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Star Wars

The Star Wars Streaming Era: Is it Headed in the Right Direction?

Star Wars¬†and the content that’s been pumped out has been fueling Disney+; alongside the plethora of content produced for Marvel, it looks like the entertainment will be endless. The sheer number of shows should keep people subscribed for years. So, the only question is, is quantity over quality really the best choice for the franchise?¬†

It was an exciting moment in 2020 when Kathleen Kennedy unveiled the many future projects for the franchise. There will be shows about pilots, bounty hunters, droids, and so much more! The quantity sounded like a promising future. Disney’s streaming platform needed the content, and¬†Star Wars¬†has the potential. It all makes sense, right?

Is Disney Taking Advantage?

Star Wars¬†also has fans. Loyal ones, too. And the loyal fans will watch just about every minute of everything they drop. That isn’t a bad thing, either. I can’t condone those who love to consume every ounce of content they produce. It’s something I love to do.¬†

Kenobi in Episode 3

Kenobi in Episode 3

The only issue is it feels like Disney has taken advantage of that loyal fan base. It feels that the amount of shows is all a guise to fill Disney+ with content for the executives to hit their subscriber goals. They’ve begun to produce shows with great promise and little deliverance. That quantity over quality plan is starting to sound a bit bleak.¬†

Kenobi¬†was good. It wasn’t great, it wasn’t bad, it was just good. The show had a lot of potential and a lot of great moments. But it did not deliver on what many fans had expected. The torn Jedi and his quest to find himself lacked a certain quality, which may be due to a lack of good¬†Star Wars¬†writing, or the fact that it’s missing its original creator.¬†

The Book of Boba Fett¬†was similar. It had more episodes and plenty of its own exciting moments, but overall, it was just a good show. There was nothing spectacular about it, nothing that really made it stand out from the rest. And that’s what the problem is. That is just what¬†Star Wars¬†needs. It’s always stood out from the rest. Whether it’s because of the dioramas, models, or progression in technology and effects,¬†Star Wars¬†has always had a unique way of capturing the imagination.¬†

The shows that have been coming out seem to lack those qualities. Andor looks promising, but so did the previous two shows. Perhaps a spy-thriller genre will be what the franchise needs. I will go into Andor with a positive outlook, just as I had with BOBF and Kenobi, with hopes this show will be as exciting as The Mandalorian. 

Diego Luna as Cassian Andor

Diego Luna as Cassian Andor

The Future

Until its release, fans can only hope their voices will be heard, and the future of¬†Star Wars¬†will continue in good hands. Dave Filoni and Jon Favreau have done well so far, as Favreau’s hands-on creation,¬†The Mandalorian¬†has taken fans by storm, and Filoni’s animated series,¬†The Bad Batch,¬†has done well. That success goes to show the potential for the franchise.¬†

If Disney would slow down, take a deep breath, reanalyze their quantity over quality plan, and get back to capturing the imagination, they could create some truly incredible shows. Make your voices heard and let the executives and writers know we demand quality and quantity. 

What are your thoughts about where Disney is taking Star Wars? Do you hope to see them go in a different direction? Are you happy with what they’ve produced? Comment down below or on the Facebook page and let us know!

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