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10 Video Games That Should Be Remastered NOW!

Remakes are everywhere! West Side Story, Dune, Mulan, Velma…we’ll just forget that last one. But video games get the remaster treatment too. Chrono Cross, Final Fantasy VI, even Sonic got a nice polished remaster in 2022. Here are some absolute classics that deserve a touch-up in 2023.

10. Pokémon XD Gales of Darkness

The sequel to the success that is Pokémon Coliseum, Pokémon Gales of Darkness XD is placed in a different setting compared to other Pokémon games. Instead of collecting eight gym badges and becoming Pokémon master like in the handheld games. In Pokémon Gales of Darkness XD and its prequel, the player has to collect shadow Pokémon from an evil organization, eventually purifying the Pokémon so they can be effectively used in battle.

Selling 1 million copies and receiving a 6.8 on IGN. Pokémon XD Gales of Darkness is an amazing game that has added features that weren’t available in the first one. By including the chance to capture wild Pokémon outside of battle in certain locations along with expanding on areas already introduced in the previous game. Pokémon XD Gales of Darkness should be re-introduced to new consoles like the Switch for both new and long time fans of the franchise. 

A completely different version of Pokémon then what most players are used to image from

9. Ghostbusters 1984 

Based off the film of the same name this 1984 game released for the C64, NES, Atari 2600, Master System, etc. Created by Activision this video game sold 412.922 copies with the Master System being considered by fans as the better version. Taking elements from the other ports and completely smoothed them out into what would resemble a game.

Even being featured on one of Angry Video Game Nerd as the NES port it shows how badly it deserves a remastered. In Ghostbusters players are tasked with building a franchise in a city filled with PK. Using the equipment players will be able to detect and capture ghost while also earning some cash on the side. 

Ghostbuster on Master System one of the better versions of the movie tie in game image from


8. Custom Robo 2004

Released on the GameCube in 2004 and developed by Noise. Custom Robo also known in Japan as Custom Robo: Battle Revolution. This is both the fourth title in the series and the first title to be released outside of Japan. In sort of a Pokémon and Gundam like way the player gets to choose which robot to send out to fight. While like Gundam the player also get’s to control what the mech does from a fourth person perspective. Even though it did look a bit clunky on the GameCube imagine if it was smoothed out and ported to the switch.

With rating of 65 on Metacritic and a 6.5 on IGN, the game puts the player in the driver seat of a not so distant future. Where crime and justice is settled through mech battles. Custom Robo featured over 30 different body types and hundreds of parts you could collect multiplayer: two-on-two and one-on-one, and single player story mode. 

Players get to battle each other through Gundam like mechs image from

7. Road Blasters 

Let’s face it there’s only a few racing games out there that are constantly repeating the same old formula. From Forza to Need for Speed. Even with its most recent game Need for Speed: Unbound was very much similar to Need for Speed Heat. In Road Blasters players would have to make it to the finish line before their fuel runs out while also blasting enemies and other obstacles. Kind of like something out of Mad Max.

With an 9/10 rating on IGN. This arcade game would later make its way on to home consoles like the C64 and SNES along with a few others. Even making a small cameo in Wreck It Ralph. The game was extremely popular with fans because of its promotional advertisement. From giving away free t-shirts if you reached level 50 in the games early years to its Matchbox toy line. 

Road Blasters 1984 arcade version image from

6.  Avatar the Last Airbender: Burning Earth

Since Avatar is becoming popular again with merchandise and a new tv show in the works by Netflix. It would be nice to remaster one of the avatar games created by THQ. Released on PS2, GameCube, Xbox, DS, and Wii the second installment takes place during Book Two: Earth. With many missions expanding on the game while also sticking to the story. From sneaking pass the guards to get to Toph or running throughout the collapsing Wan Shi tong library.

