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Scarlet And Violet; Treasures, Titans, and Troublemakers!

Scarlet and Violet once again received a further update this morning at 9am ea. on their official Pokémon YouTube channel. The Pokémon Company officially launched a brand new trailer, showcasing not only new details of your Paldean adventure, but new foes and Pokémon as well. With new information to cover regarding the upcoming Generation 9 games, join GNN as we go over the three additional stories, the new Pokémon, and the surprise model celebrating Gen 9.

Scarlet And Violet’s Open-World Gym Challenge:

Brassius, the Grass-Type Gym Leader of Artazon Town. Image from

If you really want to talk about open-world exploration, then you’ll love the fact that the Generation 9 games took ‘open-world exploration’ to a whole new level. Not only can you take on Scarlet and Violet’s Gym Challenge in any order you choose, but before you can take on each Gym Leader, they will each put you through a trial before the battle. Afterward, during the battle, the cooresponding Gym Leader’s utilize the Terrastillization technique to trip players up. For example, the grass-type Gym Leader, Brassius, is seen sending out the Imitation Pokémon, Sudowoodo.

While this would put you at a possible type advantage, he suddenly Tera-types it to a Grass-Type Pokémon. When I first saw this, it immediattely reminded me of the Pokémon episode “Type Casting! What Is Sudowoodo?!“. Secondly, his Sudowoodo knows the signature move, Trailblaze, dealing massive STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus) damage to your team. In addition to the various Gym Leaders you’ll come across, you’ll meet Pokémon League Chairwoman Geeta. While she also acts as Chairwoman, she is also presumed to be the official League Champion.

Let’s hope she isn’t as tough a challenge as Cynthia, considering there’s Tera-typing involved now.

Titans, Go!

In-Battle phase against the Titan, Clawf. Image from

Unfortunately, we’re not talking about Teen Titans (2003). We’re talking about the new, oversized Pokémon, Clawf. The Titan of Stony Cliff is another obstacle you’ll face during your journey with Arven. Your inexperinced senior classmate isn’t that great with Pokémon battles, and therefore asks for your assistance in looking for Herba Mystica that can be found in unique areas.

However, upon batlling smaller Clawf, the Titan Clawf will eventually awaken and battle you to defend its territory. This battle introduced the concept of Titan-sized Pokémon. However, we all know that this is similar to Alpha Pokémon (Legends Arceus- 2022), or even Totem Pokémon (Ultra Sun and Moon- 2017). Though, credit where credit’s due, this is even more terrifying, as this could mean these Pokémon could be overpowered. Arvin was right: “No Pokémon has any business being that big!”.

Does this mean there will be more? Possibly. One can only wonder, however, if they’ll be catchable once the game releases.

The Troublemakers Of Starfall Street:

Team Star, wearing color respective clothes in Scarlet and Violet. Image from

In addition to exploring Paldea, you can now set destination markers on your map to set goals for yourself. However, whether it’s taking on the Gym Challenge, or seeking secret ingredients for special Pokémon food, there’s just one obstacle standing in your way: Team Star.

The newly introduced ‘Bad Guy’ team for Scarlet and Violet has set up bases across the region. As a result, many gym challengers and explorers are impeded in their journey. To put a stop to this you can take on Team Star in a Base Raid Battles. This allows players to send their team of Pokémon in a small group to take on waves of Team Star’s grunts. Whether you can do this alone or with friends remains to be seen.

Eventually, you’ll catch the attention of Schedar Squad’s Leader, Mela. She doesn’t take too lightly of your actions against Team Star, and therefore challenges you to battle. Let’s hope you’re up for the task, I heard she’s a toughie with her Torkoal! In addition to this, you’ll also have to take on the leaders Starmobile. Is this a Pokémon? Possibly, considering the fact that their teaser image shows the Starmobile waving a tongue around.

In addition to this new fighting mechanic, you can also have your Pokémon follow you whever you go. Yes, it’s an old mechanic, but what really makes this unique is that the new “Let’s Go!” feature allows you to let your companion explore on its own, either collecting nearby items, or self-battling wild Pokémon with no commands.

Scarlet And Violet; Even More Mysterious Pokémon:

With the next generation of Pokémon on its way, we also got introduced to even more of Game Freaks newest creatures:

Ceruledge (Left) and Armorogue (Right). Image from

Armorogue: A Pokémon of nobility, it fights fairly and is always up for a good challenge. Its signature move, Armor Cannon, deals incredible damage, but also lowers its Defense and Special Defense.

Ceruledge: A sneaky tactician, it’ll do what it can to win a battle, even resorting to sneak attacks. In addition to this, it’ll utilize its signature move, Bitter Blade, not only damaging the opponent, but regaining half the energy back. Think Giga Drain, but stronger. Side note: They almost remind me of Gallade from Diamond and Pearl (2006).

Cyclizar (Left) compared to Koraidon (Center) and Miraidon (Right). Image from

Cyclizar: Once introduced over a month ago, Cyclizar was rumored to be connected to the legendary mount Pokémon, Koraidon and Miraidon. When compared in the image provided, that actually appears to be the case. In addition to this, it appears that players can also ride and battle with Cyclizar.

Its signature move, Shed Tail, allows it to not only create a substitute, but also swap places with a new Pokémon.

Grafaiai found in the forests of Paldea. Image from

Grafaiai: The Toxic Monkey Pokémon received its own specific trailer in the form of a commendable nature documentary. It has a very territorial nature, marking trees with toxic paint from a mixture of saliva and berry juice. The resulting aroma leads to small prey being lured into a trap, and paralyzed.

In addition, Grafaiai often fight for territory by painting over other markings left by rival Grafaiai. If it is threatened, its ejected poison becomes even more toxic, the victim becoming immobolized for a reported three whole days.

With the Paldea Region only two months away from exploration, I’m looking forward to looking for the new adventure awaiting us.

Nintendo Switch New OLED Model:

New OLED Switch model featuring Scarlet and Violet legendaries. Image from

Finally, let’s finish up by discussing the newest edition to the Nintendo Switch family. On Novemeber 4th- roughly two weeks before the games release- a new OLED Switch System will arrive, featuring Koraidon and Miraidon of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. In addition, the back of the main console wil feature the three Starter Pokémon of Paldea, including insignias that’ll appear throughout the game.

With Pokémon Scarlet and Violet releasing in two months, I for one am excited to explore the Paldea region, and all it offers this September. If you have an opinion on the newly released information regarding the games or the OLED Model, leave a comment down below. We’d love to hear from you. Also, be sure to also check out our Facebook page, as we like to keep our readers up-to-date on the latest happenings.

As always, Stay Geeky!

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