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Genshin Impact; The Land Of Scholars And Merchants

The Genshin Impact 3.0 Update is finally here! After exploring the Golden Apple Archipelago for the second time, a mysterious person interferes with our communication with Venti. Although we questioned who this person was, they stated we will meet them ‘when the time is right’. Afterward, a Dendro symbol appears, hinting at what is to come. And now, we finally received our answer.

With newly added lore and adventure, let’s take a look at everything the land of Sumeru has to offer!

Genshin Impact 3.0; The Bustling City of Sumeru:

The land of Sumeru, Port Armos below. Image from

The Dendro continent of Sumeru boasts lush forests and vacant deserts. As a result, Sumeru gifts players with more exploration, events, and a new story involving the Dendro Archon, Kusanali. Secondly, the new Oculi (Dendroculus) are scattered throughout the map.

Thanks to their Port town of Ormos, many a scholar come and go as they please, whilst gifting knowledge to the people of Sumeru. While it often hosts a variety of small shops, Ormos acts as the central connection to the world between Teyvat and Sumeru.

Many animals also call Sumeru their home. The new Dendro continent introduced quite a few, such as:

  • Shroom Boar– Similar to the average Boar, these beasts’ fur overgrew with moss and fungi.
  • Shaggy Sumpter Beast– Gentle creatures the folks of Sumeru mainly rely on for transport of goods. In short, gentle giants unless provoked.
  • Dusk Bird– Similar in design to a Toucan, these intellectual birds once were capable of mimicking human speech. In addition, they can also be domesticated as message couriers.

With these new creatures introduced to Genshin Impact, and more areas to explore, who knows what we’ll discover lurking in the shadows of this newfound continent.

My Genshin Akademiya:

Exterior of Sumeru’s Akademiya Scholar Campus. Image from

Pun aside, yes. Being the land of Knowledge, Sumeru has its own education: Akademiya. They are a ruling class of scholars, aided by the Akasha Terminals to obtain knowledge. Within the world of Teyvat, traveling scholars in pursuit of knowledge, known as Driyosh, are accepted intot heir ranks to quench their thirst for knowledge.

The Campus is divided into six seperate educational branches (or Darshans):

  1. Amurta– The study of Biology in Teyvat.
  2. Rtawahist– Illuminationism (Philosophy).
  3. Spantamad– Elementalism (The study of elements).
  4. Haravatat– Semiotics (Translating signs or symbols).
  5. Vahumana– Aetiology (Studying the cause of medical conditions)
  6. Kshahrewar– Technology.

In addition to these classes, Akademiya also distributes ranks amongst specific Scholars:

  1. Driyosh– As explained, traveling informants sharing knowledge to Sumeru.
  2. Dastur– Formal researchers who passed two theses in the review process, earning more oppurtunities.
  3. Herbad– Highly intellectual leaders.
  4. Sages– The highest ranking of knowledge wielders, hosting classes every now and then on their subject speciality.

The Enemies Within:

Ermite Desert Clearwater. One of a few new enemies of Sumeru. Image from

Aside from the lush jungles and bustling villages, Genshin Impact’s Sumeru also introduced a number of new enemies to the game. These include:

  1. Emerites Ranging from saber-wielders to blade dancers, these opponents hail from the desert areas of Sumeru. Be warned, weakened Emerites will enter an infused state, and deal more damage for a short time.
  2. Fungus Shroom-based creatures that can change their appearence depending on the players elemental interaction. These range from Activated (Electro), or Scorched (Pyro).
  3. Rishboland Tiger– Aggressive, territorial felines. They will defend their territory with ferocious aggression. Being Genshin Impact’s newest cats, let’s hope we can tame them.
  4. Spinokrok– Reptiles residing in the lakes and rivers of Sumeru, they are viewed as messangers of the gods. The red crowning upon their head signifies this. They mostly won’t attack unless properly provoked.

The Big Bad Of Sumeru:

Electro Regisvine (Left), and Jadeplume Terrorshroom (Right). The new mini-bosses of Sumeru. Image from

Alongside the newer enemies and animals, we are also introduced to newer bosses to face off against:

  1. Jadeplume TerrorshroomOne of the main bosses residing in the deep forests of Sumeru. It mostly resembles a sort of giant bird, with its body mostly covered in greenery. In addition to its basic claw and peck attacks, the Terrorshroom can release small spores that lock onto the player, dealing Dendro damage.
  2. Electro Regisvine Aside from behaving similar in nature to prior Regisvines, the Electro can also unleash powerful thunderstrikes, and electric missiles.
  3. Ruin Drakes A new form of Ruin Guards in the form of dragons. These bulky machines are capable of retaliation. In addition, should the Drake malfunction from an elemental attack, it will then recharge and gain Elemental Resistance from that specific element.

