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Redfall – Slay To Survive!

Buffy the Vampire Slayer isn’t the only one out there hunting the paranormal. Others like the Winchesters, the Witcher, and many more dedicated their lives protecting humanity from all things supernatural. However, what if you, yes you, were to partake in such an activity? Imagine: Isolated from the outside world with nothing more than a few friends, tools, and skills beside you. Surrounded by seemingly endless waves of ghouls and monsters, with no chance to escape, and you’re only option: Survive.

With Redfall, that’s exactly what you can experience. On June 12th, Bethesda launched a trailer showcasing their latest game. Today, we’ll be going over the upcoming open-world, vampire slayer game developed by Arkane Studios.

Redfall; Legion of Vampires:

Redfall heroes vs Legion. Image from

On June 13, 2021, Bethesda announced Redfall at their B&X E3 2021 showcase. The game is set in the open-world island town of Redfall, Massachusetts. After a failed experiment, a legion of blood-hungry vampires invaded and isolated the town from the outside world. So, with no way to call for help, a small group of ragtag heroes team up to destroy the legion once and for all.

Can they survive, or will the end for their quaint island draw near?

Meet The Team:

(Left to Right) Jacob, Layla, Bribón, Remi, and Crousley. Image from

Players can choose up to one-of-four playable characters;

  1. Devinder Crousley– Cryptozoologist and aspiring inventor. He hit hard times before coming to Redfall. Crousley faltered until coming tp Redfall. And now, his inventions are needed now more than ever to destroy the Legion.
  2. Layla Ellison– A prior intern to Aevum Therapeutics. Something went very wrong there, and resulted in the young woman developing telekinetic powers.
  3. Remi De La Rosa– Currently a Navy Combat Engineer, she lost her crew when her ship was destroyed. She ended up on the island with her robotic cohort, Bribón.
  4. Jacob Boyer– Boyer stalked a dark path. Above all, he prefers isolation, and has even developed a sort of supernatural sharpshooter skills.

Together, this rag-tag group of survivors do whatever it takes to survive. However, with so many personalities to work with, hopefully they have what it takes to make it out of Redfall alive.


Arkane Studios, developer for Redfall. Image from

Redfall is developed by Arkane Studios. The company is responsible for other games such as Dishonored and Wolfenstein. In addition, Bethesda Softworks will work as the publisher. The company’s Co-Creative Director, Ricardo Bare, stated Redfall will continue Arkane’s tradition of world-building and in-game mechanics.

Although the game anticipated a September release, the company announced, on May 12th, Redfall will release in early 2023. Here’s to another exciting survival game. Be sure to share your opinion in the comments below, and tell us what you think of Redfall. Also, be sure to check out our Facebook page, as we keep our viewers up-to-date on the latest happenings.

Happy hunting everyone, and as always, Stay Geeky!

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