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5 Games That Let You Be A Cat!

Back in 1970 Disney’s The Aristocats revealed a major secret to the public: “Everybody wants to be a cat”. Sorry, you probably have that song stuck in your head now. However the internet has shown us that people, for one reason or another, have an intense adoration for cats. 

Whether it’s Nyan cat, Hello Kitty, or even the infamous Grumpy Cat, the internet is infatuated with the little critters. This would naturally spread to adjacent media, such as video games. There are of course many games that cater to cat lovers (such as  Nintendogs + Cats, and Petz: Catz 2) out there. But what other cat-related games are out there? Here are five of our favorite cat-featuring games!

The Elder Scrolls

This beloved western RPG series from Bethesda Softworks has had resounding success with games like The Elder Scrolls Online and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (perhaps a little too much success). In the open-world roleplaying game players can (usually) choose one of several races for their character to play as. One of these races is the feline-like Khajit, which are essentially humanoid cats. 

A Khajit warrior in Skyrim. Image from TechGameBox.

The Khajit come from the warm sandy lands of Elsweyr and are known to be cunning merchants and rogues. The Khajit are the only playable race in the series to have night vision by default and extra damage to unarmed attacks. Traits that I would consider to be very cat-like. On top of this they usually have attributes that make them the perfect base for a thief/assassin character. They also happen to be my favorite race in the series to play as. Meow! 


Stray is the most recent cat-adventure game on this list. I gave Stray a glowing review when it was released (recently). The game has you playing as a cat in a post-apocalyptic world where humanity is gone and all that is left is chunky parasites and friendly robots. Stray handles well and the platforming elements, while automated, feel smooth and fun. 

Stray is one of my favorite games from this year. Utterly delightful.

Your nameless cat character does plenty of cat-like things. Whether it’s scratching couches, curling up on the floor for a cat nap, or pulling down curtains you are in for an authentic cat experience. Did we mention there is a dedicated button just for meowing? It’s adorable, I assure you.

Tokyo Jungle

Tokyo Jungle is one of the coolest games you probably never heard of. It came out towards the tail-end (pun intended) of the PlayStation 3’s lifecycle back in 2012 and was met with a so-so middling reception. The game is centered around the disappearance of humans in a future Tokyo, Japan setting where zoo animals have overtaken the streets. You can play as various animals in a campaign mode or survival mode, the latter of which is focused on surviving for as long as possible.

Tokyo Jungle (2012)

Tokyo Jungle features over 80 types of animals and some of them are felines ranging from ordinary house cats all the way to lions. You’ll use tall grass as concealment to take down prey and avoid stronger predators and improve your chances of survival. It’s a really quirky game and although it isn’t on the modern-day PSN store you can play/stream it through the highest tier of PlayStation Plus!

Catlateral Damage

The most authentic cat experience of any of the games in this list, Catlateral Damage is a chaotic jamboree of cat cuteness. The game has a silly premise, where you clear levels by knocking over a predetermined amount of objects to the ground. Played from the first-person perspective, Catlateral is a pretty short and cozy game. 

Leave nothing un-toppled! Scratch and knock down everything!

The game features a lot of replayability where you roam empty grocery stores and whole houses and follow your cat instinct to knock everything over. There are unlockable pictures of cats, soothing music, and simple gameplay. Also it has a very easy and achievable platinum trophy on PlayStation 4. Give it a try!

Kingdom Hearts 2

Yes, I know this one is a bit of a stretch but bare with me. The title of this is games that “let you be a cat”, not “games where you can ONLY be a cat”. Kingdom Hearts 2, the love child between Disney and Square-Enix, lets you explore various Disney worlds throughout the game. As it so happens one of these worlds is the Pride Lands from The Lion King. In this world your main character, Sora, takes on the form of a lion cub (which is technically a cat) to fit in with the aesthetic and species of the world. 

Sora in his lion form.

Yes, this form is only available in this world, but it fundamentally changes the way Sora interacts with others and the environment. Sora can cover distances much faster owing to using four paws over two legs. His Keyblade weapon is carried in his mouth which makes for interesting melee combos and finishers. Overall it is the better of Sora’s many alternate modes, especially over his mermaid form.


Closing Thoughts

There are of course many other cat-centric games I missed or glossed over, this is by no means a comprehensive list. Did I miss one of your favorite cat games? Let me know which one it is. If you agree with or like my list then check out some of the other gaming related lists we’ve made. Be sure to subscribe to GeekNewsNow! Follow us on Facebook or our Twitter Page! Check out my gaming podcast, Duosense, for more video game coverage as well. As always make sure you stay geeky out there!

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