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Halloween And Pizza! Top Toppings And Movies For Spooky Season (Part Two)!

Pizza and Halloween; we flat-out love them both! It gets even better when they happen together! Spooky season movies get us in the proper mood; feeling that old familiar emotion where dark tales and their magic seem possible. Something which calms us at this time: enjoying a hot pizza with friends… Power in numbers, after all. But it’s all in fun, these cheesy and fun flicks about monsters and sci-fi.

If you’ve read part one, read on for some more top movies and pizza types for a casual Halloween!

The Martians have arrived! In movie and pizza form! Picture credit to (left) and (right)

6. Spaced Invaders (1990)
Pizza of Choice: Jalapeño Topping Pizza (lil’ green “Martian heads”)

A small band of Martians hear a radio broadcast of “War of the Worlds”, rush to Earth to join the “glorious battle”, and find out the hard way that they hit the wrong planet! No, it’s not because Earth is competent at kicking Martian butt; no-one in this movie is competent… It’s a constant — and funny — blunder-fest as the Martians keep trying to conquer the Earth only to be thwarted by… themselves! At every “Prepare to DIE, Earth scum!!” you can expect the aliens to screw up big-time. It’s hilarious!

Elvira takes no guff from the “normies”! Chew that over with an extra-cheese pizza! Picture credit to (left) and (right)

7. Elvira: Mistress of the Dark (1988)
Pizza of Choice: Extra Cheese (Elvira would want it that way)

The queen of hosting cheesy B-movie horror and sci-fi classics gets her own movie; and it’s great! Expect that same wit and sass Elvira always delivers while clad in a tight black dress. Here she expends it all on the residents of a small Puritanical Massachusetts town while her devilish uncle aims to grab her great-aunt’s spellbook to become all-powerful. It’s very “strange stranger rubs uptight people the wrong way but they become less uptight by the end” with some horror themes. The movie’s awesome because it’s Elvira doing her campy, saucy thing!

The Octalus in Deep Rising and a Calamari Margherita pizza! Picture credit to (left) and (right)

8. Deep Rising (1998)
Pizza of Choice: Calamari Topping (BAH-DUM-*TSH*)

If The Poseidon Adventure (1972) and Jaws (1975) didn’t scare you out of the water, this movie-… Well, it won’t do that either; but it will entertain you with an action-packed adventure pitting man against sea-dwelling beast! The most “Halloween-y” it gets is the suspense, the blood, and a monster at nearly every turn; it’s mostly an action flick. But by golly, it fits a “giant monster attacks” sort of Halloween movie theme a la any Godzilla flick. It’s too fun to pass up!

The heroes of Zombieland and a Meat Lovers pizza! Picture credit to (left) and YouTube (via Sip and Feast channel)

9. Zombieland (2009)
Pizza of Choice: Meat Lovers Pizza (with a side of Twinkies)

The zombie apocalypse flick which made knowing/obeying the rules the most fun since Kindergarten! When it was still new, everybody learned or sought out the rules to surviving a zombie apocalypse because the concept was, like this movie, both fascinating and funny. Not only that; Zombieland has heart to it… One character in particular, the toughest one in the quartet of survivors, has a truly sad story delivered in a satisfying way. Give it a go and prepare to chuckle!

Ernest P. Worrell packing some authentic Bulgarian Miak and a pepperoni pizza! Picture credit to (left) and (right)

10. Ernest Scared Stupid (1991)
Pizza of Choice: Pepperoni Pizza With Miak (if you can find it this time of year)

Remember as kids when Halloween tales felt possible? This movie speaks to our inner child which believed in monsters and how simple good magic can help. See Ernest P. Worrell (played by the late, great Jim Varney) try to save the children of his town from a monstrous troll out to resurrect an army of its kind. The movie is funny, a bit kids-y, but an endearing Halloween tale of good vs. evil where kids have the power to save the day and a child-like fellow doesn’t have to hate to stand against dark forces.

These movie picks are great for Halloween season, if not the holiday itself. Watch ’em with friends, and don’t forget a cold drink and some good pizza! Enjoy the chill of October and feel the old familiar spirit of Halloween!

What’s your favorite Halloween movie and pizza combo? Comment below! Also, subscribe to Geek News Now and give its Facebook page a like!

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