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The One Wing, Scorch Of Gondor, Or Deathsticks? Origin Of A Viral Meme!

A meme about chicken wings and geek-chic… It’s not often someone finds the origin-point of a viral post online; here we do exactly that! What’s more, we get to speak with the creator of an increasingly popular meme seen on Facebook (FB). You know the one:

The meme itself! Have you seen it yet? Picture credit to Facebook (Land of Misfit Disney page)

The man who created the original post — Joseph Carro; a writer of fiction/blog posts/reviews who took a cool geeky concept and posted it on Twitter on August 29th, 2022. A friend of Carro’s shared a screen-captured version from Carro’s FB page to a memes page Students Against Sleep – SAS. From there, it circulated big-time as people shared it again and again. Examples include (approximately): Land of Misfit Disney (22K shares), Fans of Middle-Earth (1.3K shares), Star Joes (2.4K shares), Comics In The Attic (2.3K shares), My DND (1.1K shares), and The Unconventional (663 shares).

Geek News Now (GNN) explores the origin of a viral meme below!

Planet Krypton; a geek-chic eatery! Picture credit to Twitter (@ThatChrisGore)


GNN: “Where did you get inspiration for this meme’s concept?”

CARRO: “I’ve always wanted to open a restaurant/comic store with a cosplay element, being a cosplayer myself. There’s a restaurant called [Planet Krypton] in the Kingdom Come comics by Alex Ross and I’ve always wanted to go to a place like that but none really exist. Plus, I noticed every single wing place has to revolve around sports but most nerds I know also love wings. I’m not a huge sports guy but I would definitely have a wing party watching Star Wars.”


GNN: “This meme has made a wide spread throughout Facebook; it’s quickly showing up in random FB pages. What is it like seeing your thought get celebrated by lots of pages and commentors?”

CARRO: “It’s hilarious to me, and also weird. Thousands of people are sharing my thoughts and my face with other people online. Yet none of them know me. It’s good that we can connect on one thing without knowing someone else’s politics or religion or anything else.”

GNN: “Did you think this meme would travel as far and wide as it has?”

CARRO: “Not really, but I’ve got a strange sort of ability to go viral with random things – like when I became locally famous in Mobile, Alabama for a TikTok I made about chicken. It netted me 8,000+ followers and all the free food I could eat, and even an entire day in a theme park all paid for.”

A meme Carro posted to his FB page after friends pointed out his tweet going viral! Picture credit to Joseph Carro

GNN: “How do you suppose a meme like this gets to be so popular?”

CARRO: “Tweets seem to do well on Facebook for whatever reason on meme pages. I feel like it was a combination of that and maybe I’d given voice to something people didn’t realize they wanted.”


The following are some comments to the meme taken from the Star Joes FB page:

J Scott Kump: “I’ll have an order of Darth Taters, please.”

Jessie Lilly: “I would love this! Have a bakery. Wookie’s cookies. Obi wan canolis. Princess Leia honey buns. Sell cookie jar jars.”

Edwin Peabody: “Wings of Power – 3 is our small, 7 is medium, 9 is large. Nobody needs just one wing. ‘All Wings Report In’ – do you want Red Sauce? What level of heat? Red 5?”

The Nerd-Out establishment in Portland, OR! Picture credit to


GNN: “What are some other geeky/nerdy names you’d like to see for restaurants and food items if it were a possible?”

CARRO: “In a similar way, all steak houses have to be revolving around cowboys or cowboy imagery or Texas. I’d like to see a goth steak house. The paint is black and the music is like My Chemical Romance. Hot Topic; but a restaurant.”

GNN: “Have you seen people respond to the meme with examples of business establishments (eateries in particular) which have a geeky/nerdy theme?”

CARRO: “Yes – I’ve actually learned there are a few businesses out there with nerdy themes which all sound very cool in general, yet I have not seen any with my particular idea.”

Some cosplay Carro did in his time! Picture credit to Twitter (@cwalkenisgod)


GNN: “How long have you enjoyed the geeky/nerdy things of life? In what geeky/nerdy activities do you particpate?”

CARRO: “All my life I’ve been a geek/nerd. I’ve always been into comic books and have collected them since I was four. I am an avid gamer and I play D&D and I cosplay and have a personal library of books which could fill an entire room.”

The man himself: Joseph Carro! Picture credit to Joseph Carro

And that’s the origin of a viral meme! For more content of Carro’s, see his ideas or original thoughts on life, movies, even cosplay via Twitter @cwalkenisgod. Check his TikTok @joebiwanofficial for posts about his various adventures around and about. Carro also published a book — “The Little Coffee Shop of Horrors Anthology” — with his uncle; it’s available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble!

Trust me, this guy’s goings-on are pretty interesting!

Any awesome geeky restaurant/food ideas of your own? Comment below! Also, subscribe to Geek News Now and give its Facebook page a like!

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