As powerful as they may seem, here’s hoping players won’t have a difficult time with these new bosses.

Basically, She Is Very Small:

The Dendro Archon, Kusanali. Image from

Of course, we can’t talk about Sumeru without discussing Genshin Impact’s newest Archon, Kusanali. If you attended the Summertime Fantasia event, then you know that during this, our communication with Venti had been interrupted by a mysterious stranger. The intruder informs the player that instead of asking questions, they should look for the answers to the illusions themselves.

As stated above, we deduced during the event that Kusnali was the one to intervene during our communication, later proven correct. However, the story behind Kusanali really made things interesting. Genshin lore revealed the real Dendro Archon,  Greater Lord Rukkhadevata, passed away 500 years during the Cataclysm. Afterward, Lesser Lord Kusanali appeared, replacing her as acting Archon. However, this title is more a term of endearment, as the people of Sumeru worship, and adore her, just the same.

The ‘Sabzeruz Festival’, which’ll take place during the Archon Quest, is the celebration of the birth of Kusanali. During this event, players will also run into some new characters that’ll aid them in finding the secrets hiding within Sumeru.

Of Merchants And Rangers:

Tighnari (Left), Collei (Center), and Dori (Right). Image from

Following the release of the 3.0 Update, new characters were also introduced to the game. Because of Sumeru’s massive deserts, and intertwining forests, it’d be pretty easy to get lost for sure. Therefore,  these friendly faces are here to help:

  1. Tighnari: A bow wielder hailing from the village of Gandharva Ville. He studies Biology within the Akademiya, and takes his job as Forest Watcher in Avidya Forest very seriously.
  2. Collei: Interestingly enough, Collei is not just a Forest Ranger, but she also previously had dealings in Mondstadt. If you’re familiar enough with Genshin Lore, you’ll know that their popular Webtoon also introduced this quirky girl. The best part? She’s best friends with Outrider Amber of Mondstadt!
  3. Dori: A traveling merchant, she sells rare wares and conveinent items to valuable customers. Although talked about in a somewhat negative light, she ignores this as she prefers to let the Mora do the talking.

With possibly more new characters on the way, i’m glad to see a little continuity from Hoyoverse in regards to Collei. And now, on to my favorite part of the 3.0 Update.

Genshin Impact Banner Reruns:

Geo Archon Zhongli. Set to recieve banner rerun during the 3.0 release. Image from

If the introduction to Sumeru isn’t the best part of Genshin Impact’s 3.0 Update, then perhaps its the return of everyone’s favorite Geo Archon, Rex Lapis. Alongside the return of the Zhongli, we are also getting the new Five-Star Tighnari. Both banners will be up for the runtime of the release of the 3.0 Update. In addition, the new Four-Stars, Collei, Diona, and Fischl will also be available for wishing.

Secondly, Both Ganyu and Kokomi return for their reruns following the former banners. Alongside them, the Claymore user, Dori, joins the roster for playable characters. Here’s hoping that everyone gets what they wish for!

Partake In Sumeru Events:

Sumeru events featuring 4-Star Dendro character Collei. Image from

Lastly, the newest additions to the 3.0 Update are the new Sumeru events. Players can attend special events that include:

  • Graven Innocence– Collei needs assistance looking for inspiration developing toys for Sumeru. Climb obstacles, fight bosses, and snap photographs in order to help her find proper inspiration.
  • Fayz Trials– Special Domains grant players a unique item known as the Fayz Potion. By utilizing this item, you’ll be able to freeze enemies for a short time to spot their weaknesses. By doing so, the potion may recharge in order to provide a lather, rinse, repeat method.
  • Tablet Analytics– Players must defeat enemies under a certain amount of time. In addition, buffs are given, allowing either Elemental Damage, Physical Damage, or Resistance. Although each buff is brief, you can always alternate between characters in order to refresh them when neccesary.
  • Lost Riches Treasure Hunt– Ulman, a treasure-seeking seelie magnet, asks the Traveler in looking for specific treasure scattered around Sumeru. Similar to the prior treasure adventure, players are rewarded different colored seelie as a fellow companion.
  • Ley Line Overflow– Ley Lines are starting to appear all throughut Sumeru, overflowing with rewards. By completeing each challenge presented, you’ll be rewarded a boost in EXP drops or Mora, depending on each Ley Line.

With so many events to partake in, Sumeru’s looking like quite the active continent. If you have an opinion on Genshin Impact’s latest update, or would like to share your experiences, leave a comment down below. We’d love to hear from you! Also, be sure to check out our Facebook page, as we keep our viewers up-to-date on the latest happenings.

Enjoy your journey in Sumeru, Travelers! Ans as always, Stay Geeky!

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