With a Metacritic rating of 58 and selling over one million units Avatar The Last Airbender: Burning Earth was a much better game than it’s prequel. This 2007 game introduced co-op mode, animal allies like Appa and Momo in air battles, and verses mode so you and your friends can see who the strongest bender is. Though it had some mix reviews Avatar the Last Airbender: Burning Earth went on to be nominated for an Annie award for Best Animated Video Game. 

Get ready to fight off sand benders as Toph and Aang image from

5. Tony Hawk’s Underground 

Growing up in the 90’s and 2000’s it was literally impossible to avoid the skating scene. With the popularity of skateboarding there came video games and skateparks filled to the brim with both experts and novice alike. With the success of the Pro Skater series, Tony Hawk’s Underground or THUG, sought to take a more serious route by adding a rag to riches story.

Receiving a 9.2 score from IGN and selling 2.11 million copies. Tony Hawk’s Underground did not disappoint as both fans and critics considered this one to be the best in the series. From then on this would become the format for the later games. Since we already have a remastered version of the first two Pro Skater games it would be exciting to see if this was the next game to be remade for next gen.

Tony Hawk’s Underground is considered one of the best video games in the series image from

4. Zork Trilogy 

Way, way back in 1977 when video graphics weren’t as good as they are now came a text adventure game developed by Infocom called Zork, the game was split into three titles. Zork: The Great Underground Empire, Zork II: The Wizard of Frobozz, and Zork III: The Dungeon Master. Selling over 680,000 copies collectively, the three games made players type out responses in order to progress through the games. From solving puzzles to battling gnomes, trolls, and even cyclops. Since the first games released it has grown in popularity releasing on every computer like the C64 and Atari ST.  It is widely considered one of the “grandaddies” of RPG’s. 

The granddaddy of RPG this along with its sequels need to be remastered image from

3. Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem

Sitting at a 92/100 on Metacritic, a 9.8 on IGN, and was nominated for an interactive achievement award. This video game released in 2002 for the GameCube but sold poorly with less than 500,000 copies world wide. Despite it’s commercial failure Eternal Darkness has garnished a cult following and this would be no surprise to fans if the game was to be remastered. Even the writer/director of the amazing game, Denise Dyack has expressed interest in returning to the series. 

This would be great news since there has been a recent spike of interest in survival horror and it would give developers a chance to mess around with the sanity part of the game. As seen before where the game has broken the fourth wall numerous times with one iconic scene being the hamlet scene

One of the best survival horror games release in the early 2000’s image from

2. The Simpsons: Hit and Run 

Released during the wave of GTA clones, The Simpsons: Hit and Run is an opened world game where players can talk to the beloved characters that are also voiced by the original actors while exploring Springfield. The game became more than just another GTA copy as it was well received by fans.

With a rating of 8.1 on IGN the game is considered one of the most requested games to be remastered by fans. Even though EA is a money hungry gaming company with all its microtransactions. The company seems to also be on a new found path of listening to the fans and putting games first. So maybe there is hope that there will be a remastered version of this in the near future that is if EA don’t continue to sit on the rights. 

One of the most requested games to be remastered by fans image from

1. Dragon’s Lair 

Enter the Dragon’s Lair, first released in 1983 this interactive filmed laserdisc game was mostly known for being difficult and changing the order of things. So that the next time you played the order of the scenes would always be different from your previous playthrough. The entire gameplay is a short interactive movie allowing players to control the action of the character in each scene. With one button either meaning success or death of protagonist Dirk the Daring.

Selling over 1,000,000 units across multiple platforms including but not limited to the SNES, C64, PC, Mac, Atari Jaguari, etc. The game has already been ported to PS4, Xbox One, and Switch as part of the Dragon’s Lair Trilogy. It even has an upcoming Netflix show. This’ll be the perfect time to relive what made this and its sequels so entertaining. 

A game that is know to be both fun and difficult at the same time image from

Any other games you think deserve a remastered? Let us know in the comments down below! Also check out GNN for more top 10’s and other articles. Stay Geeky! 

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