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Mega Millions Means Mega Merch!

The odds of winning the Mega Millions $1.35 billion prize in the United States is 1 in 302 million. Just winning a “break even” prize and matching the bonus ball is 1 in 37. If you were to randomly select one person from the entire U.S. population of 331,893,745 and guess they were a NASA astronaut? Your odds are 40 times better than winning this lottery.

But hey, it’s fun to dream, right? So let’s dream BIG! What could you do with the lottery prize?

I’m not saying I’d brag to the world if I won, but there would be signs. Image from New Line Cinema.

Well let’s break it down. You don’t actually win the $1.35 billion Mega Millions prize, unless you select the option to spread it out over 30 years. This would come out to $45 million a year (on average) before taxes. If you take the more popular lump sum, you get a paltry $708 million, also before taxes. Assuming you are in Texas, as we are here at Geek News Now, there’s no state income tax so we catch a break there.

You can still walk away with $446 million, so you can still pick up a couple dozen eggs and live a comfortable lifestyle.

What else can you grab for that amount of dough?

You would probably need to devote part of the lottery winnings to building a closet for all of those outfits. Image from UD Replicas.

If you do end up winning the Mega Millions, please be responsible enough to hire a lawyer and financial advisor (maybe more than one). Then be sure to reach out to us. We always welcome investors! What would YOU buy with that amount of money? Drop a comment!

“It’s not about the money…” so be responsible with it! Image from Warner Bros Pictures.



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