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Lucasfilm Nails Director Choice For New Film

Lucasfilm has decided to liven things up gong into the next installment of the ongoing Star Wars saga by putting Taika Waititi in charge.

The hiccups so far:

J.J. Abrams, and Rian Johnson were supposed to usher in a new era of Star Wars lore. Instead, they phoned it is and gave us a series of convoluted scenarios and unwanted fan service.

Rian Johnson’s installation: “The Last Jedi” was divisive at best.¬† Some fans even shudder when they hear his name.¬† Abrams returned to direct “Rise of Skywalker”¬† amidst production issues, when Kathleen Kennedy had creative differences with the original director, Colin Trevorrow, leading to Trevorrow walking away from the project and allowing Abrams to try to direct a film with billion dollar expectations, while he was taking a break from counting all of his money.

Lucasfilm knows that the new installments need a shot in the arm.¬† It’s time to let Rian Johnson to do what he does best, and stay in his wheelhouse¬† He was brilliant in directing “Knives Out”.¬† Let JJ Abrams make lucrative deals for doing the least amount of work possible. Hand over the reigns to an artist who actually cares about the people that he entertains, and the product that he puts out.

Looking On The Bright Side

At a glance, to the average “Star Wars” Fan¬† Taika Waititi might seem like a dark horse.¬† Despite having a big budget film under is belt with “Thor Ragnarok”, Waititi has stuck to quirky films, low budget comedies, and dark comedies.

That is exactly why I think that he is perfectly suited to take control of the directors chair moving forward.¬† His notable works are brilliant, and written masterfully.¬† If you are unfamiliar with his work, look no further that what he has accomplished with “What we do in the Shadows”¬† a whimsical and satirical look at a nest of vampires that consistently leaves the viewer in stitches.

Taika Waititi in front of a promotional poster for “Jojo Rabbit”

However, out of all of the Waititi projects that convince me that he is more that qualified for the job, I recommend you take a look at “Jo Jo Rabbit”.¬† A dark comedy in which a young member of the Hitler Youth aspires to be a formidable soldier.

The boy debilitates himself by bouncing a grenade off of a tree that partially blinds him.   This leads to JoJo seeing things in a new light, including an imaginary friend that is no other than Adolf Hitler, who is played by Waititi himself.

This is very similar to Luke Skywalker seeking help from the deceased Obi Wan Kenobi. 

He Will Meet The Expectations Lucasfilms Is Looking For

There is a lot for us to expect from Waititi..¬† He already has experience with Lucasfilm and the “Star Wars Universe.” Waititi was at the helm of “The Mandalorian” Season One, Episode Eight.¬† which was one of the best episodes of the season. Moff Gideon brought a level of malevolence to the series that we weren’t expecting.

In Season one, Episode Eight, Waititi helped bring Moff Gideon to life. Gideon would go on to become one of the most formidable villains in the Star Wars” Universe..

He already knows what he’s walking into, and what to expect.¬† That is a big advantage for all parties involved.

I think that is what makes Waikiti a perfect fit for the new trilogy pulling forward, is willingness to put together a great, cinematic masterpiece. He combines tragedy, humor, amd self deprecation. He also incorporates political awareness into his stories without allowing any one as those subjects to outshine the other.

The movies in his style would have triumphs that make you cheer the way you used to when you would watch the old ‘Star Wars” movies.¬† He might be the piece to the puzzle that LucasFilm has been looking for.

As far as “Star Wars” goes, I have always said that you can’t have a traditional director at the helm with these movies.¬† Spielberg is busy trying to keep a low profile these days.¬† I don’t blame him,¬† he’s force feeding us Indiana Jones 5, a movie that nobody asked for.¬† At some point, with the exploitation of these once monumental properties, When do the fans just get an organized roast?¬† I’m not talking about the toxicity that surrounds this culture.¬† But, Steve, George, Harrison… Set up a roast. For charity.¬† Give the fans a fun and engaging way to voice their opinion.¬†

George Would Have Given Him A Chance

I think that a Waititi trilogy would be fun, self deprecating, mysterious, action packed, and worth any seat in the theater that you would be willing to pay for.  I would go so far as to say, that if LucasFilm was still controlled buy the man himself, this would have been a story for him to pass along to

What do you think, Fellow fans?¬† Did You like the series¬† as it is?¬† Is Taika¬† Waititi the chosen one?¬† Will he right the ship, and restore Star Wars back to it’s former glory? sound off in the comments below!

Thank you for reading.  When I am not at work, you will find me spending time with my lovely wife Borbie, my adorable two year old daughter Frankie, my hound dog Marbles, and my ferret Ms. Farrah Pawcett.

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