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Star Wars

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic: The Remake

A New Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Game is in the Works ...

As it was

In 2003, the world was introduced to Star Wars as it has rarely been seen. The worlds that were introduced had been only visited from the cockpit of an X-wing or through the pages of novels. This game was an opportunity to explore the vast legends that existed within the Old Republic. When the Sith and the Jedi fought for control of space, they tried to keep democracy or tyranny would reign. A story of good versus evil, one of choice, and ultimately a path must be chosen.

This is a story that we all know all too well, but what does the story of Revan mean when it is remade in this new universe? Will Aspyr studio have reign to remake a classic and do it justice? Or will the interference of the evil empire (a.k.a. Disney) be too much and will a classic have a new end? 

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic Walkthrough Gameplay - YouTube

So it might be

There is little doubt that any product with Disney on it has shown to be a cash cow, a money grab.  Star Wars is the same. From the buyout in 2015, Disney stuck its grubby hand into the pie and ripped its guts right out. Throwing away novels and games and claiming that they are little more than legends and may have beens. Simply for the reason that it doesn’t fit the narrative that they want to go for. Years of work and universe building tossed to the side. That includes the Old Republic and the adventures of Revan. Then easter eggs in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, to those that listen closely, hear of Sith strike squad Revan.

Bioware no more?

So anyway, Aspyr Media has done some remarkable work remaking Star Wars: Republic Commando and Jedi Academy and several others. To port these games that originally took a console and a brick to power the games, and placed them on the Nintendo Switch. What an astounding achievement! With what has been seen with recent porting it can be hoped that the new graphics will allow for the denser population of Taris will be seen, that the vastness of Tatooine sands can be seen in the Dune sea, perhaps the seas of Manaan will be as deep and vast with the crazed Selkth. Will we be able to fly the Ebon Hawk into an actual space battle, or will it be another turret action?

Now there is the question of the game mechanics. A lot of games very rarely use a turn based system that KOTOR used. Games today need to be faster and more challenging as the younger generation can barely cope with a game that requires a tactical thought while simply enjoying the graphics. Meaning, if a game is slow and storytelling, they instantly dislike it. So an option for the game is for it to be more akin to Mass Effect where the action sequences are fast paced while the dialogue and cutscenes are slowed down with the preferred annunciation of the words. One can only hope that the mandalorian speech isn’t so repetitive. Or maybe it may play out like The Force Unleashed and there will be a madman on the loose with a vibroblade. Nah. Then again what’s wrong with the classic blocky actions of Bioware’s original mechanic?

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order 2 Should Bring One KOTOR Feature Back into ...

Will a Fallen Order Rise?

Then there is something to be said for the Fallen Order (2021). Perhaps the story of Knights of the Old Republic will be changed by what was accomplish by Respawn Entertainment. The vastness of the post republic world was changed into something new and exciting and players, new and old, got to experiences Star Wars in new light. Perhaps the adventures of Revan can be redone in this sort of fashion wielding Force Lightning and Force Waves with the ease of a true Sith Master.

Only a Sith deals in absolutes

The only thing that we can be certain of in these uncertain times is that a remake is definitely needed. An easy going game that explores the universe that George Lucas built so many years ago, expanded and brought into new light. A galaxy that is ripe for exploration and exploitation. Jedi and Sith lightsabers, droids and blasters, wookies and Twi’leks walking hand in hand, this is a galaxy that we are all waiting to get back into. From the sewers of Taris to forests of Kashyyyk. 2023 is a way away, but at least we know that it is in the works and that the Empire is coming.


Who knows what may or may not happen, there is a only do or do not for the Force feature.

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