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Spider-Man and the Toxic Part of the Fandom.

Peter Parker.

Everyone knows that name. It’s the Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man. Depending on which version popped up in your head when you read that name, you have a different thought of who Spider-Man is. But the thing is, I don’t think anyone should be hostile with each other on who is the ‘true’ Spider-Man.

Now that’s not saying that you should talk to each other on why you think one Spider-Man is better than the other, but the people who are being really hateful towards others with different opinions are the ones that I’m talking about. Being hostile about who’s Peter is best is slowly creating a huge tear in the fandom and the fandom already has enough to argue about. Even just on TikTok people have blocked each other, cussed people out and just bully each other in comment sections and their own videos.

Toms Spider-MAn

Tom Hollands Spider-Man with the Iron Spider suit

     I believe all versions of Spider-Man are amazing in their own way, and when it comes down to it, they are all the wall crawling heroes we love. Even though movies like Tom’s may be different from Tobey or Andrew, it’s not bad because they are different scenarios. This goes not just for Spider-Man but really anything that has been done in multiple live action or animated projects. And even the animated Spider-Man series, like Spectacular Spider-Man or Ultimate Spider-Man are prone to people saying they’re horrible because of small critiques that make others enjoy them a lot more. The fact is that there’s so many years of comics that saying one is “the definite comic accurate” isn’t true. Sure they may be more accurate to certain comic runs, but there’s not one comic version in live action+.    

Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man


The Best Part of Each Spider-Man Iteration 

Tobey Maguire

      The reason why I think we shouldn’t be toxic, is because all the Spider-Man actors brought a different aspect of Peter. Tobey’s Spider-Man movies gave us amazingly iconic scenes, like the train scene when his identity gets revealed but no one says anything. Tobey also has a way more serious Peter which makes us more into his story because we know whatever happens he means the best. Spider-Man 2 is well known for being one of the best superhero movies of all time because of its classic story.


      The webs are another thing that makes Tobey different, since he has organic webs. While the other Spider-Men have to worry about running out of web fluid, Tobey just has to try to stay in a good mindset, because web block is always a worry. I am also going to use this to show my love for Spider-Man 3 since it gets dragged through the mud a lot. I believe for what it is, it’s a fun movie. Sure, it has a lot of villains but I wouldn’t even call Harry a villain by the end of this movie because he saves Peter. Venom looks so cool. Honestly I like how Tobey realizes somethings wrong when he slaps Mary Jane and realizes that’s something he would never do. 

Andrew Garfield

I know people were really upset when Andrew took over for Tobey. But Andrew gave us an amazing love story between Peter and Gwen. We also got peak nerdy Spider-Man, and the spiderman that I think of when I hear the name Peter Parker. The scene in Oscorp where Gwen is trying to escape and Peter uses the coffee as a distraction, and runs into the security guys, that is one of my favorite spiderman scenes from any Spider-Man media ever.

    And on top of that, the lizard fight where he crawls all over the lizard is such a creative way to fight like a spider. TASM 2 is a good continuation of that, because it shows how he really did respect Gwen’s dad not to be around her, until he does and then she dies, which is why I like TASM 2. It takes this funny and nerdy Peter and makes him suffer, and eventually become the Spider-Man that the city loves. I mean I guess they kind of already do, which is shown in the Crane scene. 

Tom Holland

      Then people were disappointed again when Tom took over for Andrew. We got a Spider-Man in a connected universe with other heroes for the first time. Far From Home gave us an awesome story where Peter just wants to be a teenager, like a lot of teens can relate to this, but still ends up saving the day, and in doing so, he got his identity reveal. As a fan of Spider-Man I love these different versions of Peter.    

Peter B Parker from Into the SpiderVerse

     This issue of unneeded toxicity isn’t just an issue in the Spider-Man fandom. It’s an issue in the geek community as a whole. I see it all the time in TikTok, Twitter, even Facebook and Reddit. We should be able to come around and enjoy comics as a fandom. Arguing over who’s the best Spider-Man, or Batman or Superman is unneeded. I honestly hope that some of the toxicity in the fandom can go away. Honestly that part of the fandom pushes people away from wanting to join the fandom. 


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