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Can “Black Adam” Be The Dark Horse That Saves The DCEU?

To say that the DCEU film division is in turmoil is being generous.  To call it a dumpster fire at the center of a nuclear meltdown in a warzone would be far more accurate. Black Adam has some work to do in October.

Ezra Miller is still missing.  Evidence is suggesting that he graduated suma cum laude from Jim Jones University.  This leaves “The Flash” franchise in jeopardy.

Ezra Miller’s alleged actions have grounded “The Flash”

The Green Lantern has been left in Limbo ever since the disastrous 2015 movie was largely forgotten. 

Amber Heard’s personal issues are threatening the “Aquaman” franchise’s long term viability.

The second “WonderWoman” installment was ill received, and Superman’s dog has top billing in a movie, while the public still waits for an ACTUAL “Superman” movie.  

We haven’t gotten that since “Man of Steel”.

Batman is having a hard time keeping the dream of a DC multiverse alive by himself.  We need to call in reinforcements for him, and after Joss Whedon did what Lex Luthor has been trying to do for his entire adult life, and broke up the Justice League… The roster is looking pretty thin.

After seeing the trailer for “Black Adam” the DCEU installment starring Dwayne Johnson, I think the Dark Knight might have a dark horse riding in to save him, and the DCEU.

 “Shazam” Could Bring DC Back From The Brink

The “Shazam” franchise, oddly enough has managed to avoid the misfortune that has fallen upon the rest of the DC film franchises. 

If you include “Black Adam” which comes out in October of this year, “Shazam” will have two installments released just months apart from each other, with “Fury Of The Gods” scheduled to be released in December.

“Shazam” earned over three hundred million dollars for Warner Bros. Making it a hit. Can this franchise lead the charge for a revamped DCEU?

It seems that Warner has a great amount of faith put into this oft overlooked character. This could unintentionally begin the much anticipated turnaround of DC film’s fortunes, and finally put the DCEU on the right track.

Restarting Your Universe Around An Anti-Hero Is Risky

Black Adam is a very unique character in that he is technically an anti-hero, as he does occasionally do the right thing.  But he is a brutal character.  He is for the most part on the evil side of the coin.

The rougher edges, and aspects of the character seem to have been polished and made marketable. This is a role that has been tailor made for Dwayne Johnson.

Normally, I have disdain for the altering of source material.  Black Adam is a great character in his own right. However, this treatment s necessary to get the DCEU off the ground. 

Centering a franchise around a complex, dark, flawed character such as Black Adam is high risk. If it’s done correctly, the reward will pay off greatly.

I will also point out, that if done correctly it could make for a great movie.  Tim Burton threw Batman’s personal code out the window in 1989 and made history.

Regardless of how the character turns out on film, Black Adam will be leading the charge into the very lucrative Halloween to New Years film season for DC.

Not Superman. Not Batman. Black Adam is the guy.

This is very risky.  Not only is this not a character you expect to see on a marquee, Black Adam is a dark, violent, vindictive super being that has the ability to set the tone for the entire DCEU.  

I think it is a risky yet great direction to move in.  Prove that you can be edgy, dark, and wildly entertaining without Batman.  

Having Dwayne Johnson Star Is A Genius Move

Dwayne Johnson is perfect for this role.  If the writers did their job, they could be setting up a franchise that can rival the MCU.  Johnson is charismatic.  He is a skilled and emotional actor in the action genre.

Dwayne Johnson’s charisma and natural ability to shift from Babyface to Heel is what gives “Black Adam” the potential to be an unexpected catalyst for the DCEU.

Any professional wrestling fan can tell you that he can turn heel fast.  He does a great job doing it.  He was born to play a character of this magnitude.

Set Up A Penultimate Event And Hit Us With Fan Service

If this movie does well, you will have a “Shazam” universe, with the respective characters having their own installments until they have their necessary showdown.  

Make the battle epic. Give us a solid fight. Knock it down. Drag it out.  Give Black Adam the upper hand as he stands over Shazam.  Then have him look up with disdain at a silhouette in a classic pose.

A familiar cape flaps in the wind, and the DCEU starts to tie itself together.

Is it a bird?

Is it a plane?

What do you think, Geek News Now faithful?  Is The Shazam/Black Adam franchise going to be the catalyst that finally sets up the DCEU? Sound off in the comments!

Thank You for reading! When I am not writing, I enjoy spending time with my wife Barbara, my two year old daughter Frankie, my loyal hound Marbles, and my ferret, Ms. Farrah Pawcett.

For more insightful discussion, and fresh takes, please check out our YouTube channel.  You can also follow me personally on twitter.

Stay Geeky Everybody!



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