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Will Disney Finally Embrace The Sith?

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Star Wars fans have argued about their favorite movie in the franchise. In recent years the divide has grown even wider. Original fans feel that the newest trilogy lacked continuity from the prior films. Newer fans are unable to fully embrace the original films because of the disconnect in the story. With this being said, why is Disney trying to erase the memory of the stories of the Old Republic Era of Star Wars?

Key Parts Of The Lore

Removing characters from Star Wars cannon such as Bane and Revan. Only through fan backlash did they realize that without these characters there is no basis for Darth Vader or Kylo Ren. The empire will cease to exist without those key Sith characters. There is no light without the dark, and it appears that Disney is looking to remove the dark side from the Star Wars Universe.

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When will we get a story from the side of the Sith? When will we get that origin story? After recent statements made by Kathleen Kennedy, the answer could be never. As soon as they took over the franchise, they started trying to remove important parts of Star Wars lore that involved the Sith.


Those recent statements explain all to clearly why Disney has ignored the fans. These statements confirm the fears that Star Wars fans have had regarding Disney. They are looking to remove the parts of the Star Wars universe that don’t fit the happy narrative. But happy endings aren’t what keep the fans coming back to the franchise.

What Do The Fans Want?

The fans come back for the story, the story of how everyday people do great things. The stories from the Old Republic Era taught us about the inner workings the senate and the way that things work in the shadows on behind the flashy lights of Nar Shaddaa. But you can’t find out about any of that without also understanding the dangers of the spice trade and how the Sith hunted for artifacts to be able to rebuild their territories to their former glory.

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The fans have been begging for Old Republic stories to be told for years, yet Disney has still chosen to ignore the fans. Instead of giving us movies that bring back our favorite Star Wars memories , they give us Star Wars stories that we never asked for. They have taken amazing characters and turned them into a joke just because they were aligned with the Empire.

They question why Episodes seven through nine have not been received as well as the first six films. The answers are simple, Disney is trying to make Star Wars fit their mold with princesses and happy endings. While the most recent films show their share of war or loss, they still cling to the Disney model of the happy ending. Not all endings will be happy, some will be bleak and disheartening. Some of them will even break our hearts. Those are the stories we want as the fans.

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