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Crunchyroll 2023; New Year New Adventures

Sony is in talks to buy Crunchyroll. From

Crunchyroll is notable for hosting popular anime series. For years, the streaming service provided its viewers with amazing shows, from Mob Psycho 100 (2016) to Chainsaw Man (2022). And now, with 2022 coming to a close, we can look forward to another year of new series, and upcoming sequels.

Therefore, we at Geek News Now will be going over upcoming anime series and new seasons of our favorite shows. Join us as we look forward to a new year, new content, and new adventures Crunchyroll will provide us in the exciting new year.

Crunchyroll Presents; Toma-Chan Is A Girl:

Toma (Left) and Jun (Right). Image from

Imagine spending most of your childhood with your best friend. Getting into fights, roughhousing, sparring to get stronger, etc. Well, for Tomo Aizawa and Junichirou kubota, that’s how life was. Now in their highschool years, the pair continue to be inseperable. Just one problem: Tomo is now in love with her guy-friend, Jun.

The producers over at Lay-duce (Heroine’s Run The Show and Fate/Grand Order) present the story of how a young girl will confront Jun with her feelings for him. Except, he’s so muscle-headed, that even a straight confession won’t get through to him. How will she be able to get through her thick-headed freind? Find out when Toma-Chan Is A Girl airs January 4th.

NieR:Automata Ver1.1a:

Cover art for the Nier; Automata anime. Image from

Set in a post-apocalyptic world overrun with machines, 2B arrived to Earth in order to drive off mechanical alien invaders. With the idea that the anime will take place in the Drakengard AU, perhaps we’ll be seeing Adam and Eve make their appearence in the series.

Although not much info aside from a couple of trailers released, who knows what kind of ending will be shared. Considering Nier: Automata’s grand total of 26 unique video game endings, who knows what kind of story will unfold.

The Angel Next Door:

Shiina (Left) and Amane (Right). Image from

Amane Fujimiya lived a quiet life. One day, on his way home from school, he passes by a classmate sitting in the rain by herself. Out of kindness, Amane gives Mahiru Shiina, the supposed ‘Angel’ of his school, his only umbrella. As a result, he catches a cold, waiting until he can meet her again to retrieve the borrowed item.

However, he got more than he realized when not only does Shiina give him back the umbrella, but also discovered she’s his literal next door neighbor. After helping him get over his cold, all the while recoiling in shock over the state of his home and diet, she intends on taking care of him.

Could this blossom into a relationship? Only way to find out is to wait and see when The Angel Next Door Spoils Me Rotten airs January 7th.

Crunchyroll Lineup Sequels; By The Grace Of Gods:

Ryoma Takebayashi (now 11) enjoying his new life as a slime tamer. Image from

For those not caught in the loop of this Slice-of-Life Crunchyroll series, here’s a quick recap:

Ryoma Takebayashi once lived a tormented life as a businessman. One night, he suffers a harsh head injury while sleeping and is greeted by three gods. Here, the gods applaud him for his gentle and calm demeanor. Therefore, they grant him a new life as an 8-year old child in their alter-Earth, so he may live a non-hardworking life. Mastering magic, and taming an army of slimes, he is later taken in by the Jamil family three years later.

Not wanting to take advantage of their generosity, he immediately begins taking care of the populace (cleaning public restroom areas and completeing small quests), eventually creating a laundry service alongside a few new companions, and his slimes. The story continues, following the events in Season 1, where he chooses to say goodbye to the Jamil family. What awaits our young protagonist on the journey ahead? I, for one, am very excited to see when By The Grace Of The Gods S2 airs January 8th.

Fruit Of Evolution; The Second Act:

Cover art for Fruit of Evolution S2. Image from

Speaking of returning series, Fruit of Evolution is getting its second season. The series follows Seiichi Hiiragi, an unpopular highschool student due to his looks and weight. All this changes one day when his class received an oppurtunity to ascend to another world, and take on powerful enemies. After traveling to this new world, alone because no one wanted to pair with him, Hiiragi encounters a powerful female gorilla who falls in love with him because of his high durability.

However, after encountering a powerful demon, the gorilla becomes a beautiful woman, and our main protagonist now finds himself becoming more powerful. Eventually, after defeating a potential invasion from the Demon Army, Seiichi is granted a teacher position to assist the new heroes, aka his classmates. In addition, it was later revealed that the king, who summoned the students in the first place, is planning on throwing them to the Demon King, in order to stave off a potential invasion.

With a new theat now looming ahead, will Saichi and his allies defeat the Demon King? Or will they just be lambs thrown into the slaughter? Fruit Of Evolution S2 is set to air January 13th.

Don’t Tease Me, Miss Nagataro 2nd Attack:

Hachiouji (Left) and Nagataro (Right). Image from

Crunchyroll brings us another round of Hayase Nagataro vs Naoto Hachiouji! In the prior season, Hachiouji was a loner of an art student. However, his junior, Nagataro, arrived. Discovering he likes to draw manga, and is an introvert otaku, she relentlessly teases him. And, although the two seem to be growing closer at the end of Season 1, nothing really happens.

This provokes Nagataros’ friends, Gamou, Yosshii, and Sakura to join in the fun, and give the two the push they need. Can Hachiouji survive a second attempt at keeping it together? Find out when the second season launches January 8th, next year.

Don’t Like Pain? Max Your Defense!

Cover art for Bofuri Season 2. Image from

Sound’s simple right? Well, simple for Kaede Honjou. Bofuri: I Don’t Like Feeling Pain So I’ll Max Out My Defense, tells the story of a young girl named Kaede, who never played a game in her life. However, her best friend and classmate, Risa Shiramine, offered her to try a Virtual Reality game titled NewWorld Online.

After entering into the game as ‘Maple’, and not liking the idea of taking damage, Kaede applies all her stat points into Vitality (Defense). As a result, she became a literal walking final boss. Not only had she obtained powerful skills, but her friend, Risa (nicknamed ‘Sally’), assists her, as her maxed out defense harshly decreased her speed.

With the dynamic duo now in charge of the Maple Tree Guild, the newest season is set to air January 11th. What new and exciting events await the Maple and her friends? And will the admins ever catch break from how overpowered she’s become? We’ll just have to tune in and find out.

And, that’s most of the new shows and seasons coming out at the start of our brand new year. If you have a series you’re excited to see, or a second season you look forward to, leave a comment down below. We’d love to hear from you. Also, be sure to check out our Facebook page, as we keep our fellow readers up-to-date on the latest happenings.

Have an exciting new year, everyone! And, as always, Stay Geeky!

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