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8 Nintendo Properties That Belong In This Generation

For over one-hundred years, Nintendo has been entertaining people in one way or another.  Ever since entering into the video game market in 1973, they have become an unstoppable force in one of the most influential entertainment Industries in the world.

They survived the video game crash of 1983  that almost ruined the console market.  Their resilience allowed them to rise to the top of the industry, where they would dominate the market until the mid nineties when new competition  would dethrone them and bring them back down to earth.

While they are no longer the juggernaut that they once were in their glory days, Nintendo is still a force to be reckoned with.  They currently sit on what is arguably one of the most impressive first party lineups in the industry.

They do a great job with their lineup.  Mario games rarely ever disappoint.  Zelda is always a hit.  Star Fox, Kirby, and Metroid consistently make fans happy.  However, Nintendo sits on so many other properties that are worthy of a new installment, but sit untouched in the legendary annals of their vast library.  

Here are eight properties from Nintendo’s library that are often overlooked, and deserve an updated installment for today’s generation.¬†

Writer’s note; You will find that some of these properties have made cross appearances in other games.¬† Cross appearances in franchises such as “Mario Kart” “Super Smash Bros.” “Animal Crossing” and any other franchise other than the property’s own series, do not count.¬† I will also be including the “odds” of¬† any of these suggestions actually happening.¬† These odds are just predictions based on my assessment.¬† They hold no statistical weight.¬†

Number 8: Wild Gunman

First appearance in the U.S.: 1974 (Arcade)

                                                 1985 (NES Console)

Last Appearance: 2015 (Wii U Virtual Console, no new entries are known to exist)

Peripheral Needed: Zapper

View Gameplay Here

Synopsis: “Wild Gunman” is a classic shooter in which the player participates in Wild West Style duels.¬† It is a fun, simple game that tests the player’s reaction time and makes great use of the zapper.

How I would do it:¬†I would set it up with different modes.¬† I would have the classic duel mode, An epic Wild West Story, and an online mode.¬† In the online mode, players would either be able to participate in cooperative missions, shoot outs, or heists.¬† I would also add a “Golden Eye” style free for all.

Odds Of This Happening:¬†10,000 to 1. This property is a relic.¬† It is a cult classic at best.¬† People know it more as a joke from “Back to the Future: Part 2” rather than it being an actual game.¬† Unless Nintendo becomes desperate for ideas, “Wild Gunman” will remain holstered.

Number 7: Balloon Fight


First Appearance in U.S.:  1984 (Arcade)

                                            1985 (NES Console)

Last Appearance: Balloon Kid, 1990 (Gameboy)

View Gameplay Here

Synopsis:  Balloon fight is a fun game, where you try to get through each level without going too low, or popping your balloons.  You can either go through the game as one player, avoiding obstacles.  You could also play with two players in a co-op mode, or battling the second player in a battle mode.

How I Would Do It:  I would update the graphics, and add more devices and weapons.  I would expand the battle mode and add arenas to really turn this property into a must have party game.

Odds of this Happening:¬†¬†5,000-1.¬† This property is dormant, and there are no signs of that changing.¬† The developers for Smash Brothers considered Balloon Fighter as a playable character, but ultimately passed.¬† So, the big N doesn’t even have faith in the game’s nostalgic appeal.

Number 6: Pilot Wings


First Appearance: 1990 (Super NES)

Last Appearance: 2011 (Wii)

View Gameplay Here

Synopsis:  Pilot Wings is a relaxed, fun simulator that sounds more boring than it actually is.  The player begins in a flight school where you learn to do things such as sky dive, fly a plane, hang glide, or operate a rocket pack.  It gets progressively more challenging, and fun.  In between classes you go on rescue missions where you free hostages and battle bad guys.

How I Would Do It:  I would slightly retool the property.  The instructional levels would all be at the beginning of the game.  Once you certify, then you will go on a series of missions with boss levels, and more action.

