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Bowser; The Koopa King of Fathers!

We all know King Bowser by now. He’s the big bad of the Mushroom Kingdom. The ruthless dictator of dictators. The princess kidnapper, and the Mario Brother’s #1 enemy. However, every now and then we do get to see another side of the Koopa King that rarely gets seen.

Bowser, believe it or not, is an amazing father figure. That’s right! The ruthless monstrocity is actually a very caring dad. So, that’s why we at Geek News Now will be taking a deep dive into the Koopa family, and the Koopa King’s position as the king of fathers!

Kinga Koopa’s Koopalings:

King Bowser and his Koopalings. Image from

Bowser, for lack of a better word, is single. Without a wife, or even a girlfriend, how does one cope with the solitude of a castle surrounded by lava? Kidnapping Peach, of course. However, that always ended in failure. So, to truly make do with what one has, there’s only one way to make the emptiness go away.

Enter the Koopalings. With a total of eight children, the Koopa King culminated quite the small army of able-bodied minions. Despite being such, he actually decided to name them, and give them each special wands:

  1. Larry – Magic blasts and enhanced leaping.
  2. Iggy – Summons fast-blasting spells.
  3. Wendy – Summons ricocheting candy rings.
  4. Lemmy – Summons bouncy ball projectiles whilst balanced on one, himself.
  5. Roy – Enhanced stregth, and can stun using tremor-enducing ground-pounds.
  6. Morton – Summons Spike Balls, and uses Pokeys as weapons.
  7. Ludwig – Fires spontaneous energy beams from his wand and can flutter jump.
  8. Bowser Jr. – Posseses super strength, agility, and durability. He relies on tools and weapons to often combat the Mario Bros.

By giving each of his kids (minus Bowser Jr.) a wand of their own, the Koopalings found a proper way to defend themselves. But, that’s not even the more interesting part. It is to be noted that all of Bowser’s children (again, minus Jr.) are all adopted as his family.

If that doesn’t tell you how supportive he is, then perhaps this next piece of info will shock you.

Bowser Jr.’s Mother:

Bowser Jr. and Princess Peach in Mario Sunshine. Image from

Now, it’s painfully obvious that Bowser Jr. is Motherless. Quite sad, actually. However, that fact gets thrown out the window in Super Mario Sunshine (2002). Here, Bowser Jr. kidnaps Princess Peach, believing her to be his long lost mother. He viewed Mario as the ‘bad man’ who stole her, and does everything he can to hinder his progress.

However, it wasn’t until his father’s defeat atop Corona Mountain, that King Koopa finally came clean in a very subtle, but equally wholesome end scene. To view that story in full, check it out here. But, to keep it short, he addresses the situation to Bowser Jr., only for the young Koopaling to come clean and tell his father he already knew.

Despite this fact, he vows to one day stomp Mario into the ground, making his father extra proud.

Bowser And Son; Parental Controls Ad:

Bowser and Bowser JR. in Nintendo Switch safety video.

Lastly, what better way for a father and son to get along then to participate in a Nintendo Switch safety video? That’s right, folks. In the ever-so-popular Nintendo Switch Parental Controls ad, Bowser is seen monitoring his sons activity on the Parental Controls mobile app.

With this app, Bowser was able to:

  1. Set a daily time limit.
  2. View gaming activity.
  3. Restrict age-appropriate games and online interactions.

Understanding video games is one thing for a parent. But, it’s another to truly make sure that your child stays safe going online. Through this ad, the Koopa King not only ensured Jr. would be safe, but also informed his son about it, so they both can maintain fairness between father and son.

All In All, Is Bowser A Good Father?

King Bowser in the Nintendo Doug Bowser ad. Image from

My opinion? Yes. Sure, he has his kids battle against the Mario Bros. from time to time. However, he always makes sure each child has their own castle, tools, and other necessities to achieve their own goals. Even if they make mistakes along the way, the Koopa King always makes a note to be proud of them, always.

For example, in Paper Mario and the Oragami King (2020), a folded Bowser informs Mario that when his kids make mistakes, let them learn and grow. Huh. Who knew that a ruthless dictator could give such interesting advice.

Truly, Bowser proved time and time again how great of a father he is to all 8 of his Koopalings. Whether it’s giving them tools to gain the upper-hand in battle, or letting them learn from their mistakes, the Koopa King, at least in my opinion, is the best father Nintendo gave to us.

If you’d like to share with us about the best of the Koopa King, or any other of Nintendo’s dads out there, be sure to leave a comment down below. Also, check out our Facebook page, as we keep our viewers up-to-date on the latest happenings out there.

Happy Father’s day to all the cool and geeky dads out there! And, remember, Stay Geeky!

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