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‘Star Wars’ Movies on Pause Until 2024

Matt Belloni, a well-known figure in the film industry, has reported that Disney will not be making any movies until 2024, at the earliest. This information comes from his newsletter, “Puck News.” There have been plenty of Star Wars shows announced and made, so many fans were hoping to hear some news about a new film to come out soon. 

It appears there will be at least a two-year hiatus on the films as the company focuses more heavily on filling the content on Disney+. The two-year pause may seem insignificant, but the last Star Wars film to release, The Rise of Skywalker, was in 2019, which leaves a five-year gap. 

The pause and focus on the shows don’t mean there is not anything in development, just that Kathleen Kennedy has decided not to reveal any information prematurely. This could be due to the issues with Patty Jenkins and Rian Johnson’s projects and her early announcement of their involvement. 

There is the rumored Damon Lindelof project. He has regularly been seen on the Disney lots. This has led to the assumption that he is working on a new Star Wars project. If it is for a new film, there won’t be any information officially released for a few years. 

Aside from the spin-offs, the only films to hit the big screen under the House of Mouse have been The Skywalker Saga. The newest endeavor will be an entirely new project and will most likely be a huge event. This pause could be so that the studio gets multiple scripts written and choose the best one out of those, as there are rumors of Waititi and Feige writing films. If they stick to the tradition of trilogies, the new film will need to be successful enough to set up the excitement for more. 

The news about the delay until 2024 is disappointing, but it could be for ultimate quality control. With the reception a few live-action shows had received, the Disney executives may tread carefully with what’s to come out next. 

What are your thoughts on the delay? Are you excited about more Star Wars films? What do you hope to see in the future? Comment below or on the Geek News Now Facebook page! 

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