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The Flash Goes Rogue: Miller Missing After Grooming Allegations

Ezra Miller has been reported as missing.  Days after grooming allegations broke, L.A. County Officials have been unable to locate Miller.  The Teenager he is allegedly grooming is also with him.

This leaves them unable to serve him with the order of protection filed by the parents of a North Dakota teenager that Miller has allegedly been abusing both physically, and emotionally.

Ezra Miller Is Heading Into Dangerous Ground

This is no longer an issue within the DCEU, or Warner Brothers.  This is now becoming a very serious matter.

The long, strange behavioral history of Ezra Miller is coming to a head.

Miller’s behavior is becoming increasingly erratic.  The parents of an Eighteen year old North Dakota teenager have recently filed charges against him.

They allege that the twenty-nine year old had taken an immediate liking to their child upon visiting the Standing Rock Reservation back in 2016 when the child was just twelve years old, and he was twenty-three.

The actor is alleged to have displayed a pattern of corrupting a minor.  He stands accused of drugging, and manipulating her psychologically.

Takota Iron Eyes is missing along with Miller. The two are being actively searched for Nationwide.

The teenager in question, Tokata Iron Eyes has been quoted as saying “I am eighteen” this is my life, these are my decisions.

Miller Is Moving Around Like A Shark

Lawyer Chase Iron Eyes, seen here running for Congress is concerned for his daughter’s well being.

Miller and Iron Eyes have been moving from place to place.  They are apparently aware of the situation and are actively avoiding the Court Order, which would separate Iron Eyes from Miller for thirty days.

The girl’s Father, Chase Iron Eyes is concerned.  He believes that the public pressure that is mounting on Miller will trigger his volatile nature, leaving his daughter in danger.

Legally, Ezra Miller Is Sill On The Hook

If the allegations turn out to be true, Miller can be convicted of grooming and abuse of a minor, despite the fact that the girl is eighteen.

Standing Rock Tribal Court rules differ slightly from rules set off reservation.

The Protective Order was filed under a Tribal Court, where the rules are different.  Although Takota Iron Eyes is eighteen, her parents are still her legal guardians under Tribal Court rules.

Furthermore, the order cites the federal Violence Against Women Act.  This gives the order a very broad jurisdiction nationwide, and authorities are working very hard to get the order enforced.

Sarah Jumping Eagle alleges that Ezra Miller assaulted her upon a wellness check.

Authorities have attempted to serve Tokata Iron Eyes multiple times in Vermont, where Miller has a home.  They have also filed for an emergency temporary guardianship and a mental health evaluation.

In late May, an attempt was made to serve the teen in California where Iron Eyes, and his wife, Sarah Jumping Eagle went for a wellness check.  The petition alleges that Miller then assaulted her.

The Connection

The Pipeline Protests are where Miller first met the Iron Eyes family.

Chase Iron Eyes first met Miller when the actor sought involvement in projects that the Sioux Tribe was working on such as: The Landback Reclamation Movement.  Tokata first met Miller at Standing Rock.

As The Fantastic Beasts star worked closely with the Tribe, his relationship with Tokata grew.  They would travel across the Country, and even to London together. 

On one of the trips, it is alleged that the actor even tried to sleep in the same bed as the teen, when they were just fourteen years old.

Concerns Should Be Raised

While Chase Iron Eyes, and Sarah Jumping Eagle have every right to be concerned for their Child’s well being, their accountability in the matter also needs to be called into question.

If the allegations prove true, then it would be safe to say that this has been going on for a long time.  Iron Eyes and Jumping Eagle have some things to answer for.

With a person as erratic as Ezra Miller hanging around his daughter, Chase Iron Eyes should have shown better judgement.

For six years, Miller was allowed access to your child, allegedly jet setting with her, feeding her alcohol and drugs, and behaving inappropriately.

Ezra Miller is not a very discreet, or secretive person.  He flies his banner pretty high.  If any of this is true, there is no possible way that you couldn’t know something was going on.

At the very least, the long history of documented questionable behavior should have been an indicator that this person should not be alone with her.  You obviously weren’t paying attention.

All parties involved have things to answer for.  They can take their time though.

The childhood that was hanging in the balance was lost a long time ago.





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