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Comic Cons and Events

Welcome Back to The Greater Austin Comiccon

As live events continue to make a comeback you can feel the excitement throughout the geek community to be able to gather again. This was the energy that could be felt throughout the Greater Austin Comicon. This excitement could be felt all the way from the parking to the convention floor.

For The Fans By The Fans

The fans who were there with their cosplays, taking photos with other fans and bonding over their love of their fandoms. The wide variety of cosplay groups who were there fundraising for their events provided a great variety of fandoms for the fans to choose from.

G.I. Joe The Fightin’ 778th Costuming Group

Marco Bernal as Moon Knight and Shay Jones as Calypso

Once you got to the convention floor you had an amazing selection of vendors and artists with all kinds of collectibles and fan art. The selections varied from anime to comic book collectibles and even collectibles for the horror hounds in the crowd.

Interactions with the Fans

If you needed some time to get off your feet, or if you wanted to ask ask questions of your favorite celebrity guest,

there were panels happening every hour. There was also a gaming lounge with board games to enjoy with friends or to make new friends. The feeling of community was in the air throughout the entire weekend. It was great to see the geek community coming together for this event.


Kevin Conroy answering questions from the audience

about Batman:The Animated Series

My Thoughts

As somebody who has been attending Comicon’s for several decades the one things that I wasn’t a fan of was having so many cosplay groups placed in a row on the conventions main vendor floor. I loved the variety of Cosplay groups that were in attendance but having them all in a row in the vendor space created a considerable traffic jam. It made it difficult for families with strollers, cosplayers and any attendees to make it down that aisle of cosplayers due to the way that the photo opportunities were slowing the flow of convention traffic.

Overall the Greater Austin Comicon was an amazing event that I’m looking forward to in 2023. I would strongly encourage you to make plans to be there as well. Look forward to seeing you next year.

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