop-Up Greeting Card – I Would Rather Share One Lifetime With You, Than Face All The Ages Of This World Alone – Love, Romance – LOTR Gift – 5 x 7”

Amazon Price: $24.99

This card is ornate in its pop-up design; commonplace nowadays, and this one definitely worth the price. It beautifully details the scene in Rivendell from The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (2001). You know; the one in which true love blossoms between Aragorn and Arwen over a bridge. The message, quoted from Arwen, reads: “I would rather share one lifetime with you than face all the ages of this world alone.”

If that’s not an “I love you”, what is? If you have a literary geek in your life, get this card for them and profess your undying love! Especially if they happen to love the LOTR trilogy of movies.

The perfect card for your Leia (or Han)! Picture credit to

1. “Lovepop Star Wars Love Bundle, I Chews You Pop Up Card & 1 Paper Flower Bouquet 3D Valentine’s Day Card, Greeting Card”

Amazon Price: $38.00

I know, I know; “the price!” Dude, it’s Valentine’s Day; if not now, when? And now is definitely the time to give the Star Wars-lovin’ love of your life this charming card combination. The paper flower bouquet has red, white, and pink hearts amidst familiar Star Wars starships. The card features Chewie saying “I chews you…” then you open the card and Chewie pops out with more to say: “…as my valentine!”

I would so get this for my beloved. Well, when I have one; maybe next year. But my loss is your gain as you consider this card set for your intended! Trust me, when you say “I love you” with this card, they’ll respond with “I know.”

Final Thought

With cards like these, you can’t go wrong! When you’re in love and you know it, it’s time to share that you care. You’ve got romance in the heart and with these cards, the words to impart. These cards aren’t for just anybody; they’re for that special someone who loves the geeky things in life!

Any of these cards best tell your intended “I love you”? Comment your favorite below! Check out this Geek News Now article for healthy fictional couples alternatives to Joker/Harley! Also, subscribe to Geek News Now and give its Facebook page a like!

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