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Frisco, Texas To Build Universal Theme Park! Four Things It Needs!

Frisco, Texas has a Universal theme park coming; let’s not miss any opportunities to make it a great experience! For kids, surely; the park focuses on kids and families with kids. But what of the visiting adults who need something to engage them? What of the visitors who want to enjoy the activities — specifically any rides — but aren’t thin of frame?

The official corporate statement promised a theme park “unlike any other in the world”… It claimed the park to be “full of family-friendly attractions, interactive and playful shows, character meet and greets, unique merchandise and fun food and beverage venues.” The park’s 97 acres of land sets it up along with an accompanying hotel and room for expansion. Geek News Now (GNN) explores four top priorities people should demand of this new park in Frisco, Texas while it’s still in the pre-built stage!

Comedian Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias also believes rides should be “fluffy-friendly”! Picture credit to

1. Be “Fluffy-Friendly”!

Granted the main demographic of this new park is small children. That said, there will likely be events and activities (even rides) which require an accompanying adult; who is to say that either child or adult won’t be perhaps a bit on the “fluffy” (heavy-set) side? Any park should consider safety, but not everyone who visits will be thin; fluffy people want to participate too!

Kat Holler of Geek News Now shared her thoughts on the subject: “Even when I was in good shape I had difficulty with some rides. As a runner I have a lot of muscle in my thighs and some of the bars would barely click closed and they were horribly uncomfortable.”

Bet the Mouse charges $10 per each of these tiny buckets of popcorn! Do better, Universal! Picture credit to

2. Don’t Be TOO Expensive!

I know, I know, it’s a theme park from a prominent name; it’s going to be expensive! But it would be as refreshing as a cold drink in the hot sun if that drink didn’t mean taking out a second mortgage.

Joseph Carro, who visited a Universal park, gave his account on how expensive it can get: “Loved Universal, just crazy expensive. Some of it seems reasonable but unless you get a deal I think it was like almost $200 for a one day pass for two parks. I think it’s like over $100 for just one. Plus food is marked up and drinks and all that, not to mention if you buy any merchandise.”

SeaWorld hosts fun events like the Seven Seas Food Festival! Picture credit to

3. More Events For Adults!

A combination of entertaining shows, activities, even refreshments meant solely for the parents/guardians who get that little break while the kids hang with an accompanying adult! After the peak period of activity — spring through September season — maybe have something for visiting adults/tourists in the rest of the off-season period parks normally have. Perhaps special weekends!

Kat Holler had this to say about parks which work that way: “SeaWorld here does a pretty good [sic] Octoberfest type event and the Seven Seas Food Festival. But in my opinion events like that In the off-season is a missed opportunity.”

Shows like Shrek 4D can be fun attractions! Picture credit to

4. Have 3D/4D Rides!

David Gremillion, founder of Geek News Now and Texas resident, favors the use of these types of rides: “I thought the 4D theaters in the Orlando park were fantastic. Engaging, good story, kept my attention, and (best of all) easy height requirements for all ages. You are in a row of seats the move but in relation to what goes on in a screen. So it rocks, it rolls, but you don’t actually go anywhere.”

Surely such “rides” can do well with kids and adults! Bryan Fibel, however, shared his disagreement via GNN’s group “The GNN Greats” about them.

Transformers: The Ride 3D appeals to some with its twists and turns; but not all! Picture credit to

“Too much reliance in the 3D visual type rides.” said Fibel. “I think there are something like 5 of them in L.A. and it is tough on your head. The [sic] Fast and Furious one is just awful, and because its part of the backlot tour, you have to do it. The best ones are the Transformers and Harry Potter ones which are combined with an actual ride.”

Fibel added: “Been to Disneyland way more where the Star Tours type motion rides are the exception not the rule.”

Final Thought

These ideas make this new Frisco, Texas Universal park more engaging and accessible. Let’s be real; the kids are going to have the most engagement and fun, but that doesn’t mean the adults and the “fluffy” should be left out in the hot sun. Hopefully Universal has a plan for this.

What would you adults like to see in this Frisco, Texas Universal park that’s going to be “unlike any other in the world”? Comment below! Check out GNN’s take on Universal’s ambitious rise in theme park power by staff writer John Ambrose! Also, subscribe to Geek News Now and give its Facebook page a like!

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