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Kirby’s Dream Buffet Rolling In This Summer!

Kirby, the cute and round warrior of Dreamland, premiered in yet another trailer on July 12th. This time, our little star warrior partakes in a new adventure: Kirby’s Dream Buffet! In this wipeout-style battle royale, players are taken into the expansive world of sweets and treats. You can choose up to a variety of colorful characters, rolling across delicious courses, and knocking out the competition in the sweetest way possible.

With the game arriving this summer, let’s take a look at what HAL Laboratory’s pink hero prepared for us!

Kirby And The Dream Fork!

Kirby about to dig into a sweet treat. Image from

To kick things off, let’s start at the beginning. Kirby’s Dream Buffet begins with Kirby about to enjoy a large cake. However, It seems that his utensil of choice, The Dream Fork, has other plans. Shrinking the star warrior to the size of a strawberry, Kirby must now roll his way through frosting and sweets in order to outmatch the competition.

The goal is simple: get big by collectiong enough sweets, and take out your opponents. Although the plot is short and sweet (pun intended), the gameplay really makes up for it.

Dream Buffet; Eat To Defeat:

Kirby getting ready to roll! Image from

Rolling through pathways, eating sweets, and utilizing power-ups, he’ll do what it takes to outweigh the competition. That’s right, racing isn’t the only objective. Once you make it to the end, your final goal is to wipe out your opponents on a platform, equipped with even more power-ups to gain the upper hand.

In addition, whoever weighs the most at the end is declared the winner.

With HAL Laboratory’s next Kirby game releasing soon after Forgotten Land, I- for one- can’t wait to see what this new part game has in store for us. Although Dream Buffet holds elements similar to that of Fall Guys, I’m sure HAL will make this Dreamland game different from the Mediatonic-developed game.

If you have an opinion on this upcoming, dessert-themed Kirby game, be sure to leave a comment down below. Maybe even let us know what your favorite dessert is, because even ytalking about this game made me slightly hungry for cake.

Also, come check out our Facebook page, as we like to keep our fellow geeks up-to-date on the latest content. As always Stay Hungry and Stay Geeky!

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