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It Is Time To Do Something About Ezra Miller

Ezra Miller's most recent mugshot dated 4/19/2022

Actor Remains Missing As Another Allegation Is Made

This is an ongoing Geek News Now story about the exploits of Ezra Miller, If you would like more information please read my previous article for reference.  This story is constantly developing, so keep checking in with us for updates.  Thank you for reading.

Allegedly, things keep escalating in the world of Ezra Miller.  Sadly it is progressively looking more and more grim as the story unfolds.

Ezra Miller, pictured here as “The Flash” has become increasingly unhinged over time, and is headed into dangerous territory.

A mother and her twelve year daughter made their way to the Courthouse in Greenfield Massachusetts on Wednesday. Another Order of Protection was issued against the embattled Warner Brothers Actor.

A tumultuous night at a neighbors house, led to the twelve year old; a non-binary child whose name has been withheld, to fear for her safety, and seek protection from authorities.

This is the third allegation of sexual misconduct levied against Miller since April, when content creator Mia Solange accused the star of being physically abusive during intimate sessions.  

A Small Gathering Gets Increasingly Awkward

On February 2, the Mother, and Child were at a neighbors house in Greenfield which lies about forty minutes from Miller’s Vermont home.  Miller, who is friendly with fellow attendee; musician Whitney Suters made an appearance.

The night grew increasingly tense.  Allegedly, Miller was clad in a bulletproof vest. Later on into the night, the guests would also come to find that star of “Fantastic Beasts” was allegedly armed.  

Miller attended a gathering about forty miles away from his home in Vermont. The tension grew as the night went on.

Miller was described irritable, and that’s being charitable.  A lady used the word “tribe” to describe her travels, and he reportedly dressed her down in front of everybody, accusing her of cultural appropriation.

Parcheesi Pushes Things To The Limit

According to the other guests, conversations continued to sour throughout the night, and things came to a head when board games became the topic of discussion.  Miller incorrectly stated that Parcheesi, a game of ancient Indian origin was created by Rastafarians.

Questions about the origin of Parcheesi were allegedly a trigger point for Ezra Miller.

Somebody contested his claim, and things came to a head.  Miller is said to have shouted down the other guests, unzip his large coat, and allegedly brandished a firearm.  He is allegedly quoted as saying: “Talking like that can get you into a really serious situation.”

If this rings true, it is yet another red flag being hoisted up over the “Justice League” speedster. At this point, it is just Par for the course.

A Very Uncomfortable Situation

As the night went on the teenager in question, who is a biological female (noted, for no other reason than there seeming to be a pattern here for the WB standout), became increasingly uncomfortable.

She claims that “(Miller) was automatically just drawn to me and kept talking about how they love my outfit, love my style, and kept going on about how it was great.”

Miller, seen here in “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” has faced three separate misconduct allegations since April.

The child also claimed to be scared to be around Miller, after he screamed at their mother and made her cry.

The DCEU lynchpin then allegedly went on to tell the other guests that he talked with the child extensively.  Miller is also reported to have said that they are going to have to realize that they don’t have any control over the child. 

The actor then is said to have referred to the youngster as “an elevated being” and claim that they would be lucky to have somebody like him guide them. 

The Situation Has Moved From Curious, To Disturbing

As all of this adds up, I fear for the worst outcome possible in this story.  I have seen this scenario way too much in my time on this earth.  An unhinged person on the run with a naive participant. 

The pressure mounts rapidly, then at least one life ends up being lost.  Sometimes both lives cease to be.  As authorities are unable to locate Ezra Miller, this outcome becomes more and more likely.

Being possibly armed is a dangerous new factor in this story. Miller is still in hiding.

This new allegation also brings to light that Miller is almost certainly armed.  There is no reason to believe that he isn’t.  He is on the run from the law, he knows he’s in trouble. 

I would speculate that it is less likely for him to be unarmed.  Irrational people tend to do irrational things.  That is what makes this story so potentially horrifying.

The Silence Is Shameful

The more unhinged Miller becomes, the quieter his agent and the PR team at Warner Brothers get.  This is a monster that has been created by inaction.  Not one person had the gumption to tell Ezra Miller “No”.

It has created a potentially tragic situation.  Johnny Depp was let go from the “Fantastic Beasts” franchise over an allegation that has now been proven in a Court of Law to be completely fabricated.

Johnny Depp lost his role in the “Fantastic Beasts” series after a mere accusation. Miller, his costar has been inexplicably kept on despite one scandal after another.

Ezra Miller has a long, very well documented history of violence against women.  There are restraining orders, videos, pictures, and a myriad of other things out there to back the claims against him up. 

Yet, we don’t even get a standard cut and paste response to any of this from his agent Christian Hodell, of the Hamilton Hodell firm, or Warner Brother.  We don’t even get crickets.  We get silence.

Hamilton Hodell, Miller’s talent agency has not had anything to say in regards to the troubled actor, potentially fueling his wanton behaviour.

Eventually, somebody is going to have to say something.  When the time comes, I pray that it is said at a Press Conference, and not a Funeral.

What do you think, Geek Faithful?  I would love to hear from you.  Please sound off in the comment section!

Thank you for reading.  When I am not writing, I enjoy my time with my Wife Barbara, my Two Year Old Daughter Frankie, my Hound Marbles, and my Ferret- Ms. Farrah Pawcett.  For more fresh, geeky content, and insightful discussion, please visit our youtube page.  Stay Geeky Everybody!



  1. Jeannie Fairbrother

    June 17, 2022 at 10:44 pm

    He needs to be found & brought to trial. I don’t think 🤔 he should get anymore roles. He’s making me angry 😡!

    • John Ambrose

      June 21, 2022 at 2:32 pm

      It’s definitely not a pleasant story. Let’s just hope that all parties involved are found safe and in good health. Thanks for reading!

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