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Batgirl Gets The Boot As Warner Looks To Rehab The DCEU

Sad news arrived for the dozens of people that were anticipating a “Batgirl” movie this past week as Warner unceremoniously ceased any further promotion or production of the film based on Barbara Gordon’s alter ego.

After reportedly spending upwards of one-hundred million dollars on the project, Warner has decided to shelve the film indefinitely. No theaters or streaming services will be able to carry it.  For the foreseeable future, it will sit in a lonely vault next to “The Day The Clown Cried”.

David Zaslav is taking no prisoners as he tries to get the DCEU on the right track.

It was the right decision to make.

I have been very vocal on my opinions on the DCEU it is an unorganized mess.  For all intents and purposes, they are still in phase one of their universe.  Batgirl is not a phase one character.  If I were to rate her, I would probably put her in phase five, maybe six.  There is no way she should get her own film before Dick Grayson.

The production value looks second rate at best.  If you view the teaser trailer, you will agree that this doesn’t look like a hundred million dollar movie.  It looks like something pieced together by the CW in a desperate attempt to look cool.

David Zaslav is dead set on bringing legitimacy to the DCEU and there seems to be nothing that can stop him on his quest.  Rumor has it that the big budget “Flash” movie starring the embattled and controversial Ezra Miller is even on the chopping block.  Given the publicity Miller has generated over the last year, its not hard to see why.

What Warner Should Do

Now that the dead weight is being cut, Zaslav and Warner need to act fast with the other properties.  Start with Superman.  The property has been steadily losing ground with moviegoers as Henry Cavill has been at odds with Warner.

Henry Cavill has been at odds with Warner over his role os Superman. Now, rumor has it that he will be joining the MCU.

With Cavill reportedly in advanced talks to join the MCU, it is time to finally do something about the Man of Steel before people stop caring altogether.  Find a fresh face who will take the role seriously, show confidence in him, and get the beleaguered franchise back on the rails.

Set Up A Lanterncorps Universe

The Green Lantern is an important part of DC.  Having a Justice League Movie without him didn’t seem right.  It is high time that Warner revisits the property and sets up a universe featuring all of the Lanterns.  The movies would be beautiful, exciting, and thoughtful.  They would tie into a well written multiverse nicely.

A Lanterncorps movie would be an incredible addition to the DCEU.

Give Equal Attention To All Of Their Properties

It’s no secret that Batman is the cash cow for the DCEU.  To succeed, Warner needs to realize that the Batman franchise will still generate money even if they show attention to another hero’s property.  You can’t expect to have a multiverse succeed when you’re feeding Batman steak, and giving the rest of the Justice League dinner scraps.  Spread the wealth of exposure and show love to the whole roster of characters.

Since 1989, Batman has dominated the attention and marketing of Warner Brothers.  No other DC property receives the royal treatment that he gets. Michael Keaton as Batman. Photo Credit:

If You Fail, Try Again Until You Get It Right

One of the problems that has plagued Warner for years, is a selectively defeatist attitude.  They shy away from adversity.  “Man of Steel” was met with Lukewarm reception, so Superman hasn’t gotten a movie since.  Green Lantern failed. Now the character is seemingly shelved indefinitely.  It took a while to get a new Batman movie made after Joel Schumacher temporarily ruined the property.  

Keep moving forward.  Don’t give up on “The Flash”. Give us The Hal Jordan movie we deserve. Let Superman soar through the sky freely.  Now is not the time to be conservative with the deserving properties.  Give the fans what they want.

With the cancellation of “Batgirl” the future shines bright for the future of the DCEU.  That light won’t always be on though.  They need to strike and strike hard while the iron is hot.

Unless they want to keep chasing the MCU freight train with a one man pump car.

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