Odds Of This Happening:¬†500-1.¬† It’s not out of the realm of possibility for this franchise to see a new installment.¬† It’s last release was for the Wii in 2011.¬† It seems to be one of those properties that gets tossed around, and greenlit every couple of years.¬†

Number 5: F-Zero

First U.S. Appearance: 1990 (Super NES)

Last Appearance: F-Zero Climax, 2004 (Gameboy Advance)

View Gameplay Here

Synopsis:¬†F-Zero is a fast paced racing game with slick controls, and a level of difficulty that leaves the player with little to no margin for error.¬† You’ll want to put your controller through a wall sometimes, but its still a lot of fun.¬† Each of the forty characters has a back story and a separate plot for the game.

How I Would Do It: I would take the first game and leave it mostly intact.  I would expand on the character plots, add cut scenes, and insert boss races.

Odds of this happening:¬†700-1.¬† It’s tough to make a prediction on this one.¬† Everything I look at tells me that the property is dormant as a standalone series.¬† However, the continuous usage of Captain Falcon in “Super Smash Bros.” and the addition of F-Zero tracks in the “Super Mario Kart” series tells me that the game lingers on in the back of Nintendo’s mind.


Number 4: Punch-Out!

First U.S. Appearance: 1984 (Arcade) 1987 (N.E.S. As “Mike Tyson’s Punchout!”)

Last Appearance: 2009 (Wii)

View Gameplay Here

Synopsis:¬†“Punch-Out! is a standard boxing game in which Mighty Mac fights his way through the ranks, an his w¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†ay to becoming a world champion.

How I Would Do It: I would expand the story mode. Each character would be playable, with a story of their own. Choices for the player would be included that would lead to different endings for the character.

Odds Of This Happening: 500-1 This game is a fan favorite, and Nintendo does seem to get Mighty Mac and company on its mind at random times.

Number 3: Excitebike

First U.S. Appearance: 1984 (N.E.S.)

Last Appearance: 2009 (Wii)

View Gameplay Here

Synopsis: Excitebike is a fun motorcycle racing game, where you could race on predesigned tracks.  There is also a mode where you can create your own track, and go crazy with jumps and obstacles.

How I Would Do It:  I would add a story mode.  There would be a multiplayer option.  A no holds barred mode would be installed so players could battle it out with chains and pipes.  More characters would be playable.

Odds Of This Happening:¬†6,000,000 to 1.¬† Unless it is officially endorsed by a racing company or person, there isn’t really a market for games like Excitebike anymore.¬† This franchise lives on in our memories and our emulators.

Number 2: Kid Icarus


First U.S. Appearance: 1987 (N.E.S.)

Last Appearance: 2012 (Handheld)

View Gameplay Here

Synopsis: Join Pit on his adventure to find three ancient relics.  Armed with his bow and the power of flight, he will help the Goddess of light defeat Medusa.

How I Would Do It: I would reboot the game, keeping the plot mostly intact.  More relics would be added.  Boss fights would be improved upon.  Cut scenes would be inserted and perhaps more weaponry would be available.

Odds Of This Happening:¬†20,000 to 1.¬† A new Kid Icarus game would be awesome.¬† Fans would love it.¬† However, Nintendo doesn’t feel the same way.¬† Until They start listening to their fans, Pit will be kept alive in the Smash Bros. series.


Number 1: Ice Climber

First (and only) U.S. Appearance: 1984

View Gameplay Here

Synopsis: Fight your way up to the top of the mountain, level after level.  You will encounter Dangerous wildlife such as bears, falling Icicles, and pitfalls.

How I Would Do It: As fun as this game is, I would give it a complete overhaul.  Adventure games are all the rage today and this franchise would be perfect for that genre, if retooled.  Imagine having to go around the world to the most dangerous mountains, collecting tools and relics to save the world.  This would culminate in an epic boss battle on Mount Everest.  The possibility is there for this to happen, and I think it would be a great game.

Odds Of This Happening: Never.  Aside from Smash Bros. Nintendo has closed the door on Popo and Nana.  

It is nice to wonder what could be though.

What do you think Geek Faithful?  Do these titles deserve a reboot?  Should they stay on the shelf?  Is there another game you would like to see on this list?  sound off in the comment section!

Thank You for reading! When I am not writing, I enjoy spending time with my wife Barbara, my Two year old daughter Frankie, my hound Marbles, and my ferret: Ms. Farrah Pawcett.  For more fresh takes, and insightful conversation, you can follow our youtube channel, and me on twitter @GeekNNAmbrose.


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