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The Future of the MCU is Bright!

  There’s a lot of Marvel movies and shows coming out. This being a connected universe it’s not really a stretch to say each of these will affect the MCU in their own special way. I want to talk about a little bit of what each show is about, how excited I am for them, and how I think it will affect the larger MCU. I’m going to talk about Ms. Marvel (A.K.A Kamala Khan), Thor Love and Thunder, Armor Wars, and I am Groot.

Ms Marvel

First up is the one that just is currently releasing Ms Marvel. First of all there will be no spoilers in this article. Now, the show is about Kamala Khan, a 16 year old Pakistani girl from New Jersey. She’s obsessed with superheroes and Captain Marvel in particular. In the trailers we see they changed her powers from the comics when she had Embiggen. The MCU changed it to a family heirloom of Kamala’s. With watching the 3 episodes that have come out, I believe this is my favorite MCU show so far. 

Kamala Khan

Thor Love and Thunder

Next up, one I’m most excited for is Thor: Love and Thunder, with them introducing Jane Foster as Thor, I hope it ties closely to her story in the comics. With her having to deal with cancer and dying a little whenever she becomes The Mighty Thor. Taika Watiti has shown he knows how to make a good Thor movie with Ragnarok. Now about some stuff I want in the movie. I, like a lot of others, really want Beta Ray Bill to make his MCU debut. Although they gave his weapon from the comics to Thor. Another thing I expect in this movie, is Thor to die or us have a fake out where we think he dies. This is because he’s one of the only original members of the Avengers left. I feel like his time left in the MCU is limited. This movie killing Thor is where this gets into where I think it will affect the wider MCU. Either Jane or Valkyrie will be the new resident Asgardian for the Avengers and good guys in general. 


Jane Foster and Thor

Jane and Thor, Reunited again


Armor Wars

Your probably thinking “It’s about time we have some more Stark Tech in the MCU” and if you are, have we got the show for you in Armor Wars. Following what we saw in No Way Home with Happy being investigated for the tech Mysterio stole. I hope the plot of this is Hammer is trying to rebrand Stark-Tech to gain favor with the public as the hero. This is where I think Rhodey will be able to stop him with the help of Happy. And with Ironheart coming out also, I hope that we see her in this show. I’m really excited for this show because I can’t wait to see where they take Stark Tech in general because it’s been shown the kind of destruction it can cause. In terms of the wider MCU I don’t think much from this will lead to much except maybe character introductions. 

James Rhodes

James Rhodes A.K.A Rhodey

I am Groot

Finally I want to talk about I am Groot, which is apparently about Baby Groot. I’m not sure if it’s Baby Groot before Guardians 1 or if it’s Baby Groot after Guardians 1. I’d like to believe that it’s before Guardians and it’s really just a cute origin story that doesn’t really lend itself to the wider MCU. I’m excited for this only because it seems like it’s gonna be adorable. I also need to mention, it’s canon status is being argued online due to the director of Guardians and Guardians 2, James Gunn, tweeting that it’s not canon “To the Guardians saga”. So whatever they decide to do with the canon of this show will be exciting. 

In conclusion I want to just say how bright the future of the MCU is even with all the people saying the MCU has been dead since Endgame. You just have to realize were essentially at phase 1 of the new saga. There has to be enough time to introduce people while making all teh individual stories important.  For more articles like this follow Geek News Now on Facebook and Youtube.

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